Fit Tea Body Wrap Review: Read Before You Buy!

By: Jenny Lynn | Date: September 14, 2020
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fit tea body wrap review

Do you want to have a perfect shape body without the undesirable tummy fat on the way? Body wraps are a trend right now because it solves your problem. There are a lot of body wraps that are currently out in the market today. I will introduce you to a body wrap that has been trending right now, and this is going to be my Fit Tea Body Wrap review.

In this Fit Tea Body wrap review, we will find out how it will tone your tummy and eliminate unwanted cellulite. How effective it is, and will it be worth the hype and money.

What Is Fit Tea Body Wrap?

FitTea Wraps

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Fit Tea is a known brand for its teas for detoxifying and losing weight. The company also made a product that is a body wrap to help women feel confident about their bodies. They stay true with their company’s vision to help women feel good and live healthily.

The Fit Tea Body Wrap is a natural non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) that will help improve your problems with unwanted fat and help you tone your body. The wraps are infused with ingredients that will help you tone your body and burn those fats.

They have a unique blend formula that is infused with cocoa, seaweed, green tea, and hawthorn berry extracts that we will individually explain later.

Why Use Fit Tea Body Wrap?

If you have a problem with your body, especially with cellulite and undesirable fats that isn’t nice to look at, then Fit Tea Body Wrap might help you. As it claims, it will help tighten your skin, make it firm, and improve your overall skin texture.

The Fit Tea Body Wrap is easy to use and mess-free. You need to stick it to your body and let it do the work. You can do anything you want while the body wrap works its magic into your skin. The ingredients in the wraps will continue to work after you are done using it.

How Does It Work?

Fit Tea Body Wrap is easy to use as you can stick its gel part on your body, which you want to get rid of your cellulite and tone your muscles.

To use the Fit Tea Body Wrap, you need to use one wrap every 32 hours and out on your tummy, thighs, arms, or wherever you need toning for 45 minutes. You might feel a hot, tingly, and itchy sensation once you stick it, and it could let you know that the product is working.

Once peeled off, the ingredients from the gel formula of the wrap seeps into your skin and will still work for up to 72 hours. Its natural extract will continue to penetrate your skin, help tone, firm, and get rid of cellulite.

Ingredients In Fit Tea Body Wrap


Here are the main ingredients that are included in the formula of Fit Tea Body Wrap.


Cocoa is usually known as an ingredient to your chocolate drink indulgence or even in chocolates that you love. But I’m sure you are not aware that cocoa can improve fat metabolism and help increase your energy to lose weight quickly. If you want cocoa to be an effective weight loss product, make sure to use an organic and good quality brand with no sugar added.


Seaweed is a known ingredient for cooking and even used as a side dish for some countries. It has a lot of nutrients and benefits to our bodies. A recent study suggested that seaweed can help you lose weight because it can stop the body from absorbing fat. Alginate, a compound found in sea kelp, can help suppress digestion too.

Green Tea

Green Tea is a known ingredient for weight loss and by far the most effective. It is why a lot of people are using it with their weight loss regime. It contains caffeine that helps speed up your body’s metabolism.

Hawthorn Berry Extracts

Hawthorn Berry Extracts has antioxidants properties and has a lot of benefits to the body when taken. They have been used for centuries to treat people with different digestive issues such as indigestion and stomach pain.

How Effective Is The Fit Tea Body Wrap?

how effective

Fit Tea Body wrap has become popular because of the influencer that supports it, including the famous Kylie Jenner. Since she has a lot of following, the body wrap became a trend, and everybody wanted to try it.

However, experts believe that body wraps have an unlikely effect on the body and won’t help you lose the cellulite and help tone your skin. According to them, fat and cellulite have a low blood supply, and the ingredients absorbed through the skin won’t be absorbed into the fat. There is no scientific evidence that supports the body wrap industry.

Pros Of Fit Tea Body Wrap

  • Snugly fit into your skin once you stick it
  • Smells nice
  • Easy to use
  • Mess-free

Cons Of Fit Tea Body Wrap

  • It won’t work for most people
  • It could get itchy
  • You could get skin irritation if you are allergic to the ingredients

How Much Is The Fit Tea Body Wrap?

The Fit Tea Body Wrap costs $26.99 for its lowest price, and it consists of four wraps in one box. You can get the product directly from its website, and some online sellers are selling it too.

The Fit Tea website offers discounts, and sometimes you can get the wrap for free. So, if you want to get and try the wraps for free, then you should check out their site from time to time for freebies, discounts, and good offers.

Final Thoughts

final thoughts

Now, we are on the final edge of my Fit Tea Body Wrap review. It isn’t the first time that I made a review of body wraps and not the first time from this brand as I have a Fit Tea Review made before.

Would I recommend you to buy the Fit Tea Body Wrap? No, I don’t think it is an effective way to get rid of your cellulite and tone your body. If you can see in the ingredients, yes, most of it is identified to help you with weight loss and losing fat. However, its studies are based on when you ingest it and not just stick in into your body.

I think it is just a part of a big marketing plan for you to buy it since it is all about the natural way of helping you detox and lose weight. If you want to try it, then go ahead. No real harm in trying new things will make you confident but makes sure it won’t burn your pocket.