Light Weight Baby Review: The Real Deal In Burning Fat?

By: Jenny Lynn | Date: October 29, 2020
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light weight baby review

Fat burners are becoming popular, especially if you are a gym and workout buff. One of the fat burners that is making a lot of noise is the Light Weight Baby. My article is about the light weight baby review that you need to read.

In this Light Weight Baby review, we will find out how the fat burner works, and the ingredients used to get the formula that effectively makes the product useful. Does the fat burner really work?

We will get an inside look and give you details about the company that manufactures Light Weight Baby and is it going to be worth your money. So, let’s know how the fat burner can help you in this Light Weight Baby review.

What Is Light Weight Baby?

what is

Light Weight baby is a product of Ronnie Coleman Signature Series, which is a weight loss supplement series. The name “Light Weight Baby” is named after the founder’s famous phrase, and it was an idea that can be the name of a fat burner.

The fat burner is designed to provide people with a well-rounded fat burning experience at an affordable price. The product has a formula that consists of caffeine, green coffee,and a lot more.

Light Weight Baby is one of the best product that can help you with your overall lifestyle when it comes to losing weight and getting rid of undesirable fat. It is also a great support when it comes to your workout plan.

Why Use Light Weight Baby?

If you want products that are proven effective, then you should go for Light Weight Baby. Ronnie Coleman, the mastermind of the product, is a professional bodybuilder, which means he has all the knowledge and experience about what you and your body needs.

Light Weight Baby is a well-made fat burner that will help you to stay lean, focused, and ripped, and you wouldn’t be dismayed with the results at the end.

Light Weight Baby Claims


Gives Energy

Light Weight Baby has 200mg of caffeine from its formula that will give you a boost in energy. The caffeine that you’ll be getting from the fat burner is twice the caffeine of an average coffee cup but don’t worry about having too much because it is safe to consume.

Let You Focus

The formula in Light Weight Baby will help you focus because it contains L-theanine that will help you calm, focus, and give you a smooth energy. Also, its Vitamins B12 and B3 will help you with focus as it stimulates our brain and reduces the risk of depression.

Boost Metabolism

Caffeine has been known to help in metabolism as it aids in fat oxidation. The caffeine in a Light Weight Baby will help boost the body’s metabolism, and it also has other ingredients like ginger root, dandelion, white willow, and a lot more that can help in burning fat.

How Does Light Weight Baby Works?

A lot of people can easily say that Light Weight Baby is just pills with loads of caffeine, but that is not true. The fat burner formula consists of a metabolic support compound that will help reduce fat inflammation in your body. Also, caffeine is known to help in fat burning and increase the energy that will help lose weight.

You may think that Light Weight Baby is all about energy and burning, and it can be exhausting. They made sure the formula can also help you calm down, and it is because of L-theanine that won’t you feel any jitter. It is why it will give you smooth energy when you take it.

Light Weight Baby is highly recommended if you combine it with a healthy diet and a good workout program suitable to your needs. Your fat won’t burn away with only the pills, but it needs discipline and determination for you to get the body you desire.

What Are The Light Weight Baby Ingredients?

Here are the key ingredients of the formula that is in Light Weight Baby. Let’s find out about it!

Caffeine anhydrous

Caffeine anhydrous is a known kind of potent caffeine. It is potent because it requires a process that filters all the water and other components from the caffeine of coffee beans, tea, or cocoa. The caffeine potency of caffeine anhydrous is high because a teaspoon is equivalent to 28 cups of coffee. There is a normal amount of using the ingredient in the supplement for it to be safe.

Green Tea and Green Coffee Extract

Green tea is a well-known ingredient for losing weight, and it can also give caffeine. These ingredients are also known for being powerful antioxidants and can regulate catechins.

Schisandra Extract

Schisandra extract is an adaptogen that can adapt to the body’s energy needs. It is a known Chinese medicine that helps with stress, boosts mood, and can help your liver.

Adhatoda Vasica Extract

Adhatoda is also known as Vasaka plants that have bronchodilators vasicine and vasicinone with antioxidants and can help boost metabolism when it comes to oxygen intake.

Dandelion Extract

You may know dandelion as a common weed but did you know it has many medicinal properties? It has powerful oxidants that can help fight inflammation and can improve your metabolism, especially in fat absorption.

White Willow Bark Extract

White Willow Bark is a known analgesic that has anti-inflammatory properties that can support fat burn and energy production.

Black Pepper Extract

Black Pepper Extract is a source of antioxidants for inflammation and can help block fatty cells' formation.

Ginger Root Extract

Ginger Root Extract is another ingredient that can help reduce inflammation and reduce bad cholesterol in the body.


Theacrine is found in a plant called Camellia Kucha. It helps with focus and can support useful cognitive function.

Side Effects Of Light Weight Baby

side effects

Light Weight Baby contains stimulants and can cause side effects to people taking it. It can cause side effects like:

  • Jittering
  • Anxieties
  • Heart Palpitations
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Change in behavior
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Allergies
  • Cardiac Arrest

The Pros And Cons


  • Quality of Ingredients
  • One of the best in its category
  • Affordable


  • Ingredients have some side effects
  • Has a lot of caffeine

How Much Is Light Weight Baby?

Light Weight Baby costs $20 for a bottle that has 60 capsules. It can last up to 2 months that is a good deal, especially if it is used daily for your healthy lifestyle support.

You can easily purchase Light Weight baby directly at Ronnie Coleman’s website, or you can get it on Amazon and other online retailers. If you prefer not to order online, you can also buy it from selected supplement shops near you.

Final Thoughts

final thoughts

We are now at the end of my Light Weight Baby review. I hope I was able to enlighten you all about the information you need about the product.

I must say, the Light Weight Baby fat burner is a fantastic product that will help you with the support you need when it comes to staying fit. The company makes it very transparent how the fat burner will help you with your daily workout and doesn’t give false hope.

Light Weight Baby’s formula is also a right mix of ingredients that will help you boost your energy and be calm at the same time. However, since it has a high content of caffeine, you should be careful in taking it.

What I like about Light Weight Baby is they don’t promote it as a miracle pill that will melt all your fat away even with doing nothing. Ronnie Coleman has been a known character in his field, and he promotes his product by telling people that a healthy diet and regular exercise are a way to get to the body you desire. His supplements are there to support your journey.

Light Weight Baby is a real deal when it comes to burning fat and won’t burn your pocket simultaneously.