Lady Boss Healthy Swaps: Get It For Free!

By: Jenny Lynn | Date: August 28, 2020
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Lady Boss Healthy Swaps

It is hard to eat healthy when there are a lot of temptations around you. It is incredibly hard when you are trying to lose weight and can’t help but drool with your favorite snacks that you are eating before. You don’t need to stress about that at all with the Lady Boss Healthy Swaps.

In this article, we will find out how Lady Boss Healthy Swaps will help you in your journey in losing weight. Having healthy food alternatives is a better way to combat extreme cravings than a full-blown cheat day.

So, let’s get going and know more about Lady Boss Healthy Swaps and why you need to get your hands on the blueprint for your healthier fit lifestyle journey.

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What Are The Lady Boss Healthy Swaps?

what is healthy swaps

The Lady Boss Healthy Swaps is a complete blueprint of your beloved snacks and gives alternatives that will help you with your diet, workout, and lifestyle.

The blueprint has over 50 healthy alternatives to food that you love to indulge with. You wouldn’t think it's possible, but with Lady Boss Healthy Swaps, it is possible to eat your favorite food without feeling guilty at all.

Why Use Lady Boss Healthy Swaps?

why use healthy swaps

The Lady Boss Healthy Swaps has a lot of healthy alternatives to food and drinks that are as good as your favorites. It has various foods like chips, bread, sodas, coffee, energy drinks, and ice cream.

Having this will help you be more knowledgeable about how much calories you can take by just eating regular ice cream or a piece of bread. If you are overly conscious of how many calories you take in every cheat food you eat, then consider the Lady Boss Healthy Swaps your bible when it comes to indulging yourself without gaining weight.

Each favorite food has an alternative that you can be your next favorite. You don’t need to wait for your cheat day to eat delicious dessert to satisfy your taste buds. It can become part of your everyday food as long as it is within your calorie intake.

Food That Has Healthy Swaps

The Lady Boss Healthy Swaps has over 50 plus food alternatives to satisfy your craving and taste buds without worrying about gaining weight while enjoying your favorite food.

Ice Cream

Ice Cream is the ultimate cheat food, and if you ever want to improve your mood after a long day. Who wouldn’t want to have a taste of this cold dessert, right?

Lady Boss Healthy Swaps has different ice cream alternatives that will make you want to eat ice cream every day and not only during your cheat days.


Sweet gives us happiness; those sugar rush that it provides make us feel more energetic than ever. However, if you are on a diet, you can’t just get a bite of a cake or even a candy bar because it will ruin what you’re working hard for.

Lady Boss Healthy Swaps has a list where you can find an alternative to a cake rather than eating the real thing. Yes, you might think it won’t be the same, but when you see how many calories a simple slice of cake as compared to the candy bar that Lady Boss Healthy Swaps have, then it will change your mind.


Some people prefer chips as their cheat food, and although you think it doesn’t give you a lot of calories because it isn’t even sweet, I suppose you might be wrong. Chips that you can find in the market are not as healthy as you think because they are high in sodium and fat.

Lady Boss Healthy Swaps can recommend much healthier chips, and you won’t feel any guilt while eating.


Drinks are the ones I enjoyed the most, but let’s be honest, the drinks that are unhealthy are the most delicious of them all. You don’t need to worry about drowning yourself with guilt every time you drink your favorite sodas or coffee because Lady Boss Healthy Swaps can help you alternate it with a healthier one.

Pros And Cons Of Lady Boss Healthy Swaps

pros and cons lady boss healthy swaps

The Lady Boss Healthy Swaps isn't perfect, so here are its pros and cons.


  • Detailed information on the nutrition information of the food and its alternative
  • Visually clear
  • Straight to the point
  • Free


  • It might be hard to look for food alternatives at your local store
  • Prices of each product is not included

Final Thoughts

final thoughts

Lady Boss Healthy Swaps is an excellent guide if you want to really get serious with your diet without feeling deprived or even guilty of the food that you are eating.

I like that it resolves the problem of people who want to break from all the workout and dieting. It gives you a complete description of how many calories, fat, and sodium that you can get just by eating a simple brownie, and you’ll get turned off because of it. You’ll get turned off and maybe sad too because you want to eat, and this is where Lady Boss Healthy Swaps comes in. They will give you an alternative without you feeling guilty, and in the end you will be happy and enjoy your food.

What I don’t like about Lady Boss Healthy Swaps because the alternative products are too specific and might not be available in your local stores. The only alternative thing you can do is order it on Amazon or find other food with the same calories that they are recommending.

I recommend for you to get your free copy of Lady Boss Healthy Swaps. It will definitely change how you look into dieting and motivate you to do better, especially in losing weight and your workouts.