Losing weight is great for your health and your self-confidence, but there are many things that those fitness blogs you follow won’t tell you about weight loss.

Let’s face the truth! Getting in shape can be a challenge for most people. It’s not easy to completely change your lifestyle – always. Maybe you want to do it for health reasons or just because you want to transform your body. If you’re doing it to trim down a little bit, your belly fat can be the hardest to get rid of.


  • The program is accompanied by video tutorials making it super easy to understand and implement.
  • As you aren’t required to take any medication or significantly change your daily diet, this program is 100% safe for everyone.
  • Not only it helps you to control your belly fat but also assist you in improving your skin and hair health.
  • If you are unsatisfied, you have 60 days return guarantee.


  • The program is available only online.


Unlike traditional weight loss programs, the Flat Belly Fix is intended to educate you with all the essential information, detailed steps, and secrets necessary for leading a healthy and happy life in which you are in complete control of your body’s fat.

And, even after investing thousands on premium courses and watching hundreds of videos from self-proclaimed weight-loss gurus you haven’t noticed any improvement, you would “definitely” want to stick around to the end of this review.

Why? Well, because today I’m going to review Flat Belly Fix, a foolproof guide to help you lose your belly fat in a way that aligns with your natural biology.

What Is Flat Belly Fix?

Flat Belly Fix Designed to Help You Lose Weight

Flat Belly Fix is an age-related 21-day weight loss program designed specifically to help you further strengthen your stomach and align it so that you can lose an average of 0.45 kg (1 pound) each day for 21 consecutive days.

The program was first created by Todd Lamb and aimed to help interested people to adjust and strengthen their stomachs. It also discusses specific exercises and essential methods that can bring about significant improvements to your day-to-day life.

The guide describes various short training sessions known to improve a person’s bodily metabolism further.

Later in the program, you will discover a secret herb that can be incorporated into your daily diet to help you keep your belly fat in check.

In the recent past, the cases of weight-related diseases have been on the rise. According to health experts, people’s lifestyles are to blame for the sudden increment. When it comes to the lifestyle, there is much that has to be done as the busy schedules are what significantly contribute to the unexpected changes. Currently, everything, including the prices of products and services, has continued to rise. Unfortunately, the same trend has not been witnessed when it comes to peoples’ monthly income.

As a result, most people are left struggling to make ends meet. The middle and the lower class, especially, are forced to take up to two jobs, to keep up with the unforgiving economy. The pressure that comes with the extra workload is unbearable, and that’s what results in weight-related diseases. Besides, the busy schedules keep one occupied to the point that he or she can’t have even thirty minutes left for a single workout session.

The fantastic thing is that governments, in conjunction with the relevant fitness bodies, have remained at the forefront when it comes to the campaigns towards healthy living. Now and then, you will come across events organized to help educate people on the importance of staying fit. Well, you can say that the campaigns have played a role because people are now aware of why they should stay healthy. However, we both know that ‘staying fit’ is better said and done. The issue is that some people are yet to find a weight loss program that they can adopt.

From an expert’s perspective, losing weight isn’t a one-night thing. Don’t let someone lie to you that you can shed that belly fat of yours by the next morning. No, it doesn’t work that way. Losing weight is a journey, and that has both its sweet and painful experiences. The painful bit is that for you to lose that extra pound, you may have to do away with your favorite meals and junk. You may also have to stick to some diet that you may find annoying. However, all the pain is buried after you attain your desired weight or that flat tummy you always want for the summer. 

Today, you will rarely go a day or even an hour without coming across an ad talking about a flat belly. Most of these posts are usually after selling dietary supplements. The sad bit is that most of the remedies you find out there are expensive, and yet fail to deliver results. If you are serious about gaining a flat belly, for the summer break, you have probably come across the 21-Day Flat Belly Fix System. 

Some of the users have come on the front, talking about the good things that come with using this program. Others, the negative reviewers, have also come forward to criticize the plan. Well, as usual, everything has a good end and that bad side, which many people tend to lay their focus. The few, who criticize the program, are afraid that it involves a lot of exercises and a strict diet. Some are just scared for the fact that Todd Lamb is the mastermind, and borrowed everything from the military camp, where the guy served in the SWAT team. 

