October 14, 2020

Life Caps Review: LEGIT OR JUST A SCAM?

Jenny Lynn

Find out in our Life Caps Review why Shark Tank ate this product up and spat it out!

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In our world today, there are a lot of innovations when it comes to medicines. Medicines are made to treat our sickness and it does a lot of wonders.

Our survival is thanks to medicines because it helps us cure our illnesses. We survived because of great inventions in medicines, that eradicated most of the viruses that can cause death.

Before, it was hard to able to get medicines, but now it is part of our daily lives. We have varieties of medicines for different kinds of illnesses. Like for headaches, stomach aches, fever and everything you can think of. It also doesn’t end there, for grave diseases, there are also medicines to help us combat and prevent such.


Although medicines can be easily reached now it doesn’t stop scientists in researching and creating new medicines for diseases that are looming in our world today. We still need a lot of new medicines that can fight deathly diseases.

Vitamins also are part of our daily lives, these are the type of vitamins that are also vital in our life as it gives us supplement especially when we cannot get it in food alone. A lot of companies are making such vitamins to cater to the masses for their needs.

A lot of vitamins are popping now and everyone has a lot of claims that would be good for our health.

In my Life Caps review, I will discuss this multivitamin that claims it will help you survive even if you are not eating food as it has all the nutrients you need for your body. 

The rest of my article will tell you about Life Caps claim, its benefits and where best to use it. You will know everything about it, including if it is a good innovation or not in my Life Caps review. 

What Are Life Caps?

You might first hear of Life Caps in the famous reality show called Shark Tank where an entrepreneur presents their business to business mogul and get them to invest in their business.

Life Caps is an innovation by Daryl Stevenet. He got the idea of making a survivor pill that a person can take during emergencies or if food isn’t available. He claims that by taking this you will still be mentally alert even if you haven’t eaten food for days.

He got the idea when he saw the stories of trapped miners, rescuers needed to dig holes in order to supply food and help them survives while waiting for more help to come. He reached out to a friend who creates nutrition bars and that is how Life Caps are born.

Why Use Life Caps?

I must say Life Caps is a great idea and I got Daryl Stevenet about solving a problem especially that it will be used for emergencies. A lot of people can benefit from this innovation.

The innovator claims that it is not a diet pill like Leptitox, but it can help you lose weight. The aim of Life Caps is to cater to emergency situations and if losing weight is going to help, then it works well for those kinds of people too. 

What Is In Life Caps?

If you look at the nutrients in the bottle, you may see that everything in there is the same as multivitamins that you take every day. You might think if its the same why should I take this instead?

It has a metabolic trigger that helps the body burn the stored fat in your body into energy.

Due to this, you will be able to lose weight. 

Are Life Caps Effective?

During its presentation on Shark Tank, the owner says so far he sold around $430,000 worth of Life Caps. However, there are no clinical studies that can back up the claims of this survival pill.

Looking more into its effectiveness, this pill was sold in Amazon and has some few reviews. 

The review says, that it is just like any vitamins and they did not eat for 7-8 days as suggested but nothing changed.

Conclusion: Life Caps Review

As I said earlier, vitamins have become a part of our everyday life. It gives us a boost and keeps us healthy especially now that there are a lot of pollutants in our environment.

Since we cannot have everyday access to healthy food, we tend to rely on such vitamins as a replacement for them.  Life Caps has the same goal, a replacement food. However, it isn’t a successful one as it is just like any other multivitamins out there. Maybe it will be more successful if it is backed up with clinical studies but the innovator lacks it. That is why people are not inclined to buy it.

I think we should all be careful in what we take and always ask for our doctor’s advise especially if we have other sicknesses. Taking medicines without the right prescription will lead us to danger when it comes to our health.

I hope this Life Cap review will give you deep thinking if this will be the right purchase for you and not waste your time and money. 

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One comment on “Life Caps Review: LEGIT OR JUST A SCAM?”

  1. Your review keeps trying to analyse this product from the position of a drug or medicine that calls for clinical studies. I was hoping to read a review of the Supplement facts, however, you don't seem to have more than a basic understanding of nutrition in general. Do you know much about the 7 most vital minerals and 13 Vitamins of the body and their important roles?

    I am interested in LifeCaps as I am looking for some adequate supplement to cover the bases for what I may be lacking in my diet. American food is Crap and terribly deficient... in Magnesium and vitamin C, for example.

    I know LifeCaps claims to be an emergency "food" but I read the nutrition label and its not a sustainable source of Macros. According to the supplement facts it's pure micro nutrition without sugars/ fats/ proteins (food). The absorb-ability is the only variable that comes into question for me. It only stands to reason that, like other supplements, if the body doesn't need it, it simply passes it through urine. That's awfully expensive pee.

    The product makes sense from a survival standpoint but the body would still need it's own fat stores to live longer than 21 days. This product might be helpful for obesity patients trying to crash weight without getting too sick.

    Your article mingles terms. Food should be your medicine but, in clinical terms, something should be reviewed as either food or medicine or supplement but not all three. No one needs to consult a doctor before eating a food, likewise, people shouldn't avoid supplements just because they aren't sick. Medicine can be herbs but most people think of medicine as a pill.

    Are you suggesting these or any supplement should be avoided without a prescription? You said "taking medicines without the right prescription will lead us to danger when it comes to our health." There's a thousand things wrong with that statement. If you were dying of thirst, water would be your "Medicine". If someone then provided water pills in a capsule would you then be taking "medicine without a doctors prescription"? Too much water will kill you ya know.

    Journalists would generally do well to avoid definitive statements anyways. Nevertheless, bowing to the big Pharma with meaningless safety disclosures is your business.

    I just potentially see this supplement as an overly expensive source for a 100% daily value in the most important Minerals/Vitamins for the body lacking in today's diet.

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