Aaptiv Review: Should You Give It A Try?

By: Jenny Lynn | Date: July 22, 2020
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Aaptiv review

Do you ever want to exercise and get fit but too overwhelmed to go to the gym? Fitness apps have been popping out to accommodate people who can’t physically go to the gym or just wanted to get fit independently. This article will be for Aaptiv review, one of the fitness apps that is in the market today.

In this Aaptiv review, we will find out what the features are, its benefits, and why out of all the apps there you should pick as your personal pocket trainer.

What Is Aaptiv?

what is aaptiv

Aaptiv is a fitness app that can give you unlimited access to audio-based fitness classes. These classes are led by professional trainers and offer more than 2,500 guided workouts in different categories.

Aaptiv has a lot of categories where a user can choose from. They have running, yoga, stretching, cycling, meditation, walking, and elliptical. Every week they add 30 new classes so users won't get tired of the current one and explore new routines for their exercises.

The Aaptiv fitness app isn’t new to the market; they were around for years and known as Skyfit before becoming Aaptiv. The company was able to develop more features and make it more user friendly. It provided the best possible way to make their platform known for being a fitness app that gives out audio lessons for your exercises.

Why Use Aaptiv?

If you are the type who doesn't want to hassle yourself to go to gym and prefers to exercise alone, Aaptiv is a good way to stay fit. Professional and certified coaches and trainers hold their app and they will help you in your exercising while using the app.

It isn’t only focused on just one type of exercise as it has many options to choose from. They have a lot of classes and are updated every week. You won’t get bored with Aaptiv because their classes will keep you motivated to do all your exercises.

Features Of Aaptiv

features of aaptiv

Aaptiv has a lot of cool and useful features. You will be able to look into all the workouts you’ve been doing through its Profile Section in the form of a pie chart as it will show percentages of your performance. It also provides reminders to make sure you regularly exercise.

One of Aaptiv’s features is you can pause or skip a particular exercise if you need to, and you can also save and put your favorite workouts to make your collection. In this case, you won’t be able to search for exercises over and over again.

If you use Aaptiv you’ll find out that you will still get to access your workouts even with no internet connection because it can be downloaded so you will never skip your exercises wherever you are.

Aaptiv also helps you customize your exercises that will suit your needs and preferences. You will select any category or workout that you want to focus with, and it could be running, yoga or cycling. Then pick if it's for beginners, advanced or intermediate, and you can even pick the type of songs you want to include on your routines and the duration of each exercise.

The Pros And Cons

the pros and cons


  • Audio-based exercises
  • Affordable compared to gym memberships
  • Good for introverted people
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Workouts are motivating
  • Hundred of workouts to choose from
  • You can groove to your favorite music while exercising
  • Helps you lose weight and stay in shape
  • Have certified trainers and coaches
  • You can use it anywhere with or without internet
  • Easy to customize


  • No real-time feedback
  • On the expensive side for a fitness app
  • You cannot listen to other music aside from the one that’s in the app
  • The intensity of workouts is not consistent
  • You need fitness equipment to do most of the workouts

How Much is Aaptiv?

The Aaptiv fitness app costs $14.99 per month and $100 a year. If you are not yet sure about getting the Aaptiv app, you can get their app for a free trial for seven days.

The cost of Aaptiv app is a bargain compared to regular fitness classes but is quite expensive compared to other fitness apps out in the market today. If you feel like it is not for you after signing up, you can easily cancel your membership anytime you want.

What Users Are Saying

what users are saying

Here are some reviews from users that are already using or use the Aaptiv app. I put them here because I want to let you know what other people think about using this fitness app.

At times, I prefer the audio workout rather than the video style. Aaptiv and Audible apps are working together is another perk.

I've had the aaptiv app for two years now and don't use it as much as I should. It's my go-to when I travel and my go-to when I can't sleep, I turn on one of the mediations. Please continue to add new types of workouts as this crowd gets bored very easily. I'm not loving the 'coach'...typically bypass it and go to either the category or a collection. I appreciate the '# days of streak' - this is motivating. The fitness trainers are 100% motivating. Highly recommend this as a fitness option. Keeping the app costs to approx $100 is reasonable and competitive.


I used to use this app over a year ago. It was great but I got too busy with work and my martial arts classes and a personal trainer, so I cancelled. I'm pretty sure they recently had a computer glitch because I was suddenly charged $99 out of the blue-- but their customer service was great and I got a refund within 24 hours. I was so pleased with the workouts and the music (and I had back surgery 4 months ago so I quit martial arts) that I decided to sign up again and now I'm going to do the "first 5k" program they offer.

-Georgette Oden

I loved it at first. Now they have introduced the "coach" feature. It assume that you will do the same type of workout every week on certain days. If, for example, you do weight lifting on a Tuesday but coach thinks you should be doing cardio, then your workout isn't counted. Perhaps one week you run on a Monday and the next you run on a Tuesday. There's no flexibility. Reminder messages keep popping up, telling you that there's still time for you to do "workout" today. They should make this feature optional, but unfortunately one cannot disable it.

-T Frank

Love their workouts, but couldn’t find out where to cancel the subscription in their app. I got charged $99 and it’s not even in my iTunes subscriptions. I ended up having to go to their website (which I didn’t even realize they had) after I googled. When I’m finally going through the cancellation process, the button to continue was a tiny link below the “I changed my mind” and “continue with subscription”. They then offered 50% of next year even though I already paid the full price for this year. I hate companies that try to trick me.

-Jessica Bahling

Final Thoughts

final thoughts

I think Aaptiv app has an excellent interface and very easy to use. They have a lot of diverse workouts that you won’t get bored with it. It is also cool that they incorporate music in workouts, and you can easily customize every exercise.

However, I feel like the app is expensive for just the purpose of it. I think other fitness apps in the market have a lot of features compared to Aaptiv.

Would I recommend it? Yes. However, you need to get the free trial first to know what you are getting.

I hope you’ve learned a lot about this fitness app here in my Aaptiv Review.