FitOn Review: A Free App To Make You Fit And Fab?

By: Jenny Lynn | Date: April 29, 2021
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FitOn Review

Fitness has been one of people’s goals, but not everyone can do it. Companies have been innovating ways to be healthy and stay healthy on just the tips of our fingers. Let me tell you about a fitness app that you must see on your Instagram page, and you might wonder what makes this different? Let me give you my FitOn review.

FitOn has been over your social media pages for some time, and it makes you curious if this fitness app is as fantastic as they seem to be. Celebrities have been endorsing the fitness app as it has become popular since its launch. The best thing about it, it's free!

In my FitOn review, we will find out everything that we can that you need to know. What makes FitOn special, its features, how to use it and what can you get from the free app? There have been positive reviews about it, and we will get to know why.

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So, let us get to know all about it here in my FitOn review and see if the fitness app is worth our time to make us fit and fab!

What Is a FitOn App?

What is fiton

FitOn is a fitness app that offers workout videos like yoga, barre, HIIT, yoga, and many more. They have many workout videos that you can easily do at home or wherever you are, and it only requires minimal equipment. You can get access to the workouts without paying any cent because it’s free. It targets women and has a variety of streaming classes and fitness levels that anyone can access once you download the app.

FitOn has been making a lot of noise because it is endorsed by celebrities like Halle Berry, and fitness instructors that work alongside Jessica Alba and Jenna Dewan. Its founder is Lindsay Cook, the former vice president of FitBit, a company that provides fitness watches and accessories.

FitOn will meet all your training needs at home and give you many features like workouts, meal plans, and meditations. Ever Since its release, there are already over 6 million active users of FitOn. You can easily download the app via Google Play store and the Apple App Store.

Why Use FitOn App?

FitOn App is absolutely free! The app is dedicated to giving you a platform where you can get easy access to the fitness of every kind. It is a beautiful source of health and fitness, and even though it's free, there is no catch because they won’t sell your data or even use it to target you with ads.

The fitness app is made to cater to the health and fitness of the generation today; they want to put it out there so everyone will have the opportunity to get access to different workouts for people to have a better and healthier lifestyle. The company is all for improving the health and happiness of people that they will reach.

FitOn is perfect for people who don’t have the time to go to the gym regularly and would rather work out in the comforts of their home. You only need a minimum of equipment to get you started. If you are beginning with workouts, you will have no problem with the varieties of available exercises as it has different levels from beginners to experts.

Unlike other apps that have monotone and can get boring, FitOn has many workouts that you can choose from, and your choices are endless.

What Can You Expect With FitOn

FitOn is readily available for you to download whether you use an Apple or an Android phone.

Once you download, you will choose from an array of assorted workout videos by different categories. In the categories, you can select the level of intensity that you would like.

Here are the things that you can expect from FitOn once you get it:

  • You sign up using your Facebook account.
  • You will be asked for permission so the app can send you notifications.
  • You need to fill up basic information about yourself like gender, birth date, height, weight, and fitness goals.
  • You can only pick one fitness goal.
  • You will be asked what your weight goal.
  • You need to select what kind of workouts you enjoy, which have multiple choices.
  • To finish your profile, you need to invite your friends or connect to your contacts.
  • You can change or edit your goals at any time.

Features Of FitOn


FitOn is an incredible fitness app because it gives you so many features.

Here are the core features of the FitOn App:

FitOn Workouts

FitOn has a variety of workouts that you can choose from, and they have an extensive library of videos that it would take you months to go through of them. Also, they keep adding new ones that’s why the choices are endless.

There are four categories of workouts. Which are the following:

  • Nature of workout where you have the option to choose what kind you want. It might be pilates, yoga, toning, no equipment workouts, dance, small space, celebrity workouts, HIIT, and many more
  • Areas you want to target where you can choose workouts can help you tone your arms, booty, legs, abs, and any part of your body that needs toning.
  • The length and intensity of the workout can range from 5 minutes to 30 minutes. There is also an option to choose if you want low, medium, or high-intensity type of workouts.
  • The trainers you want to follow, and you get to pick them yourself. The FitOn trainers are trainers of celebrities, and they became celebrities and influencers themselves. You will be able to pick and browse their workout videos easily.

