Cinderella Solution Review: THE LATEST WEIGHT LOSS CRAZE?

Cinderella Solution Review: THE LATEST WEIGHT LOSS CRAZE?

In the recent past, the number of deaths resulting from obesity and other weight-related issues has been on the rise. As per the statistics, the trend is alarming. Thankfully, the relevant bodies have retorted by initiating campaigns aimed at fighting for a fit nation. Everyone is being encouraged to participate in any activity that involves moving at least every part of the body. Whether it’s taking a stroll or cycling, it doesn’t matter. As long as the activity gets your heart running faster than before, it means right to your health.

Also, the children have not been left behind on these campaigns. Recently, we have witnessed cases of obese kids rising gradually. This trend wasn’t there in the past. You can say that video games and junk foods are behind the sudden shift. Therefore, unless you put your kids under some active schedules, they may end up falling victim to these deadly illnesses at a young age. 


  • Easy food pairing guide tackles hormone imbalances and fat burn
  • Created for women by an overweight mom who battled weight & won
  • Not some crazy workout. Results can be achieved at your own pace
  • It’s 100% natural. You don’t have to worry about taking risky diet pills
  • Can get results in 28 days for less than a 1-month gym membership 


  • The Cinderella Solution is only available online


If you’re looking for a better way to lose weight than risky diet pills and crazy workouts, then Cinderella Solution could be a good fit. Instead of  giving things up or creating overwhelming routines, you’ll simply work on “pairing” and “replacing” things to gain and maintain a fit lifestyle.

When it comes to body weight and shape, women are the most affected. First, the fact that women tend to value their appearance than men sees them affected much whenever they regain excess weight or fats. Besides, they are prone to being overweight based on the crazy lifestyle they have to survive. A woman is bound to give birth to the young ones and look after them. You can imagine the pressure that comes with having a child; leave alone the struggles of bringing up the entire family.

Away from family setting and stuff, a woman has got to step out there and make some money and friends. You all know that the hustles and bustles of the streets are among the leading causes of obesity. Now you can assume what it feels like to live as a woman. Often, women find themselves glued to their daily routines to the point that they can’t save even a minute to take care of their bodies. 

Most pharmaceutical companies understand the struggles that women face daily, especially when it comes to dealing with excessive weight. As a result, they have come up with pills and injections aimed at assisting women with the weight management journey. Some of these remedies do work, while others are just a scam. Gym instructors, on the other end, have remained at the forefront initiating workout plans that target to help women. 

However, we both know that the gym sessions don’t work for everyone because of the tight schedules. Most people prefer a plan that they can follow up on their pace, without worrying that they will miss a single session. The Cinderella solution, by Carly Donovan, is one of the few remedies that have proven that losing weight can be achieved under one’s schedule and pace. 

Most likely, you have heard of friends talking about this program, and you’re left wondering what it’s all about. The truth is that it doesn’t involve any medicine or some crazy workout plan. You will be lured after learning what the program is all about. Therefore, you should keep reading. 

What Is Cinderella Solution All About?

Cinderella Solution Isn't Some Crazy Workout

If you are a woman and you’ve been out there struggling to get back in shape, you have probably heard of the good stories about the Cinderella Solution. Well, most of the good stories you hear from people are proven facts as the solution can work wonders. The Cinderella Solution is a weight-reduction program that comes in the form of PDF e-books. You have to buy the plan, and then download the e-book in PDF format. The program revolves around a 28-days plan that can be accessed via any electronic device from a phone to your laptop. The easy accessibility makes it ideal for any woman out there, seeking a transition. 

Now and then, new weight-loss programs hit the market. Some come with endless promises, only to disappoint you at the very last minute. However, there are a few that deliver according to the descriptions. The Cinderella Solution is one of the selected few. One thing that you will find interesting is that it’s designed specifically for women. You realize that most programs include exercises that only men can survive? That’s not the case with this program. It’s focused on ensuring that our women get the shape and weight they desire without any pressure. 

