1st Phorm Review: Time To Get Into Your Best Form!

By: Jenny Lynn | Date: September 12, 2020
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1st phorm review

There are many companies out in the market right now that will help you achieve your weight goals. It isn’t so easy if you do it on your own, and you need the full sport for you to get up your feet. Let me introduce a company that will help you along with your journey, and this is going to be my 1st Phorm review.

1st Phorm is a company that offers a lot of products that specialize in health, wellness, and weight loss. They offer various supplements that will help you with your journey, and we will find out here in my 1st Phorm review how effective they are.

Also, we will learn more about the company and what other benefits you can get from using their products and their affiliate programs.

So, what are you waiting for? Read on to my 1st Phorm review!

What Is 1st Phorm?

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1st Phorm is a company that provides high-quality products such as supplements that are made from ingredients that are scientifically supported. They have a lot of accessories that can help build muscles, diet pills, and fat burners.

1st Phorm products are from the formulation of different products that are guaranteed safe to consume. Supplements are not the only products they offer as you can also get apparels for our weight loss journey and will help you be more confident while working out.

1st Phorm was founded by Andy Frisella and Chris Klein in 1999 and has been known to provide quality supplements and apparel. They also made an affiliate program for people who want to become sponsored brand athletes of the company.

Why Use 1st Phorm?

1st Phorm has been giving quality supplements to people struggling with weight loss and want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. They offer many supplements that can help you with your everyday health and wellness needs.

1st Phorm can provide you with high-quality and proven formulas of ingredients that are proven effective for your health needs. I will talk about the essential ingredients later in this 1st Phorm review to know more about it.

How Does 1st Phorm Work?

1st Phorm has many supplements that use quality ingredients. Each supplement from 11 different categories has its specific claims to help you with other problems and make sure you stay healthy.

There are many positive reviews from users about 1st Phorm’s fat burner products as they work well. Users were able to lose inches from their waist because of the products. It just shows that the body was burning fats and building muscles.

Future users should take note that the supplements work not only by taking it. The users were following a healthy diet and proper exercise programs. It is not sure if the supplement is the sole reason you will lose weight, but it helps add it to your regimen.

1st Phorm knows that there is no magic pill for weight loss because it requires a lot of hard work and discipline. However, their supplements have shown many possibilities when it comes to burning fat and losing weight. Scientific research is still needed to prove the effectiveness of 1st Phorm supplements.

Products Of 1st Phorm

products of 1st phrom

1st Phorm offers a lot of products. They have protein powders, workout supplements, amino acids, multi-vitamins, and fat burners. You will choose from different categories like weight loss, muscle building, health, and wellness supplements.

The main goal of 1st Phorm is to help everyone who wants to achieve a healthy lifestyle and improve their bodies. They encourage people to take their supplements to help them and to join their 1st Phorm Legionnaire Program.

Here are some of the products that you can choose from to choose the right supplement for you.

Royal 21 Queen & Royal 21 King

There are two 1st Phorm core products in their fat burner category. It is Royal 21 Queen and Royal 21 King designed for women and men, and both have the same ingredients that make them the same. The product contains 80 calories per supplement and is recommended to take it every morning with 16 ounces of water. If the body tolerates and adjusted well with the supplement, you can take two capsules every morning and another two more after five hours.


Primal-T is part of their testosterone booster and a very popular one. It can boost one’s training performance and increase the growth hormones and maximize the body’s protein synthesis.

The Foundation Series

These are new products that include Liposomal Vitamin C, Liposomal Vitamin D3, Digestive Enzymes, Full-Mega, GI Advantage, and Micro Factor. They focus on maintaining a healthy body and ensuring everything is working well, like a well-oiled machine.

Opti-Greens 50

Opti-Greens 50 is a 1st Phorm product that can provide you with superfood and antioxidants. It contains many probiotics and enzymes that will give your health a boost.

The Transphormation Challenge

1st Phorm not only has supplement products and apparel, but they also offer a weight loss program. You can get it online or in the app, and the program will provide you with coaching, healthy meal plans, workouts, and a lot more.

What Are The Ingredients In The 1st Phorm Products?

1st Phorm became popular because of its high-quality product, especially its supplements. So here are the ingredients that some of the supplements contain.


