It Works Body Wrap Review: Does It Really Work?

By: Jenny Lynn | Date: June 22, 2020
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It Works Body Wrap Review

Losing weight isn't a walk in a park. It is a struggle especially for those people who live a busy life and don't have all the time in the world to exercise and have a proper diet meal. Here is something that has been a rage these days. It's called It Works Body Wrap. We will find out if it works in my It Works Body Wrap Review.

This product has become popular because of its instant results when it comes to slimming, toning, and losing weight. The company also experienced growth over the last years and also partnered with distributors that made It Works Body Wrap the hottest slimming commodity in the market today.

So let me guide you, Why It Works Body Wrap will help you with your slimming shenanigans.

What Is It Works Body Wrap?

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It Works Body Wrap is made by the company It Works! They are a company that offers a variety of products that are related to health and wellness. Their products include skincare treatments, greens powders, essential oils, KetoWorks supplements, lifestyle probiotics and shake and slimming body wraps.

The primary purpose of It Works Body Wrap is to help tighten, toning, and firming body parts like your tummy, arms, or thighs. They will help minimize the appearance of cellulite to improve skin texture and tighten its area.

Why Use It Works Body Wrap?

If you are the type that wants to get rid of fats in the different parts of your body, It Works Body Wrap will help you do that. The slimming body wrap will help promote weight loss, tighten and tone the skin, boost physical performance, enhance beauty, and improve overall health and wellness.

How Does It Work?

How does it works body wrap

It Works Body Wrap is a "non-woven cloth wrap that has been infused with a powerful, botanical-based formula to deliver maximum tightening, toning, and firming" in parts of your body that need it. In using the body wrap, you need to wear it for a minimum of 45 minutes, and you'll get an icy hot feeling.

When using the It Works Body Wrap, the user should lay down during the process. Some of the users wear it overnight, to maximize the botanical formula. It can be placed anywhere you want, may it be on your neck, stomach, thighs, and butt area.

The botanical ingredients of the It Works Body Wrap are responsible for hydrating and nourishing your skin to reduce cellulite and redefine the contours of the body. You will see the results in 45 minutes, so you can watch an episode of the series you like and be comfy while It Works Body Wrap is doing its job. Most people wear it for 3 to 4 hours, and the maximum time that you can wear the wrap is for 8 hours.

It Works Body Wrap doesn't work alone. In order to have better product results, you need to have a healthy diet, be hydrated, and exercise. Also, if you have sensitive skin, try it just a little at first and see if there will be some adverse reaction to your skin. If there is, stop using to avoid further irritation.

If you are looking for a documented research for It Works Body Wrap, there is none. They only have customer reviews about the results of the products. Most people think that it works for them, but some believe otherwise, as they see no improvement.

Benefits Of It Works Wrap

The It Works Body Wrap is a band-aid solution and is designed to give temporary results. It is not proven effective when it comes to permanent weight loss. However, it will help them be encouraged to start in their weight loss journey and have a healthier lifestyle.

After your first use of the slimming wrap, you need to wait for 72 hours before you need to reapply it again. Some users are claiming that once you get your desired results, you can use the wraps every few weeks to maintain the results.

There are a lot of benefits that come along when you use It Works Body Wrap.

  • It tightens, tone and firms your skin
  • It minimizes cellulite appearance
  • It can improve skin texture and tightness
  • It can improve body tone and contours

It Works Body Wrap doesn't actively claim that their product will help you lose inches because results vary from person to person.

What's Inside It Works Wrap?

What's inside it works body wrap

Now, we know how It Work Body Wrap works. Let me tell you the ingredients that make It Works Body Wrap works!

The slimming wrap has botanical ingredients, which include herbs, fruits, and vegetable extracts, digestive enzymes, probiotics, essential oils, proteins, and stimulants. So, let's take a closer look at the ingredients.

Green Tea Leaf Extract

Green tea is known for its weight loss capabilities. It provides antioxidants like Epigallocatechin gallate catechin. There is a lot of research that proves that green tea helps in losing weight.

Dandelion Leaf

Dandelion leaf is not only known for being a wildflower. It has diuretic and laxative effects, according to the Journal of the Society for Biomedical Diabetes Research.


Bladderwack is a type of seaweed that is used for traditional medicine and is known to contain high levels of iodine.


Spirulina is also known as blue-green algae that is often found in greens supplements. It contains many essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamin e, b vitamins, copper, iron, zinc, essential fatty acids, and amino acids.


Guarana is found in the Amazon and has caffeine. It helps with focus and concentration as well as boost your energy levels and metabolic rate.

Barley Grass

Barley Grass is known to have a lot of vitamins and minerals. It also is a source of chlorophyll and antioxidants.