For this program, by Carly Donavan, there are two significant phases called launch and ignite. Each stage runs for two weeks and comes with meal plans. That’s another thing that most people find weird. Instead of cutting out the whole foods, the program is focused on introducing meals, but the right combos. How smart is that? The idea here is to help boost the rate of weight reduction and fat burn. 

Often, fitness coaches always insist that food and no play will make you bulgy. Well, Donavan has that in mind. It’s for this reason that she incorporates some simple exercises within her program. Her understanding of the field of fitness has enabled the author to come up with exercises that tackle the crucial parts. When it comes to women, the hips, abdominal muscles, and the butt are the essential areas. All the exercises included in the program concentrate on these areas. 

When it comes to trying a new weight loss program, the procedure can be confusing, especially for the first-timers. One is never sure where to begin when it comes to the meals, for example. Well, Carly understands such struggles, and that’s why they include a path for everyone. Are you the kind of person that enjoys learning about the program before trying your luck in there? Well, there is a 17-page quick start guide for you if you happen to fall into the category. 

Also, if you are the daring kind that prefers going head-on, there is a direct path for you. It doesn’t matter the way you choose. As long as you learn and comprehend what’s included in the program, you have got nothing to worry about. 

How Does The Program Work?

Cinderella Solution designed for women over 30

By now, you have a clue about what this program is all about. You must be asking yourself, how does it work? It’s good to have a detailed understanding before concluding with the buying decisions, for example. One thing that you should allow to stick in your head is that the program is designed for women. Therefore, it circles around specific issues, and that affect only women. 

By digging shallowly in the program’s PDF, you will learn it lays much emphasis on ICE dysfunction. It’s wise to ask what the ICE dysfunction is and what it has to do with the weight loss journey for the women. It’s at this point that you allow your little science knowledge to shine the light. If you can recall, back in your science classes, you learned that ICE dysfunction results in insulin hormone imbalances. In case a woman experiences an imbalance in insulin hormones, the first area to be affected by the metabolic rate. 

Carly’s program educates you on all the info you need to understand the imbalance. In the end, you are left with all the info and tricks you may require to stay ahead of this imbalance and the aftermath. The program focuses on jumpstarting and managing the three crucial hormones that control the rate of metabolism, weight, and fat loss. As you know, losing weight and keeping fit isn’t a one-night thing. It’s a thing that every woman out there with a sound mind is willing to preserve forever. However, that’s not always the case for most women.

Carly and her team are there to remind you that you can achieve and maintain your future goals. This e-book comprises of tricks on how to eat healthy meals and in the right manner. Apart from the meals, the book contains plans for the beverages you need as a woman, to maintain your dream weight and body shape. As an expert in the weight loss journey, Carly helps break down the targeted weight loss for you. With the break downs, it makes it easy for the user to make a run for her goals relying on the provided estimates. 

As said earlier, this weight loss system is meant for women. They deserve the best as they are amazing creations. Although the program is for any woman, its best suited for women over 30 years. At that age, most women have gone through a lot of challenges, and hence, they have a lot of weight that requires to be shed. Therefore, if you are looking forward to shedding over ten pounds, this program may be your only ticket. 

Who Created The Program?

Carly Donovan Creator of Cinderella Solution

Whenever a new weight loss program is established, many questions run through the minds of the interested parties. One of the most common questions that you will find these people asking is who the person behind the program of interest is. Well, you may ask why the name is essential. According to the marketing experts, the name behind the initiative is significant as it can help one understand and estimate the potential and benefits one is likely to witness from the said program. 

When it comes to The Cinderella Solution, the big name behind the program is Carly Donavan. When it comes to fitness and stuff, Carly seems to know all as she has a revealing history with obesity. Like most women in the US, Carly was once overweight and had struggled to keep the condition in check. Before coming up with the e-book, Carly was a fitness coach. She led a few classes at her local gym. The weird thing is that even with all the workout sessions, the author didn’t have a toned body. 