Now and then, you will come across weight loss programs being marketed. Some of the programs are usually a scam. It’s the experience with the fake programs that sees most people develop a positive perception towards any other program, even before trying. It’s for this reason that you will find people asking if the flat belly fix program is legit, or just another scam. The answer is yes, the program is a real deal, and worth both your money and time.

Flat Belly Fix is a fitness routine designed and established by one man, Todd Lamb. As the name suggests, Todd’s fitness program focuses on belly fat. It’s one of the few renowned programs that can help convert the white fat on your belly into a well-toned tummy. As a result, the program comprises of info on dieting tips, workouts, and specific smoothie recipes. 

When it comes to workouts and stuff, many people are scared whenever the name Todd is uttered in the first place. The fact that Todd Lamb served in the military makes the program sound scary. Well, you can expect some differences when it comes to the exercises included. Todd assures every user that the activities included in the program are simple. Therefore, anyone with willpower can efficiently complete the 21-day challenge. But, you should expect to feel the burn because all the exercises are all about. 

Now and then, you have come across fitness programs that incorporate the use of certain ingredients that left you questioning. The truth is that most of those ingredients you find weird may have been used in the past and delivered compelling results. When it comes to gaining a flat belly with Todd Lamb, the case is no different. The fitness coach includes healthy ingredients in the program. 

According to Todd, most of the ingredients found in his program have been neglected in the recent past, and that shouldn’t be the case. The use of processed foods has, in the recent past, contributed to forgetting most of the ingredients that Todd is trying to re-introduce in his guide. The result is that you will end up with a flat belly. Everything that you find in Todd’s program is aimed at converting all the extra belly fat into muscle, which is a dream come true for many people. 

How Does Flat Belly Fix Work?

Three Part Flat Belly Fix System

The complete program is divided into three parts (namely the seven-minute flat stomach protocol, the smooth recipe guide, and the melting of belly fat) assisting you to accomplish a specific weight loss goal every week.

In this 21-day weight loss program, you will uncover strategies and secrets rarely revealed to help you effectively tackle your obesity problem. This guide explains how an increase in testosterone levels in men can later lead to various heart problems. How strengthening of your thyroid gland can help you burn fat more quickly, and comprehensive advice as to how you can further improve your concentration, soften your skin and rejuvenate it to look more youthful.

What truly distinguishes this weight loss program from the competition is that you don’t have to be deprived of food. Contrary to most other programs that require you to follow the KETO diet and a rigorous sugar-free diet regimen, Flat Belly Fix guides you to manage your diet properly and helps you understand what type of product you should avoid.

Who Is The Guy Behind Flat Belly Fix?

Todd Lamb Creator of Fat Belly Fix

When it comes to adopting a fitness program, knowing the creator is essential. It gives one the go-ahead to clarify if the program is worth a penny or not. The Flat Belly Fix System is a creation of Todd Lamb. As opposed to the other programs that you are likely to find over the internet, Todd’s is extra special. 

He is a veteran police and has spent over 17 years as a SWAT team leader and in the dog department. The talented individual has also served in the military. Therefore, when it comes to fitness and stuff, this guy is a ‘Mr. Know everything.’ It’s believed that his program is an adaptation of a part of his career and identical fitness. 

However, Todd insists that he came up with the idea after his wife had an accident, and was gaining excess weight during recovery. Todd was losing the love of his life until something came up. He thought of borrowing some of the workouts and diets from his workplace to come up with a working flat belly fix. The idea was to come up with a drill and diet plan that favors everyone. 

The program is way much different from what you see or hear takes place in those police camps. Therefore, you can say that everything that is in the program is developed with a touch of love and passion for keeping fit. Currently, Todd is ranked as one of the best fitness coaches you can ever find. His program has helped thousands achieve flat bellies. 

Who Is This Weight Loss Program For?

Tight Belly on a Tight Budget With Flat Belly Fix

When coming up with the flat belly fix system, Todd had one thing in mind, to help his wife and others get in shape. To date, the program is still focused on the day one agenda, which is burning the belly fat. Have you been struggling, trying to reduce your belly fat? Have you tried all the options you come across, and nothing seems to work for you? Don’t worry, because Todd has something that you might find interesting.