Chlorella is known to contain a lot of vitamins and minerals as well as dietary fiber. It helps to boost the immune system and mental function. This plant is usually found in the regions of Taiwan and Japan.

Amino Acids

Three amino acid types are included in the overall botanical ingredient of the It Works Body Wrap. They are the essential amino acids, nonessential amino acids, and the conditional amino acids. It is known that 20 different amino acids can be food in the body or food.


Beta-Hydroxybutyric acid is often used in supplements to help boost one's ketone levels. When there is a rise in ketone levels, it will put your body into ketosis. Ketosis is a metabolic state where the body uses its fat as a fuel source to help lose weight.

Plant Protein (pea and brown rice)

Pea and brown rice is the source of plant protein used in the ingredients. This is a vegetarian alternative that also has the benefits the same as animal-based protein. It helps in muscle building, can give you high energy levels, and can suppress your appetite.


Probiotics are live microorganisms that help with digestive health. If you have issues like bloating, constipation, and diarrhea taking probiotics will be a big help. It is also known to help boost the immune system.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are often used in different things like cosmetics, drinks, soaps, skincare products, and fragrances and are commonly used as aromatherapy. They are compounds that are taken from plants.

Pros And Cons

It Works Body Wrap; both have Pros and Cons that can't be denied. Here are they for you to know before you buy the slimming wrap.


  • It can detox your body
  • Can let you lose inches
  • Help Lose Body Mass
  • Reduce the appearance of cellulite
  • Can improved skin hydrating and texture


  • Doesn't help to lose fat
  • Temporary Solution
  • Will require a lot of work to see results
  • Short term loss of inches

It Works Product Warnings

It Works release warning when it comes to using their products, and the It Works Body Wrap is part of it. These are some general warnings from the company and are applied to all their products.

  • Their supplements are intended for individuals ages 18 and older and is not intended to cure any form of sickness or diseases
  • Pregnant women shouldn't use products unless directed by their physician
  • It Works products have not been evaluated by the FDA
  • Stop using the products if you experience any adverse reaction and immediately consult a doctor
  • You must speak to your doctor if you plan to try their products if you are already on a prescription or medication.
  • Consult your doctor before using the product if you have an existing medical condition
  • If you have a broken skin, do not use It Works Wrap on damaged skin
  • Use the products as directed on its label or their website

How Much Is The It Works Body Wrap?

How much is It works

It Works Body Wrap costs from $15 to $25 per wrap. However, that is not the only time that you'll be cashing out money. You need to purchase an elastic band to help you hold the wraps in place in the times you are using the treatment. There are suppliers called Fab Wrap where you can purchase it, but the price depends.

If you don't want to buy the elastic wrap, you can save money by making your own and DIY the wrap itself with the use of household ingredients, but then you can only be able to do this if you have so much time in your hands.

If you want to purchase It Works Body Wrap, it is sold via independent distributors called "wrapreneurs". They are members of It Works distributors and are allowed to sell products from the company. The distributors sell It Works products everywhere, may it be to their friends, relatives, parties, events, and as well on their individual websites.

If you want to buy the wraps directly from the website, you can. However, you need to have the name of a distributor to complete the order. So it will be better just to get it from the "wrapreneurs'. It will be easy to search for them on Facebook or google it in your area.

It Works has a loyalty program that you can get. It is a $50 membership fee, and you'll be auto-enrolled in their monthly wrap deliveries at a discounted rate of $59 per box that includes four wraps. This is quite a discount compared to their one-time purchase that costs $99.

Be wary of their programs, and make sure to always read the fine print of the contract as you might not be aware of specific rules. They have a $50 cancellation fee if ever you want to cancel your loyalty program.

What Users Say About It Works Body Wrap

What users say

There are some mixed reactions when it comes to the effectiveness of the products. Here are some customer reviews, the good and the bad.

"I have used this product in the past and absolutely love it. NO IT'S NOT A MIRACLE WRAP THAT MAKES YOU LOSE WEIGHT WITHOUT EFFORT. No such thing exists! With proper exercise and eating healthy, the wrap is an added bonus to help remove water weight, tighten loose and flabby skin and help lighten stretch marks. This product, in my opinion, helps the process of having firmer skin and it's easy to use. I've wrapped my thighs, back, belly, arms and have noticed a difference in the way my skin appears. It's tighter, smoother and the appearance of cellulite is significantly reduced.

Yes, if you want a quick weekend fix for a party, wrap your body in this, and you'll get results that last a weekend (if you plan on doing zero exercise and eat junk the entire time), however I've been wrapping once a week for three weeks, and love the way my skin looks.