At that moment, her body shape raised a lot of questions, even to those attending her classes because they doubted what she had to teach. However, after a few visits to various doctors, Carly’s weight journey took a new turn. It was found out that she had developed diabetes, which had resulted in almost 100-pound weight gain. On learning her condition, Carly swore to find something that would aid her journey towards her dream body shape. While searching for info, she landed into plenty of info that she combined to come up with what now call The Cinderella Solution.    

Although Carly describes herself as Jane and a mom in the e-book, there is plenty of info that you can find in her content. The fact that Carly is a no fitness guru or health expert makes the program much interesting. With the program, you gain info from someone who has been in the state you’re currently. The program, therefore, comprises challenges and solutions to problems that most women can easily relate to. 

Who Qualifies To Join The Program?

By now, you must be asking yourself, do I fit in the Cinderella Solution program. The answer is yes, the program is meant for you. As long as you’re a woman and have the willpower, you’re set to go ahead with the program. According to Carly, this program is meant for women out there who are on the verge of giving up with their weight loss plans. Her story is sufficient proof that you can as well achieve that body shape and weight that always desire. Carly and her team are here to prove to you that you don’t need the injections, pills, or even surgeries to get that beautiful hip or butt you dream daily. 

Whether you are in your 20s, 30s, 40s, or even 60s, Carly’s program is something that you should give a try. The good thing about this program is that it is quite affordable. It has come up with a theory that you don’t need to lose all your hard-earned money trying to gain your dream hips or butt. You don’t need any surgeries, expensive meals, and vegetables to accomplish results. Besides, the program doesn’t ask for any fancy gym equipment. Therefore, if you are operating under a tight budget, this program is at your disposal. 

As stated earlier, this program circles around things such as insulin hormone imbalances. The imbalances are what triggers conditions such as diabetes and heart conditions. The good thing about this program is that it informs the user about the irregularities. As a result, the user is filled with the knowledge needed to stay ahead of the imbalances, and hence the control. Therefore, if you’re struggling with hormonal imbalances, the Cinderella Solution may be the key to everything. Well, the program doesn’t cure the diseases, but at least helps balance the hormones. In return, you end up with a robust immune system and metabolism rate, and hence an excellent overall condition. 

Why Use Cinderella Solution Weight-Loss Program?

Makes the weight loss journey smooth

Why Choose The Cinderella Solution

In the recent past, excessive weight has become a significant issue, and that affects thousands of individuals around the world. Thankfully, lifestyle coaches and health professionals have been at the forefront when it comes to initiating strategies that aim at making the weight loss process easy. When it comes to using Carly’s program to manage weight, things are different. This specific program circles around everything related to weight loss. The metabolism rate, especially, is one of the crucial areas that Carly and her team concentrate on in her e-book. Therefore, if you are a lady out there and looking to lose even up to 10 pounds, you ought to consider this fantastic e-book by Carly. 

A happy ending 

Today, you will bump into thousands of weight-loss programs being marketed. You can agree with me that most of the contents you find out there are fairy tales. Some people sell guides to problems that they don’t even understand. This habit has seen many people judge even good programs as a hoax. Before you conclude that all applications are a scam, ensure that you try out Carly’s e-book. The guide contains the info you need to make your weight loss journey a success. For Carly and her team, it’s all about results. In there, you will find tricks and tips on how to gain and maintain your dream body weight and shape. 

The program cares about your overall health 

Often, most weight loss programs focus on shedding excessive weight only. They involve the workout session only. Well, at least, they help one gain the body of their desire. But, the truth is that they don’t offer a long-term solution. When it comes to Carly’s program, the focus isn’t only on the loss of weight but also focuses on one’s overall health. 