Todd’s flat belly fix system is designed for individuals who are craving for a flat tummy. If you have been chasing after that ‘six-pack,’ you might be lucky to find the recipe to the appearance on Todd’s program. Todd’s system also does target individuals who want to keep fit, but can’t keep up with the daily gym sessions. We both understand that sometimes gym classes can be time-consuming. Based on the busy schedules, at times, people are forced to miss the gym sessions. Todd’s program has a time factor in mind, and this ensures that you heed to the plan all along. 

More often than not, a fitness program can be expensive. Individuals have confessed to spending thousands on systems, only to end up with no results at all. If you fall into the category, then you ought to try Todd’s program. The Flat Belly Fix System is designed, specifically, for individuals who are operating on a tight budget. The system is pocket-friendly, and this means that anyone can sign up and start the exercises right away. 

One thing that you may find surprising about the program is the money-back guarantee. Todd believes in the program. When buying the plan for the first time, Todd assures you a full refund, if you don’t witness any changes in your belly within the early 60 days. Therefore, you can confirm that the system is designed for results and nothing else. 

Who Is It Not For?

Success Is Sweaty Flat Belly Fix Workout

Now that you know who the program is designed for, it’s good also to learn who doesn’t fit in the program. First thing first, this flat belly fix isn’t intended for the doubting Thomases. If you are out there looking for some criticism, this isn’t the platform. The program will disappoint you because it delivers results. Also, if you’re the kind of person that expects to lose weight magically, this program isn’t for you. 

According to Todd, you must break in some sweat to experience results. Therefore, if you fall under the category that doesn’t want to sweat, you can seek an alternative. The program incorporates simple exercises that one combines with a diet for effective results. 

Top Things You May Like About The Flat-Belly Fix System

Let’s go over some things you will like about flat belly fix.

Simple exercise

Simplify to Amplify Flat Belly Exercises

When coming up with the flat belly fix, Todd had one idea in mind, his wife. He was after a workout plan that his wife would survive and still earn a result in the fastest time possible. Therefore, with the program, you can expect some easy exercise plans. As you know, he best recommended way to lose weight is sticking on a healthy meal plan and efficient exercises. Todd’s program incorporates both the exercises and a working meal plan. But, for Todd, it’s all about simplicity. 

When it comes to exercises, they are easy said and done. Often, you have come across the name of a specific activity, but you aren’t sure on how to perform them. Todd understands the struggles that come with trying to convert what is written on the blogs into exercises. His system, therefore, includes videos of him performing the exercises, for the sake of clear understanding. 

There are times when you come across a workout plan that delivers effective results.

Unfortunately, after reading through the manual, you realize that you need a piece of specific gym equipment to carry out the project. Such instances are usually annoying as some times the equipment tends to be a bit expensive. Some plans may even require you to sign up for gym services. Well, that’s not the case with Todd and his program. With this plan, you shouldn’t expect to invest in any expensive gear, leave alone spend money in a gym. Most of the exercises you will find in the system are simple, don’t ask for exceptional equipment, and can be performed in your home. 

All-natural method

All Natural Weight Loss With Fat Belly Fix

In the recent past, the number of people struggling with belly fat has continued to rise. It’s right to say that people’s busy lifestyles are to blame for this problem. Today, individuals are spending most of their time seated, and no time to hit the gym or eat a proper meal. With the growing number of belly fat cases, various methods have been introduced intending to achieve flat tummies.

Today, you will rarely go through your social media pages without bumping into an advert or two about flat belly pills. While there are some pills and gummies that deliver what they say on the posters, most of them are just a scam. Also, in the recent past, individuals are undergoing surgeries to have the belly fat removed. The operation, especially, can be a bit scary and expensive. But, with Todd’s flat belly fix plan, you don’t have to worry about any gums or surgery.

Todd is an all-natural kind of guy. With his plan, you won’t have to freak about the injections, for example. The weight trainer believes in the power of exercises in conjunction with a proper diet. Therefore, he ensures that his entire program includes natural meals and simple activities. His smoothies, mainly, they contain natural ingredients. Therefore, don’t act surprised when you find an old-school element in-between his recipes. 

