Celsius Energy Drink Review: Is It Safe And Effective?

By: Jenny Lynn | Date: July 24, 2020
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celsius energy drink review

We drink energy drinks to boost and feel alive whenever we feel sluggish for a day’s work, but have you heard of an energy drink that helps burn calories? Yeah, you got it right! My article is about the Celsius Energy Drink review that you need to read.

In this Celsius Energy Drink review, we will find out why it has been tagged as a burning calorie energy drink and the ingredients that make it like that. Is it safe and effective? All of these questions will be answered here, so better read along.

What Is Celsius Energy Drink?

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Celsius energy drink has been in the market for years. It started in 2004 and has come out with their energy drinks the next year. The company has won many international awards when it comes to health, innovation, and branding.

Celsius energy drink has been marketed as a “a fitness drink that accelerates metabolism, burns body fat and provides healthy energy”. It has been advertised as clinically proven that acts as a dietary supplement that helps to boost metabolism and help elevate your energy levels.

Why Use Celsius Energy Drink?

Celsius energy drink comes in different flavors and doesn’t have any artificial flavors and colors. It is free of any sugars and preservatives, which makes it much healthier compared to other energy drinks out in the market.

The celsius energy drink can provide vitamins and minerals that are needed by the body. You will be able to boost your weight loss if you drink and make sure to consume in 15 minutes before your workouts increase and help you with endurance.

Each drink has 200mg of caffeine that will make you alive and have energy throughout the day.

What Are The Ingredients In Celsius Energy Drinks?

celsius ingredients

Celsius energy drink has ingredients that make it an excellent drink to burn fat and help lose weight just by consuming it. Let's find out what these ingredients are.

Green Tea

Green tea has been known to have weight loss properties because it is high in catechins that help reduce body weight and cholesterol levels. It is popular with people as they include this in their weight loss diet.


Guarana is also a popular ingredient that goes with a lot of weight loss drinks and has caffeine. It is known to increase energy, performance, and act as an aphrodisiac. A large amount of intake of Guarana isn’t advisable as it has some health effects.

Ginger Root

Ginger root is not only used for cooking but also a known traditional medicine and has been used for years. It has many benefits, and one can be attributed to weight loss and can have an impact on obesity.


Chromium is a mineral that can be found in food and minerals. It has been used to help to combat chromium deficiency, diabetes, cholesterol, and hormonal disorders as well as helping when it comes to metabolism.


Taurine is an amino acid that can be found on food and is used in energy drinks.

It has a lot of health benefits and can improve sports performance. Taking taurine is safe and has no known side effects to the body.


Caffeine is known to give you strength and energy if you want some boost. It also promotes weight loss because of the thermogenesis and fat oxidation properties that it has.

Every ingredient of the celsius energy has weight-loss properties. Like other energy drinks, they also have the same elements, such as taurine and guarana. However, it isn’t specified the amount of every ingredient that can be found in the energy drink.

Here is the breakdown of the nutritional facts of Celsius energy drink.

Sodium 0mg, Dietary fiber 2g, Calories 10, Total carbohydrates 2g, Vitamin C 60mg, Riboflavin 1.7mg, Sugar 0g, Niacin 20mg, Vitamin B12 6mcg, Vitamin B62mg, Pantothenic Acid 10mg, Biotin 300mcg, Calcium 50mg, and Chromium 50mcg

Does Celsius Help In Losing Weight?

Does Celsius help in losing weight

Celsius energy drink claims that it will help you burn at least 100 calories in every serving you drink. Each of its ingredients has been proven to have properties that will help with metabolism and reducing weight.

Research suggests that even though a product has weight loss properties and ingredients, it doesn’t guarantee an instant weight loss. It is much more effective if it will be combined with regular exercise and a balanced diet.

What Users Are Saying

what users are saying

Here are some user’s comments about the product. Most of them are positive and are satisfied with what the Celsius drink has to offer.

These give me a great, long lasting boost of energy. Along with the energy, I'm also able to focus unlike a lot of other high caffeinated beverages. I also have not had a flavor of Celsius that I didn't like! And like the rest of the reviews state, the Sparkling Cola tastes so much like cola without the weird aftertaste!!

-Bianca D.

I am a huge advocate of losing weight naturally (eating right and exercising) so I am not reviewing this as a weight loss supplement. Rather, I am looking at this purely as an energy drink. I LOVE the sparkling cola flavor, as it tastes just like Diet Pepsi. It has 200mg of caffeine which is the perfect amount to get me going, whether for a work out or just to get me through work. I love how the drink itself is colorless, so it does not stain my teeth like coffee and tea, and cola itself. I also like how they include so many other nutrients in the formula. I do not drink these regularly enough to speak to the calorie burning effect it claims to, but I definitely don't weigh more than when I started purchasing these every so often from Vitamin Shoppe.

-Sara S.

Nice product. Not sure if it actually helps to burn body fat, but it taste great. I love that it is adorable any only about $3.24 a can. I also love that it is not a large bottle. Does not take long to finish.

-Victoria W.

I love this product and all the other products as well it is good and tastes great, Celsius Fitness Drink is the best product that I have tried so far and I wouldn't improve it at all cause it already does the job and it is affordable, I am satisfied overall. #fitspiration

-Lorella M.

Final Thoughts

final thoughts

Now, we are at the end of my Celsius energy drink review. I must say that this is an excellent product for being an energy drink but not so much as a weight-loss drink alternative.

Some of its ingredients are also found in weight-loss teas, and if you are not digging to drink tea, then Celsius energy drink will be a good alternative. It would boost your energy, especially if you are going to drink it before you work out.

As I always say, weight loss won’t be possible if you don’t have a good lifestyle. Drinking Celcius energy drink alone won’t help you to burn fat instantly but with the proper exercise routine, balanced meal, and discipline you’ll be able to.