You don’t have to be rich

Now and then, most people have missed important things in their lives, such as weight loss, because of insufficient funds. If you have been struggling with excessive weight, you understand the worth of shedding even a pound. Most of the programs that you find in the market today are quite expensive. Not only do they come with a high price tag, but they also ask for too much. Say, for instance, you may be needed to start on an expensive diet. Also, some require one to get some pills, injections, or even surgeries that aren’t quite affordable. 

For the Cinderella Solution, you don’t have to be a millionaire to pass. The program itself is cheaper as compared to most programs. Besides, the program utilizes readily available ingredients to make the transition smooth. Also, you’re not needed to sign up or acquire expensive gym equipment because the exercises found in the book can be performed easily at your home. 

The workouts included are easy

In the past, women, especially, were neglected when it came to weight-loss procedures. Most of the programs you find tend to favor the men because of their masculinity. Well, the Cinderella Solution is here now, and ready to set a difference. Are you a lady, and struggling to shed some weight and fat? Are you looking forward to hitting that body shape of your dream? 

Don’t worry because this program, by Carly Donavan, is tailor-made for you. The program incorporates some simple and yet effective exercises that ladies can survive without having to break a bone. Therefore, if you’re scared about those crazy workout sessions, it’s high time you considered Carly and this program. 

What’s Included In The Program?

The Complete Cinderella Solution Program

After reading this piece from the beginning, you now know the program and its creator. Also, you understand why it’s essential to include this program in your weight-loss journey. But, you must be asking yourself, how does this program by Carly manage to achieve all these results? It’s at this point that you are needed to find out the contents of Carly’s program. You must understand that Carly’s guide contains four significant parts, and which include;

The Cinderella Solution Explained

As said earlier, there are many ways to dive into the Cinderella Solution. The most common path is where the user starts by familiarizing himself with the program. In this part, you will find the info you need on how you can best start your weight-loss journey. 

The Nutritional Blueprint

Most weight loss programs you see in the market today tend to concentrate on workouts and stuff. What they don’t understand is that the entire workout thing can be a waste of time if the diet isn’t included. Carly understands the importance of a proper diet, and that’s why her program contains a daily meal plan. In this nutritional blueprint section, you will find a 14-day calendar. The part not only has the plans but as well as some critical meal-prepping plans that you should consider during the entire journey. 

According to Carly, one needs to understand the best ways to refresh the body while eating well during the weight loss journey. The only way to do all that is through the plans provided in this section of the program. Also, if you’re the kind that likes trying new meals, this part of the book has you covered. Carly has included some of the most amazing recipes that are hard to resist from the point go. 

Meals/flavor pairings

Now and then, you will come across weird weight loss procedures that tell one to avoid this and that and eat specific diets. Some even recommend people to starve themselves. That’s the sad part because most people who enroll in such programs end up having more severe conditions than before. In the recent past, cases of anorexia have been on the rise among teenage girls. The trend is because most of these girls want to attain a TV look. They believe every tip they find over the internet without knowing the consequences. 

Carly is one of the few individuals who believe that losing weight shouldn’t involve some sought of strict meal rationing. The weight coach insists that the journey should include adding the crucial nutrients diets in your meal plan. Therefore, in the third section of her e-book, you will find the combos you need to create nutritionally rich meals that are low in calories. The section also contains significant info that you need to make the right decision about your diet. 

Top 10 food and flavor combinations

Carly doesn’t end her e-book by telling you the benefits of specific food combos. She is bold enough to go further and provide you with the top ten flavors and food combinations. The fact that these combos are vital means that the top ten combinations are a bonus. With the fourth section, you will be exposed to plenty of info that you need to make your weight loss journey emerge successfully. 

Cinderella Solution Price

The Cinderella Solution Price

By now, you know almost everything regarding this fantastic weight loss program. The only remaining thing and that’s blocking you from signing up is the price. Don’t worry because Carly’s mission is to ensure that everyone can easily afford her program. The Cinderella Solution comes at a discounted offer of $37 only. Imagine how little the amount is, bearing in mind that it has the content you need to manage issues such as diabetes and other insulin-related conditions. 

