Bioharmony Complex Plus Review: A Marketing Scam To Lose Weight?

By: Jenny Lynn | Date: July 28, 2020
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bioharmony complex plus review

Have you ever heard of diet drops? It is another diet innovation that people who want to lose weight can try. The article I’m writing now is about one of these, and it will be about Bioharmony Complex Plus review.

We will find out in this Bioharmony Complex Plus review what it does, its health benefits, and if its claim is real. By the end of this article, you will know if you want to try Bioharmony Complex Plus and if it could be a great help for you and your wellness.

What Is Bioharmony Complex Plus?

BioHarmony Complex Plus is an edible oil dietary supplement for women. It is also known as a diet drop that will help you lose weight. Its main claim is that stress makes you fat, and with the help of Bioharmony Complex Plus it will hinder thyroid function that slows metabolism.

The Bioharmony Complex Plus is under the Science Natural Supplements that markets and sells different kinds of supplements. It can help you drop 47 pounds if taken diligently. 

Why Use Bioharmony Complex Plus?

Bioharmony Complex Plus has claimed that it can help you lose weight because it is designed to change the lives of women who struggle with weight loss. It is a new technology as it provides users with a new ability to burn the body's fat supply. 

The company was able to study and take a closer look at the causes of excessive weight gain and work on a solution for women’s woes. 

How Does Bioharmony Complex Plus Works

how does bioharmony complex

Bioharmony Complex Plus is a diet drop that has about 10 blends of plant extracts. The formula will help prevent stress hormone called cortisol from intervening with the thyroid function that will slow the body's metabolism.

The formula is made by Dr. Zane Sterling and, based on studies of cortisol, which is part of a family of hormones called glucocorticoids, it can control the production of fat cells. 

With the use of Bioharmony Complex plus, it will help in the control of fat cells that you have in your body. 

Ingredients of Bioharmony Complex Plus

ingredients bioharmony complex

It seems like Bioharmony Complex Plus is an innovative product that helps in weight loss. Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients that they have.

Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola Rosea is commonly used to reduce stress. It is an adaptogen herb, and based on research, it can help with fatigue and improve one’s concentration. 

African Mango

 The extracts of African mango are known to help support weight loss. The extracts can improve leptin sensitivity, but then it needs more studies to support it. 


L-Ornithine is often used for boosting athletic performance. It is a non-proteinogenic amino acid found in our body, but we can also get it from supplements but in a synthesized form.


L-Carnitine is an amino acid that is commonly used in sports supplements. Its purpose is to carry fatty acids to the cells that will help boost energy. It can be used in weight loss but still lots of research to support the study.


L-Arginine is also an amino acid that helps boost nitric oxide and can improve circulation in the body. Nitric oxide allows muscles and organs to get a better supply of oxygen and nutrients.


L-Glutamine is an amino acid that is included in the formula because the study shows that it can help women who are not dieting to lose weight.


Beta-Alanine is one of the amino acids in the formula because it can support fat loss, help with anti-aging, and boost serotonin.


Astragalus is known as a Chinese herb that, according to studies, helps women with stress. Further studies are still needed to prove this theory.


Niacin is what we call Vitamin B3 that boosts energy and helps circulation in the body.


Pygeum is a medicinal tree bark extract that helps prevent stress and can improve one’s sleep. 

Claims of Bioharmony Complex Plus

claims bioharmony

Many marketing claims are surrounding the Bioharmony Complex Plus, especially to their story about Scarlett, who claims lost 47 pounds by using the diet drop. The use of the product will help women lose weight without any diet or exercise. You also don’t need to get obsessed with counting your carbs and calories just to get thinner.

Since the marketing claim is surrounded by a study of stress being the perpetrator of why women are getting fat and not losing weight. The diet drops claim that their formulation from different ingredients will help you de-stress and that will battle against gaining weight, especially to older women.

Where Can I Get My Hands On Bioharmony Complex Plus

BioHarmony Complex Plus costs $49 per bottle, and you can purchase it through their official sales page as it is not available anywhere. 

If you think after purchasing the product that you don’t like it, the company offers a 180-day money-back guarantee for its customers.

Pros And Cons of Bioharmony Complex Plus


  • Good blends of ingredients
  • Easy to use
  • Has a money-back guarantee
  • Affordable
  • It doesn’t have any side effects


  • Difficulty when it comes to navigating the sales page
  • Confusing claims about weight loss
  • It doesn’t have concrete results
  • Its weight loss claims doesn’t seem effective

Final Thoughts

final thoughts

I’m a little bit confused about what Bioharmony Complex Plus wants to achieve. Their product doesn’t seem capable because its claims and promise help you lose weight without doing anything. 

It is what they call a “miracle” that will help you lose weight if you use their product seems like magic! Reality check, magic isn’t real, especially when losing weight is your primary goal. There are many products out in the market that are proven more effective than this edible oil.

Bioharmony Complex Plus has needed more study to be proven effective because if you look at it clearly, the only way you are going to lose weight is if you have a proper diet and exercise. It is a complete lifestyle change, so no matter what supplements and edible oil you consume, if you are not doing it right, then you won’t shed any pounds.

I would not recommend the use of this edible diet oil even if they have right ingredients. I hope this Bioharmony Complex Plus review will shine a light on your decision if you are contemplating buying this product.