Caffeine is a usual ingredient when it comes to weight loss because it perks you up and makes you more energized. It will improve your exercising that will give you endurance and can reduce fatigue. It can also be helpful when it comes to preventing weight gain, and some research is saying that caffeine may increase fat oxidation because it can increase our adrenaline.


Evodiamine is a compound extracted from a plant called Tetradium that is commonly found in China and Korea. Some studies reduce fat from mouse studies, and it is why it is a common ingredient for dietary supplements. However, there is no concrete study that it is an effective fat burning effect on humans and can also have side effects when taken.


Higenamine is also a compound found in some plants. Based on studies, Higenamine has some lipolysis and thermogenic effects; that is why it is included in dietary supplements ingredients.


Hordenine is a chemical compound found in barley. According to studies, it can help with athletic performance and weight loss. Barley isn’t that only plant where you can discover Hordenine as it can also be found in grass species as well as algae and cacti.


L-theanine is a kind of amino acid that can help with mind wandering when combined with caffeine. Its purpose is to enhance one’s attention and improve mental function. It can be found in tea and some mushrooms.


Ashwagandha is a shrub that can be usually found in the Middle East, India, and Africa. It is used for medicinal purposes and is known as Indian ginseng or winter cherry. It can help reduce stress and can help with insomnia as well as memory loss.

How Does 1st Phorm Help With Weight Loss?

loosing weight

1st Phorm promulgates healthy living through weight loss and overall health. They have fat burner products specifically designed for men and women to help them with their weight loss journey.

You might wonder why they have two different products that cater specifically to men and women. It is because men and women have different physical needs and women have large amounts of body fat compared to men.

1st Phorm doesn’t have a specific diet if you are going to take their supplements, but they recommend that you have low fat, high fiber with lean proteins, and add fruits and vegetables to your diet. You also need to have a regular or intense workout if you want to lose weight and lose your body fats.

Aside from 1st Phorm diet pills, they also happen to have their program that you can get, which will help you with your weight loss journey. It is a one shop program as it can help you with your diet plans and workout routines.

Is 1st Phorm Products Safe?

1st Phorm products are safe to use. However, it is recommended that users of the products must be 21 years old and above. The supplements also should not be taken along with medications if you have health issues.

Some ingredients of its supplements can have side effects such as nausea, irritability, headaches, dizziness, and even shortness of breath.

What Is The 1st Phorm Legionnaire Program?

1st Phorm isn’t only a company that sells supplements; a unique feature of the company is they have the Legionnaire Program.

The Legionnaire Program is for fitness athletes who want to be recognized. By being a member of the program, you get to have one-on-one coaching and direct access to its Athlete Directors.

In the Legionnaire Program, members can use products and promote it simultaneously and make money out of it. You can make as much as $1,000 a month, and that will be a lot for an additional income. You will earn by referring visitors to the 1st Phorm site via a special link and let them make a purchase. In every purchase, you will receive 30 percent of the sale value.

Legionnaire Program is an affiliate marketing system that has a lot of benefits. You just need to add a link and add it to your website and blog and let your visitors visit the site and buy products from the company. It is a passive income source as you will do nothing but just to keep your website or blog up to date.

Being a member of the Legionnaire program, like other affiliate programs is challenging because you are not the only one doing it, so it is tough. You also need to be aware that if there would be something wrong with the product, your name and reputation may be dragged along with it.

Can I Afford 1st Phorm Products?

can I afford

1st Phorm products aren't cheap, and it isn’t expensive as well. It is in the mid-range when it comes to its prices. The supplements also vary and have different prices depending on their uses.

You can buy 1st Phorm products in several locations, but they are mostly available on the company website, and it is best advised to get it there because the prices are lower. Amazon is also the site where you can get the supplements, but the prices are different.

Final Thoughts

final thoughts

You are at the end of my 1st Phorm review; as you can see, this company is a good one when it comes to supplements. They have been in the field for a long time and already has a big following as their products have positive and good reviews.

Not only are they selling supplements for you to have a healthy lifestyle and lose weight. They are also helping and giving a chance to people to make money out of their business. I think they have a good affiliate program, and if you are into affiliate marketing, you should join their Legionnaire Program.

When it comes to the quality of their supplements, they are very transparent that there is no magic pill for losing weight, but their supplements will help you get to your goal. All you need to do is have the proper diet and exercise, which you can also get with their Transphormation Challenge.

There is nothing wrong with taking supplements as long as you know the warnings of each or better yet, consult your doctor before taking one or two.