If you find the price to be high, you can opt to access the package in two options, which are; the Brand New Cinderella Accelerator Package and Accelerator Movement Sequencing Book. The first package goes for $147, while the second one requires $150 only. With the two options, it means that you don’t have an excuse to miss what Carly has to offer. 

Also, the creator of this program is one person that strongly believes in customer satisfaction. She has a refund policy included, and that means that if you don’t find the program to be helpful within the first 60 days, you’re free to ask for a full refund for the amount you paid. 

Is Cinderella Solution Worth The Investment?

The answer is yes. Whatever package you choose, you can attest that the benefits are worth more than the indicated price. By digging shallowly over the program’s details and reviews, you will learn that it’s worth much more. This package has helped thousands out there who had lost hope in their excess weight. Therefore, you must understand that it’s a deal like no other. As experts would agree, Cinderella Solution is one of the best remedies you can ever find for your obesity. 

Pros And Cons Of Using Cinderella Solution

60 Day Money Back Guarantee Cinderella Solution

In the recent past, Cinderella Solutions has been making news headlines for the right reasons, mostly. Most users, if not all, have been on the forefront doing what you would call campaigning for the use of Carly’s program. Some of the reports you may come across sound exaggerated. But, unfortunately, they are the truth. Without saying much, I will start by explaining the most common thing you will definitely like about this program from the very first day.  


The program is designed for the women 

If you were to come up with a list of programs that have spearheaded the empowerment of women, Cinderella Solution should be counted as one. It’s one of the few programs that have left women feeling control of themselves, not forgetting the confidence that comes with achieving the desired body shape and weight. 

Carly specifically made this program targeting the millions of women who experience weight problems. The fact that it delivers results makes the program worth noticing. You understand the difference when it comes to shedding weight between men and women. For the women, the procedure can be a pain in the neck. Therefore, having a program like the Cinderella Solution, which works, means a lot to the girl child.

Simple workouts

Who said that shedding weight has to involve extreme weightlifting or running? Of course, there is no written rule to suggest that you can only achieve your desired shape by lifting all the weight you can find. This program is enough proof that you don’t have to sweat all the way to lose, for example, two pounds. In this program by Carly, you will find endless exercises that are easy to perform by yourself. Most of the activities you will find there don’t ask for that special equipment that you see in the gyms, for instance. The fact that the exercises are natural means good results for the nursing mothers, especially. It means that they can efficiently work out their bodies despite their demanding schedules. 

In-depth info

There is nothing that feels annoying than enrolling in a program that you don’t understand even a single thing about what is happening around. That is often the case when it comes to most weight loss programs. People carry on with the plans, not knowing what each step involves. It’s a risky undertaking because you might be exposing your body to some dangers that you can’t control. 

When it comes to this program by Carly, things are different. The author focuses and ensures that you understand everything that is taking place. First, she starts by helping you understand your body’s metabolic rate and your health in general. She then continues to offer solutions to your troubles. With all the info you gather, it’s much easy to stay prepared with what to deal with most problems before they even emerge. The tricks found in the e-book helps women, not only achieve their dream body shape but also maintain a healthy living on a long-term basis. 

Customer service

How does it feel reaching out to a company, only for your call to be ignored? It’s frustrating. It’s what even results in most individuals leaving company A and run towards company B. Yes, that’s the power of communication. When it comes to the business-customer relation, communication is critical. It makes the customers feel as part and the person of the company. When it comes to Cinderella Solution, the connection is on a different level. 

The program has a website, and that makes communication effective. Therefore, if you find yourself stuck, as a newbie, you can always shoot your inquiry to the support system. Besides, you can access various tips and tricks in the e-book aimed at answering the multiple problems that you may be facing as a beginner in the weight loss journey.