Money-back guarantee

Flat Belly Fix Money Back Guarantee

How long should you wait to witness results from working out in the gym, for example? There is never a straight answer to this inquiry because the results are dependent on the intensity of the workout. Some exercises can reveal the results within the very first week, while others need up to a month. When it comes to 

Todd’s flat belly fix, you should expect results within a month or two. According to the founder, if you fail to witness any changes within the second month, feel free to ask for a full refund. Many fitness programs don’t come up with such guarantees because they are never sure of what their plan can deliver. Todd’s money-back guarantee is an assurance that he understands everything regarding the procedure and is only after results.

Positive reviews

Positive Reviews for Fat Belly Fix

In the recent past, the internet has been taking over almost every sector of the world’s economy. The powerful tool intends to make people’s life easy. Currently, individuals can never stop to think of how life would sound like without this fantastic tool. The internet has remained as the mother of all information. As many people would say, if it’s not over the internet, it doesn’t exist. 

It’s through the same internet that you can find every bit of info that you may be looking for regarding Todd’s flat belly program. In the recent past, online reviews are much necessary when it comes to shopping for new items or products. They are what determine if a specific product is worth the chase or not. When it comes to Todd’s program, you’re likely to encounter plenty of positive reviews from people who have used the plan. The ‘before and after’ pictures, especially, are what many potential users find encouraging. Therefore, if you’re looking forward to something that you will live to testify, Todd’s plan is the way to go. 

What’s included in the program?

The Flat Belly Fix System

The Flat Belly Fix system is known to be a one-month program. According to the creator, Todd, within a month or less, you should have realized some physical changes with your tummy, the fat disappearing. 

The program, however, considers 21 days. After purchasing the program, you will have access to a 21-days weight loss journey. But, with the 21 days, it doesn’t mean that everything ends there.

The program is all rounded. In other words, it includes info on how to stay fit, even after the 21 days are over. Included in the program are various ways on how you can make the system work for you. Todd’s schedule is usually divided into three main sections. They include;

The main program

Today, you may encounter thousands of weight-loss programs. The internet, primarily, hosts many programs. Some of the programs are known to deliver results, while others are just another significant scam. Well, for Todd’s plan, don’t expect to find those embroidered details that aim for sales. The program only talks about what it can deliver. Inside this program, you will find the central section, and that tells you almost everything you need to understand about the weight loss journey. 

What you will find interesting about Todd’s system is that you don’t have to spend your precious time in the gym or start some crazy calorie fix. This new program is all about new habits that you get used to within the first 21 days. All these pieces of info are usually found in the central part of the program.

The 7-minute flat belly procedure

The second and most crucial part of the system is the 7-minute flat belly procedure. As you know, Todd’s flat belly fix is all about gaining a flat tummy. Therefore, the seven-minute processes remain a crucial part of the weight loss journey. In this part of Todd’s program, you will find all sought of exercises that you may require for that flat belly. The activities include drills such as; fiber activation, system tension, and the isometric holds. 

Each exercise takes at least seven minutes of your precious time, or less. One thing that you must know is that the exercises are simple. Besides, you have the advantage of choosing an activity that you find interesting to accomplish. The fact remains that every kind of training delivers some burn and hence results. 

For every set of exercises that you find on this program, there is a set of pictures to instruct you on how to perform every exercise. The instructions are much easy to comprehend when illustrated through photos. Although Todd’s activities are easy to understand, the pictures make things easy, especially for individuals who have never hit a gym environment before. The instructions also help one find out the number of reps that should be performed, as well as the amount of time needed to rest in between every set. 

The smoothie recipe guide

Over and over again, you have heard of actresses and models, especially, boasting of how smoothies worked on their flat tummies. Many people have never taken these reports seriously. Well, you must understand that smoothies can do wonders, not only on the skin but also on that flat tummy that is bothering you. Todd understands the importance of smoothies when it comes to achieving a flat belly. His guide, therefore, includes a third section, the smoothie recipe guide. 

In this part of the program, you will come across recipes of smoothies made of avocado, chocolate, banana, coconut, and vanilla, among many others. The section will guide you on how to come up with a smoothie that you will find surprising. Remember. Sometimes smoothies can be awful. You only need a touch of someone who understands what they are doing, achieving the best tastes. Todd’s guide promises nothing but the best smoothies you can ever find in town. 

Bonus; VIP Online coaching

Often, individuals have confessed to achieving excellent results through the 21-day challenges, as provided in the main parts of the program. Unfortunately, not everyone can hit the mark. Some people still require some little pushing or that private coaching. With Todd’s program, you can as well get a private coaching session to help you with those complex stances. Therefore, you don’t have to worry in case you find yourself unable to push ahead with the program. 

