The Celery Juice Diet Hoax: What We Learned

By: Jenny Lynn | Date: June 18, 2020
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celery juice diet

In this era of fast food and unhealthy eating habits, people are researching different diets that make you want to eat healthily. We all know that vegetables are among the healthiest things you can get but what if you turned it into something more convenient. This is where my Celery Juice Diet review comes in.

Celery Juice Diet has become a popular thing among people and has been dominating social media with its hashtag #celeryjuice, so I guess it is becoming the new “thing”. Various celebrities are promoting the drink like Kim Kardashian and a lot more, and it is also why it’s becoming popular.

A lot are saying that Celery Juice is a perfect detox juice that will help you in cleansing your body from toxins, but then some professionals think otherwise. So based on my thorough research, let’s find out if the Celery Juice Diet works.

What Is A Celery Juice Diet?

Celery juice is promoted by Anthony William, a non-credentialed “Medical-Medium”. It is a sort of diet of drinking blended and drained celery every morning on an empty stomach. The reason for this is so you can improve different kinds of health issues.

He advised that drinking 16 ounces of celery juice every morning can transform your health and digestion in just a week, and drinking it straight without adding anything will give you the maximum benefit. That is why celery juice has become the most powerful healing juices that you can drink.

How Healthy is Celery Juice?

healthy celery juice

It is known that a whole stalk of celery is pack with lots of vitamins and minerals, like vitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin C folate, potassium, manganese as well as a good source of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and riboflavin. A lot are saying that juicing celery has a lot of health benefits if its fiber is removed and is much more potent than eating it. There are claims that it has a lot of healing benefits.

However, turning celery into juice turns it into a concentrated source of sugar because it juicing it takes away the phytonutrient-filled produce. So, maybe it isn’t such a good idea to juice celery as it will have a higher concentration of sugar per fluid than what you eat in grams.

How To Make Your Own Celery Juice

how to make celery juice

Making celery juice is quite easy and straightforward. You have the option to use a juicer or a blender. It will be better to use a juicer instead to save you time, especially if you have a busy morning.

The first step in making your detox juice recipe is to use one bunch of organic celery and cut off the base to separate the stalk. Next, wash the celery thoroughly in clean running water to remove any dirt and debris then put it inside your juicer. You may opt to make make a lot of it that is good for two days and keep it in the fridge.

 Claimed Benefits Of Celery Juice

  • Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties
  • Gives Better Digestion
  • Can Help in Liver Detoxification
  • May Help Control Blood Pressure
  • May Lower High Cholesterol

The Downside Of Celery Juice

  • Will Make You Hungrier
  • Loss Of Fiber
  • Excessive Sodium Intake

Does Celery Juice Help You Detox?

celery juice detox

Celery juice is claimed to help flushed out toxins from your body, and it also works as a digestive aid, especially when you drink it every morning before meals. But then, health professionals are debunking this theory because your body, specifically your organs( gut, liver, and kidneys), always flushed out toxins from your body that you don’t need. So you are literally detoxing every minute of every day, and celery juice isn’t that much help.

Also, any juicing or any other period of extreme eating doesn’t make your liver a super organ and expedite its functions as it is already doing its job.

Does Celery Juice Help You Lose Weight?

celery juice lose weight

Another claim about Celery Juice being popular is because it can help with weight loss. After all, celery stalks contain just 6 calories per stalk. However, celery is also known as “negative-calorie food” as it takes more energy by digesting it more than it provides. By juicing the celery, you may gain weight than lose some as it contains more concentrated calories than eating the vegetable.

Also, drinking anything from an empty stomach will make you feel more hungry later than eating solids as it will provide you with more lasting fuel because the breakdown of protein, fiber, and fat is much slower.

Is Celery Juice Worth The Hype?

celery juice hype

If you finished reading my Celery Juice review, you got the idea that drinking celery juice isn’t that beneficial. It won’t help in weight loss as it has the reverse effect because drinking meals on an empty stomach makes you hungrier.

If you want to lose weight and make yourself healthy, you need to do it the traditional way: eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, hydrating, and having enough sleep. It is a more highly effective method compared to juicing and detoxifying.

The following of trends in social media isn’t reliable as it could be deceiving and is just some marketing ploy to squeeze you money compared to having a thorough research diet and consulting a professional. So if you are serious about having a healthy lifestyle, maybe these options is the best one for you.

Overall, I don’t think that celery juice isn’t as healthy as it seems. It is just popular because people are hyping it and not doing enough research to know what it is. It is also not supported by research, and professionals mostly debunk its benefits.

I am personally not a fan of drinking vegetables, and the thought of drinking it every morning isn’t quite ideal for my taste. I’d instead stick to eating my fruits and veggies, which is the best advice by health professionals.