It's a great confidence booster especially as you work out, considering you can see the skin results after one wrap. I'm definitely buying more, maybe a month or two supply, after I won't need it anymore. 🙂 Happy Customer!"

-Neeta721 (Amazon)

"I've used these wraps in the past, and while they worked temporarily, I said I wouldn't purchase them again unless I was in desperate need of some tightening before an event (disclaimer: I eat healthy and workout often). I've never had an issue with these wraps in the past, but this time was different. I started experiencing stomach cramping about 15 minutes after putting the (first) wrap on, but thought it was unrelated; after 45 minutes, I took the wrap off. It's now a full 24 hours later and I'm still experiencing cramping and *ahem* bathroom issues. I've been drinking a ton of water, as well. These wraps were not worth the agony or money-- never again."

-RJ713 (Amazon)

"I used this product exactly how the instructions labeled on the packaging. I measured my targeted areas before each wrap, drank water half my body weight (and some), and wrapped every 72 hours. After my 4 th wrap my measurements still were the same as my starting ones. I really had high hopes for this product after searching; reading reviews and seeing before and after pictures of clients claiming this product was very effective—for months before I decided to purchase. I am very upset as this is not an inexpensive product. This to me is false advertisement"

-Carlene Henry (Amazon)

"I have been using It Works products for just over a year. As long as I keep my end of the diet, the ThermofightX and Keto Coffee work. I find the online communication easier. In other words, I eat sensible and drink lot's of water. I like their perk points offer and the abity to decide what products I want and what day of the month I will br charged through my customer account. Overall, very satisfied.

I found the easiest way to keep in contact with my sales rep is through text snd fb messenger. When a billing error happened, I emailed a request to resolve to It Wotks. I had a reply back in two hours. My account was credited back in 3 business days even though they said it could take 5 days. I am satisfied.."

-W Jones (Trust Pilot Review)

Alternatives to It Works Body Wrap

There are a lot of similar products to It Works Body Wrap.

NutriHerb 45 minute Ultimate Body Wrap Weight Loss

Nutriherb is a new formula body wrap that uses the most beautiful natural ingredients that will help with firming and toning your stomach as well as your arms, hips, thighs, and unwanted cellulite deposits extra fat that costs around $29.98. It tones, rejuvenates, and moisturizes skin.

Brazilian Spa Detox Body Clay

Brazilian Spa detox body clay will help unclog skin pores and draw out toxins from the skin. It naturally exfoliates your skin that will help to make it firm, toned, and moisturize that costs $29.99. It is made up of 100% natural ingredients that include Kaolin and Bentonite Clay, Caffeine, and L Carnitine that help fight free radical damage and helps promote skin repair.

Neutripure DIY Body Wrap: SPA Formula Home Use

Neutripure DIY Body Wrap is made up of powerful seaweed and Garcinia Cambogia extract that absorbs through your skin and helps in burning fat. It also detoxifies your tummy by discharging excess water and toxins from your body. It values at $22.90 and is made up of 100% natural ingredients. You will get fast results by just one treatment.

Brazilian Detox Clay Body Wraps

For $39, you'll get rid of belly inches safely and naturally. It can flush out toxins and eliminate impurities and acts as a natural anti-cellulite toning treatment. It works crazy fast and will make your skin firmer, smoother, and diminish the appearance of cellulite and can be used by both men and women. It is the perfect body sculpting kit as it can be used in many parts of the body such as your stomach, legs, butt, thighs, and arms.


If you want to lose fat in your undesirable areas, the best solution that can have permanent results is by doing liposuction. This is a procedure wherein medical experts get the fats in your stomach, arms, thighs, and even buttocks with the use of medical tools while you are induced with general anesthesia. Unlike body wraps that only have temporary results, this will create farther results.

Final Thoughts

final thoughts

If you are looking for ways to tone your undesirables naturally, then you can use It Work Body Wraps. It is marketed as an easy and convenient way to tone your stomach, arms, thighs, and buttocks and get rid of the cellulites. It can help detoxify your skin and get rid of toxins out of your body. I must say that the results of this product can vary from person to person. It may work for some, but it may not work for others.

Trying products won't hurt you if you want to work out on your weight, and it could also be part of your health and wellness journey. While working on this It Work Body Wrap Review, I must say that the product has potential and can be beneficial. I wouldn't 100% recommend it. It is not because of the product itself but by the company that markets it.

There is nothing wrong with having distributions, but then sometimes it diminishes the personal care from the company itself. Many users of It Works complain of not being satisfied with the customer service but loved the product. So, maybe it is one of the drawbacks of their marketing styles since they use distributors.

A plus factor that users keep asking more of a product is not only the product itself but also the way they were satisfied in purchasing it.