After signing up for the program, one is assured of free access to the VIP online group for the first 30 days. After the 30 days are done, you are needed to part with $29 every month to access the coaching. But, once another three months of paying are over, you will be in a position to access the VIP group forever, for free. 


Easy to access

Easy to Follow Flat Belly Fix System

When it comes to accessibility, Todd and his team boast of having all that is needed. Their program is digital, and that means that it can be accessed anywhere. After subscribing to this fantastic guide, you’re given instant access to everything in the store. When it comes to the devices, you can access it through your tablet, phone, or even laptop. With the easy accessibility, it means that you don’t have to cut short your workout session because your tablet, for instance, isn’t working. 

Is a risk-free system

Now and then, people have lost their hard-earned money on many platforms. The weight-loss plans, especially, have taken away most people’s money, as they fail to deliver what they promise. When it comes to the Flat Belly Fix system, you don’t have to fear to lose your money. Todd and his team assure you that you will get back all your money if you fail to get the expected results within 60 days. The online reviews are enough evidence that the program is worth every penny from your pocket. 


With Todd’s plan, don’t expect to find yourself in a theatre room, induced and awaiting surgery. At least, that’s not Todd’s way of dealing with the stubborn belly fat. The veteran police believe that all the proper shape can easily be achieved without any chemicals or surgical knives. 

It’s affordable

Now and then, you will come across platforms talking about the good things that come with enrolling for the program. With all the hype and stories, many people conclude that the program is expensive, even before asking. The truth is that it remains one of the most affordable guides you can ever find in the market. You only need about $37 to subscribe. Additionally, Todd’s exercises are quite easy to perform. You will rarely need a gym setting during the entire journey. As stated earlier, the Flat Belly Fix is an all-natural system. You won’t require any form of operations, pills, or even gums. Therefore, there are no extra costs associated with signing up for this exclusive program. 

Easy to follow

The flat tummy fix incorporates some easy steps and procedures that every individual can easily monitor, regardless of the experience. The exercises, especially, are usually accompanied by some pictures and videos to help one understand the process. You don’t need any set of specialized skills to accomplish the program. 

Flat Belly Fix Price

Pricing for Flat Belly Fix System

When it comes to acquiring the Flat Belly Fix System for the very first time, you will have to part with at least $37. The price is quite affordable, as compared to the other fitness programs available in the market. After the payment, you can instantly download the program.

Therefore, you don’t have to wait for some shipping to be done so that you can start on your flat belly journey. Besides, with the first payment, you get access to free bonuses such as the VIP online coaching. It’s usually one-on-one coaching that you get with Todd and his team to help improve your results. 

Pros and cons of using the flat belly fix system


No side effects 

Often, you have heard news of weight-related surgeries gone south. Such cases are common because most of these procedures aren’t tested for results. In some instances, the operations are based on theory and not practical. By undergoing the procedures, you end up putting your life at high risks. The amazing that comes with using Todd’s Flat Belly Fix system is that there are no side effects at all. His program entails natural diets and simple exercises. 

Simple workouts

Now and then, you will come across workout sessions that include intensive activities. Although such sessions do deliver instant results, they aren’t meant for everyone. Especially if you’re a newbie in the world of gym and stuff, you may find it hard ripping the fruits of the so-called program. Most people, if not all, give up within the very first days into such intensive workouts. 

For Todd’s system, there is nothing to worry about. The system intends to assist everyone in shedding the excess belly fat, and that’s whether you’re new or used to working out. 

Included in Todd’s program are easy workouts that are easy to perform. The exercises take at least seven minutes of your precious time to complete. Besides, with the program, you have the advantage of choosing an activity that you find interesting. Therefore, you can rarely run out of options. Also, videos are accompanying each exercise. These videos play a significant role when it comes to an in-depth understanding of how every activity should be performed. 

Delivers positive results quickly

After how long should one experience changes after signing up for a gym session, for instance? It’s usually one of the most common questions that you will find the new members, especially asking. Well, it’s good to stay updated on the expectations because it’s your body in question here. When it comes to the Flat Belly Fix system, Todd insists that one should witness results within the first three weeks into the program. 