All of FitOn videos are in video form where you can pause and replay whenever you need to catch a break or missed some actions. You won’t feel that you are in the gym because of the vibe of the videos. Every workout video has a brief description where you can get the details of how long and intense and the benefits you can get from it. You will be able to get back from the videos whenever you want if you missed them and invite your friend to join you too!

In using FitOn workout videos, you cannot have heavy equipment as you can do it easily at home. You only need a mat and some light dumbbells for your workouts.

FitOn has workout live streams like for their Dance cardio workouts that can last up to 20 minutes and are shown daily. The live stream workouts have 10-20 exercises that are scheduled daily. You can also replay the videos or wait for the following schedule within the day.

FitOn Meal Plans

The FitOn Meal Plans are not part of the free features in FitOn as you can only get them if you purchase the FitOn Pro.

The meal planning can work with the workouts, and you can customize it according to your fitness goals. The plans cater to people who want to lose weight and have different types of diet that you can get. However, there are no options available if your goal is to gain weight.

In the FitOn Meal Plans, you will give you a 12-week meal plan to start with and be based on your eating habits. The questions about it are how many meals you take in a day, what kind of diet you want to follow i.e. vegan, vegetarian, standard, or pescatarian.

There are many questions that you are going to encounter once you set up your FitOn meal plans. You can pick answers from the options, and you also can skip questions if you want.

FitOn meal plans can recommend recipes for your meals. They are easy to follow recipes, and you can even find trending recipes that you will surely love. The one thing that the meal plan doesn’t offer is the calorie count, as it mainly focuses on reaching your goals without stressing you out with monitoring the calories from food that you take every day.

FitOn Meditations

FitOn has a meditation feature where you can find yoga and stretch workouts. They focus on meditation such as mindfulness, relaxation, and calmness, which you can use throughout the day, even for your bedtime.

If you navigate the app you can see FitOn's advice sections, where you can find blogs about healthy living and fitness. You can read about diet, nutrition, workouts, and a lot more. You don’t need to buy the FitOn Pro to view the page because it is included in its free features. You will get new blogs as it is updated regularly to make sure you are in the loop about different trends in living fit and healthy.

The blogs also have short videos from trainers where you can get pep talk and motivation whenever you feel like it and help you throughout your fitness goals. One of the app features is the workout motivation feature to push notifications to help you keep ongoing. You can easily disable it if you don’t feel like receiving quotes and encouragement from the app.

What Kinds of Workouts Do They Offer?

what kinds

Since there are many workout categories that you can choose from the FitOn app, let me give you a list of what you will see and expect from it.

  • Yoga
  • Stretch
  • HIIT
  • Pilates
  • Quick Hits
  • Dance
  • Barre
  • Circuits
  • Kinrgy
  • Strength workouts
  • Cardio workouts
  • Toning workouts
  • Celebrity workouts
  • Before Bed workouts
  • At Work workouts
  • Beginner workouts
  • Low Impact workouts
  • Home Gym workouts
  • Small Space workouts
  • Kids workouts
  • Prenatal workouts
  • Postnatal workouts

What Benefits Can You Get From FitON App?


There are many benefits that you can get once you use FitOn App. The app is impressive as it is clean, simple, and easy to navigate. It has many features that you can surely use for your fitness goals.

FitOn Selections

The selection of workout videos in FitOn is enormous. All of the videos are conducted by trainers, and some are pretty popular because they train celebrities too!

FitOn Can Be Personalized

If you are starting to workout or a veteran, you can customize your app for your specific needs, and you will achieve your goals based on your preferences.

FitOn Community

If you join the app you will also experience the community that FitOn has built. You can workout by yourself, and you can even invite your friends to do it with you, and it is in real-time! You will get to see other people working out as well, giving you the motivation to do more workouts. The more, the merrier right?

FitOn Live Tracking

After your workouts, you will see your ranking among the people with who you exercise with. You can see how much time you spent, the calories that you’ve burned, and even the average heart rate for the workout in the tracking. You will be able to take pictures and show them to the community.

FitOn Scheduling

FitOn app can remind yourself of your classes by setting up a notification, so you join your favorite livestream classes. Also, you can download videos so you can take them and work out anytime and everywhere you are.

FitOn Streaming Compatibility And Unlimited Free Access

Using FitOn is easy, and you can steam it everywhere. You can use your phone, laptop, tablet, and TV to navigate the app and stream workout videos. For getting the free app you can have unlimited access to its features.

Do You Need Any Equipment To Use FitOn?

