Green Tea: How Effective For Weight Loss?

By: Jenny Lynn | Date: March 2, 2021
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Green Tea

Tea has been a staple beverage and has been popular for years. It has many health benefits, and countries have different ways to make it their own. There are varieties of teas globally, and one of those famous for weight loss is green tea.

When it comes to health benefits and weight loss, green tea is a drink, and the ingredients for most weight loss ingredients include this type of tea. It is also rich in nutrients and has antioxidants that our body can take advantage of.

As you know, green tea is famous for weight loss. Let’s find out why it is an effective weight loss ingredient. We will also get to know how to consume it the right way and its array of benefits for our body.

What Is Green Tea?

Green tea is a manufactured leaf from a plant called Camellia sinensis. All the teas, you know, like oolong black and white, all came from the same plant. Green tea does not go through a fermentation process like oolong and black tea compared to other teas. It is the reason why the tea retains more nutrients and antioxidants.

Green tea has many benefits. It is known to treat ailments like headaches and wound healing and has been used as a traditional medicine for hundreds of years. Recent studies linked green tea to weight loss, which is why it has become popular ever since.

Facts About Green Tea


Let us know the various facts that surround green tea.

Green Tea Can Help With Weight Loss

According to studies, green tea has flavonoids that increase metabolic rate and increase fat oxidation and improve the body’s insulin activity. Various studies prove that green tea helps you lose weight. One study concludes that you can lose about 2.9 pounds during 12 weeks as long as they stick to their regular diet.

Green Tea Is Not The Only Tea For Weight Loss

There are many varieties of green tea that can be better for weight loss. Matcha green tea is one of the richest green tea because of the nutrients and antioxidants it has because the leaf of this type of green tea is ground and consumed wholly, unlike other green teas steeped before you consume them.

Correct Way To Brew Green Tea

The brewing of green tea should be done the right way. You need to be mindful and take a little care when you brew green tea, as you can damage the catechins, which are considered precious. You shouldn’t directly pour boiling water into the leaves but wait for 10 minutes after boiling. Brew the beverage for a minute or longer.

Green Tea Is Good For The Health

Green tea has many health benefits that are beneficial to your body. It has nutrients, antioxidants, and even anti-cancer compounds.

How Does Green Tea Help In Weight Loss?

green tea weight loss

Now that we need different facts about green tea, let’s get to know how it will help in weight loss.

As you know, metabolism is an essential factor when it comes to weight loss. It is the process that converts the food we eat into energy that our body needs. People have different metabolism levels, some have fast, and some have slow. Green tea is beneficial in boosting the body’s metabolism.

Green tea has caffeine and catechin, which is an antioxidant. These two, according to research, can help speed up our metabolism. Caffeine can increase the body’s energy, while catechin can help break down fats.

Green tea can help in weight loss, but it is not the sole method you should use. You need to pair it with other weight loss methods like workouts and a proper diet.

Features Of Green Tea

Has Substances That Can Help You Lose Weight

Green tea has caffeine. A cup of green tea has 20-40 mg of caffeine, that is why it has a mild effect compared to coffee with 100-200mg of caffeine.

Tea leaves contain many beneficial compounds.

Caffeine is a stimulant that helps in fat burning and can boost your performance throughout the day. At the same time, the other substance is called catechins which is a potent antioxidant. Also, it has epigallocatechin gallate that helps boost metabolism.

Can Help Mobilize Fat From Fat Cells

Fats can break into your body by breaking it down in the fat cell, and it will then move into your bloodstream. Green tea aids in the process because it boosts the effects of fat-burning hormones, which is called norepinephrine. The antioxidant called epigallocatechin gallate can support the process.

The substance that helps weight loss is why green tea is the most sought-after ingredient for weight loss products. It helps in increasing fat burning that helps you during exercises.

Can Boost Your Metabolic Rate

Our body is continuously in the process of burning calories. Every movement we make, we burn calories. If you take green tea, it will help you burn more calories even if you are not doing anything.

Studies concluded that green tea has metabolism-boosting effects that can take effect in long-term use. It will still depend on people and their bodies because not all have the same metabolism.

How To Consume Green Tea

Green tea is safe to consume as you can drink 2 to 3 cups a day to help in weight loss. However, the results can vary from person to person. Due to the reasons of their body’s natural metabolism and it depends on caffeine consumption throughout the day.

Green tea can be taken in different ways, but the most effective and popular way is to take it with hot water. Other varieties of green tea like match are much considered adequate because all the leaves are grounded and used instead of different teas that you just brewed.

Consuming large amounts of green tea can be a problem, especially if the person has heart problems or high blood pressure.

Benefits Of Green Tea


Green tea has many benefits, and especially it has a lot of beneficial compounds to our body. It has B vitamins, folate, flavonoids, magnesium, and antioxidants.

The health benefits are:

  • It can reduce cholesterol
  • It can help with heart function
  • It can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease
  • It has antioxidants
  • It has anti-cancer properties

Final Thoughts

final thoughts

Green tea is one of the healthiest beverages on the market because it is rich in nutrients and antioxidants beneficial in our body. It is now commonly used as a weight-loss ingredient because of the compounds found in the tea. No wonder, many weight loss products have green tea on their formula because of the studies that conclude it does help.

Green tea may have caffeine, but it only has a mild effect compared to other beverages. However, you will get many nutrients when you make it a habit to drink it every day. Not only in weight loss, but it can improve your overall health.

Green tea may help you lose weight, but drinking it alone won’t help you get to the target weight you desire because you need to make an effort to build a weight loss plan. Consuming green tea is an additional way to help you reach your body goals and give you a healthier lifestyle.