However, to experience the expected changes, you have got to follow every instruction as provided in the program. The good thing about the guidance found in the program is that they are easy to understand and follow. Therefore, they don’t pose a problem to anyone out there, willing to start on the ‘flat belly’ journey. 

Money-back guarantee

In the recent past, the value of money has continued to grow. Unfortunately, people’s spending powers have continued to deteriorate. Individuals rarely have sufficient cash to spend around. Therefore, the last thing they would expect is to see their hard-earned money swallowed through a scam weight loss program. Todd and his team ensure that your money is going into the right place. The platform has a money-back guarantee, and that states that you can ask for your full amount if you find out that the program isn’t working for you after 60 days of trial. 

It’s for both men and women

More often than not, you will come across weight loss programs that favor a single-gender. For the flat tummy, especially, the most common procedures favor the men. They tend to incorporate heavy exercises and that women may find it hard to survive. Luckily, that’s not the case with The Flat Belly Fix System. This program is meant for both genders. When Todd was establishing the program, he was looking for something that would help his wife, who was having trouble with weight. 

Easy to access

Every weight and fat loss program has a unique way of handling the big elephant in the room. Most procedures will call for the use of specific equipment, pill, or even surgeries. Well, that’s not the case with Todd’s program. For this program, you don’t have to wait for anything else, the moment you make your first payment. The program can immediately be downloaded online. Therefore, it means that you can start accessing the content right away. Another thing that you will find interesting is the fact that it can be accessed via any device. You don’t require any form of unique tool. For instance, you don’t have to miss any of your daily sessions because you couldn’t access your computer.  

You will receive additional gifts after the registration

As said earlier, Todd’s program is focused entirely on helping individuals lose their belly fat within a month or so. However, that’s not all that comes with Todd’s package. After signing up for the registration, you will receive additional bonuses, which are rare on other platforms. Say, for instance, you will gain access to Todd’s VIP Online Coaching. With this program, you can move on with the sessions with the help of Todd and his team. One-on-one coaching can act as motivation during the weight loss journey. Besides, personal coaching can never be undermined when it comes to achieving results. 


The program can never be bought offline

The Flat Belly Fix system is a program that can only be accessed and downloaded online. You shouldn’t, therefore, try and look for it in your local stores because it will be a waste of time. But, you can still print it if you are looking for a hard copy. Besides, the fact that it’s online hinders some individuals from accessing the fantastic benefits of Todd’s work. For example, it’s usually difficult for people without access to the internet to access the program. Also, the fact that you need a device to access the program means that you may be forced to cut short the exercises in case there is a blackout, or you aren’t close to any of your device

Discipline is much needed

Unlike when you use something like Leptitox, When it comes to workout sessions, control is much needed. For the Flat Belly Fix system, most people fail, halfway down the road because of indiscipline and lack of commitment towards the journey. As you are aware, with Todd’s program, there is no coach to push you. Therefore, if you lack self-motivation, you may end up giving up on the program within the very first week. 

Final Verdict: Flat Belly Fix Review

Flat Belly Fix Is Legit

Recently, the number of deaths related to excess weight has continued to rise. Thanks to the governments and related health bodies, people are now aware of the risks involved. They are taking the necessary measures to curb the issue. You all understand how dealing with the belly fat, for instance, can be a pain in the neck. Well, the good news is that Todd, through his program, can help you with the entire process. 

With the Flat Belly Fix program, you don’t have to put in too much sweat. Todd’s program incorporates all the aspects you need to ensure an effective transformation. The guide includes all the kind of diet you may need during the journey, from the old-school ingredients to the recent.

The meals included in there are easy to find and prepare. Therefore, you can expect fewer troubles. When it comes to the exercises, they are average. Both men and women can perform the activities provided in the manual. They are well-illustrated, and therefore, you can’t have any trouble trying them out, whether you’re new to the world of workouts or not. 

Are you looking for something to quickly fix your belly fat? It’s that time you signed up for this fantastic program. It’s worth every penny from your hard-earned money. Despite coming at a competitive price, Todd and his team guarantee a refund if you find out that the program isn’t helping you within 60 days of training.

Therefore, Todd’s plan is something I would highly recommend for someone who is tired of options and is looking for a legit deal. 

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