When using FitOn app you don’t need heavy gym equipment for your workouts. In some exercises, you need a yoga mat or some set of weights. Some videos might require you to have heavier weights, but you have many other options that you can choose from that don’t require it. In working out, you need a little space to give you a more accessible place where you can move properly.

What Makes FitOn Special?

FitOn is a fantastic app because if you compare it to other apps where you need to pay, you will get more from FitOn for its free features. Even if you get the FitOn Pro you will still get more than you paid for as other apps don't have meal planning on their features. You can compare it to Tone It Studio and Obe Fitness, and you can see for yourself.

Other apps are somewhat similar to what FitOn has to offer. These apps have free workouts but also charge for you to get their meal plans. However, what’s missing on their features is the celebrity trainers, which you can only get through FitOn.

Downsides Of FitOn App

FitOn is not a perfect fitness app as there is still something missing from it and some improvements that they need to work on.

Too Many Choices

FitOn app has so many workout videos, and it isn’t bad. However, it could be overwhelming, especially if you are starting. You can have a hard time choosing a workout that will suit you.

No Calorie Counts On Meal Plans

You can get the FitOn Meal Plans once you purchase the FitOn Pro. It has everything you need to help you with your balanced diet and with your daily plan meals. However, the app doesn’t have the feature to tell how many calories each meal will give you.

Not For Heavy Workouts

FitOn has high-level workouts, but it is not suitable for people who want to bulk up their muscles. The developers may have thought that muscle building isn’t essential for women, but some women would like to have bulkier muscles too.

How Much Is The FitOn Pro?

FitOn Pro costs $19.90 per month. You can get the basic FitOn App for free, but some meal plans won’t be available. You will be able to use the app and get an array of free video workouts from professional trainers without paying a cent.

However, if you don’t get the FitOn Pro, you won’t be able to use their in-depth meal planning and personalized recipes to be well suited to your fitness goals. Also, you won’t be able to download the workout videos and get digital coaching from their celebrity trainers.

Having a Pro plan has its advantages because you will get personalized workout plans and your meal plan. You won’t have a hard time choosing workout videos from their endless library, and you can also integrate your fitness devices such as your watch and get a streaming playlist for your workouts.

What Will You Get From The FitOn Pro

Purchasing the FitOn Pro has its advantages, and it will maximize the use of your FitOn App.

Here are the advantages:

You’ll Get Premium Music

If you want to take your workout to the next level, in the FitOn Pro you'll get music from music stations that will help motivate you. It will keep you going, and you’ll enjoy and have fun while exercising.

You’ll Personalized Meal Plans

If having a balanced diet and your workouts is one of your goals to be fit and healthy, then the FitOn meal plans will give you a great advantage. Its personalized meal plan will help you eat healthy food, and you won’t feel restricted and pressured over the calories you are consuming.

You’ll Get Recipes

The meal plans have over 500 healthy recipes that will help you eat properly. You will get trendy recipes that you will enjoy along with your workout plans.

You’ll Get Unlimited Offline Downloads

The perks of having FitOn Pro is that you will download unlimited videos and take them wherever you go without thinking about the wifi and mobile data.

You’ll Get Real-Time Heart Rate Monitoring

FitOn Pro can connect to your workout tracker and will give you your real-time heart rate details. It will help improve your performance and let you compete with the members in the community where you have the same class with.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

We are now at the end of my FitOn review, and I hope reading this gave you a lot of information about the fitness app.

Overall, FitOn is a fantastic app that is perfect for home workouts and can be taken anywhere you want. It gives you updated and fresh workout videos and loads of options to chose from depending on your needs. I like that the app has a clean and new interface where people can easily navigate to. You can also connect it easily to your devices and can be used in all of your gadgets.

Working out was never easy, and it needs consistency. I believe that FitOn can be used for the long term because of its features. First of all, it's free, and you can take advantage of the workout videos with different categories and levels. It is not only for workouts alone because it offers meditation that can help calm you whenever you are stressed and needs inner peace.

The drawback of FitOn is that you need to purchase the Pro version for you to get the meal plans to feature. I think paying about $20 a month isn’t so bad because you’ll get many benefits on the premium and will all be worth it if you always use the app. However, if you are hesitant about the meal plans not having a calorie count, it would be better to use the free version and use another meal plan app.

I recommend FitOn app because it will live up to its promise to help you be fit and fab!