60-day money-back guarantee

In the recent past, the world’s economy is experiencing sudden shifts. Now and then, the prices of goods and services keep growing. What doesn’t change is people’s salaries. Therefore, most people, if not all, are left struggling to make ends meet. The last thing you can expect from the affected individuals is losing their hard-earned money from the so-called weight-loss schemes. When it comes to this program by Donavan, you’re guaranteed the safety of your money. The creator believes in the power of customer satisfaction. Therefore, if you find out that the program isn’t working for you, you are free to request a full refund after 60 days. 

Contains useful tools

As said early, losing weight doesn’t only revolve around hitting the gym. As many people would say, you’re what you eat. Therefore, if you’re looking forward to shedding some extra weight, you shouldn’t ignore things such as diet in your journey. Cinderella Solution contains various simple exercises and food combinations that you need to achieve a healthy living. Included in this program are some of the most common tools you require to live a healthy life. Most of these tools you will find in the e-book are rare to come across. 

Helps women regain their self-confidence

Women are wired differently, as opposed to men. They cherish their bodies a lot. As a result, most women fall victim to low self-esteem whenever they fall victim to excessive weight. Unfortunately, such instances are hard to avoid based on the circumstances. Thankfully, Cinderella Solution has been at the forefront when it comes to helping them regain their dream body shape. The remedy has helped change the perception that you have to become obese after childbirth, for instance. By utilizing this program, one can maintain her state regardless of the state at hand. 


Unless you’re talking about magic, every program has both its good and the wrong side of the coin. When it comes to this program by Carly, there are always some things you may encounter and that you may not like. Some of the most common disadvantages include;

Designed for the women

Well, the statement itself is contradicting. After all, this system was designed for women to help them with their weight issues, a problem that affects a large number in the USA. Therefore, having such a program is a great achievement. It came when it was highly needed. However, we can’t ignore the fact that men have been left behind on this. The program ought to have included a section for the men. All in all, men have plenty of programs that favor their weight management journey. However, it would be much better if men also had the chance to enjoy the joy that women rip from this program. 

Asks for commitment

Buying a weight loss program is one thing, and putting it into work is another thing. When it comes to putting what you read into practice, much commitment is needed. When it comes to Cinderella Solution, self-drive and motivation is required. Otherwise, you may end up duping the procedure halfway down the road. In the recent past, women are becoming independent and boss ladies. Dealing with the official duties and the roles as mothers can be a pain in the neck. Often, it’s these busy schedules that see most women miss on the benefits of what the program has in store. According to Carly, the program is not a magician, and therefore you have got to remain committed to earn results. 

May take longer to reveal results

Why do you sign up for a weight loss program? The answer is simple, to shed some weight. However, the period you take to lose the extra weight does matter significantly. Some programs take longer than others. For instance, for this program, you need to wait for at least 28 days before you start experiencing changes.

You have got to understand that the program involves a 28-days meal plan. Therefore, if you’re not the patient type, the program may not work for you. But, one thing that you should know is that when it comes to Cinderella Solution, the wait is worth it as it delivers real results. 

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Final Verdict Cinderella Solution Review

Claim Your Cinderella Solution Discount

At this juncture, you have got an in-depth understanding of the Cinderella Solution program in all its good and the wrong side. One thing that I like about the program is that it isn’t based on some weird misconceptions about the diet, lifestyle choices, and exercises. The program helps cover a rather complicated subject. With the program, you don’t have to stick to some awful meal plans. Instead, the program focuses on yummy and yet healthy meals that intend to burn fat while promoting weight loss. 

If you’re looking for a way to increase your waistline, this program might be your golden opportunity. Its price alone is worth the investment. Not forgetting the fact that you can ask for a refund once you feel as if the program isn’t helping. The Cinderella Solution is, therefore, a program I would recommend to any lady out there looking forward to achieving here dream body shape and weight. 

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