The MP45 fitness program was created by Jaret Grossman and it comprises of a 45 days work plan and meal plan. Jaret Grossman is a certified professional trainer and a former collegiate athlete who co-founded the muscle prodigy which is very popular. The muscle prodigy was created by Jaret Grossman and his childhood friend Richie Allen in 2008. Jaret Grossman’s early career in investment banking and law proved to be a great background, but not where his true passion lied. He always had an entrepreneurial spirit and started up several companies.

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Through the promotion of his now wildly popular health and fitness product, MP45, Jaret became a YouTube sensation by posting hundreds of mindset, motivation, business, and sales videos to inspire the masses. He accumulated well over 30 million YouTube views and 100k subscribers.

Very few people understand internet marketing and garnering people’s attention like Jaret does. Jaret brings a unique blend of business acumen, positive thinking, and enthusiasm to every transaction. Jaret goes above and beyond for his clients. Now let’s start the MP45 review.

What Is MP45?

MP45 is a fitness solution where a forty-five-day plan is created with a nutrition plan with a balanced meal plan and a fitness education. This plan indicates a daily meal plan for a period of forty-five days and indicates what is to be eaten during this time during every meal and a snack for every time. The plan includes having a meal after every two to three hours which includes before and after work out meals The MP45 program is one of the common programs and one of the best selling workout plans because of its gym.MP45 also provides a work out at home routine.Basically,MP45 is a modern program that provides a guide on the proper nutrition needed for body fitness.

The Workout Plan

The 45-day program usually appears difficult in the beginning but gradually eases with time. To make it more effective, the program progresses by introducing more difficult exercises with time. This enables the body burn more fats and calories in a shorter period of time, build muscles and get stronger. The trained professionals in the 45-day program use intense exercises where after some time, either a beginner or an advanced lifter is able to adapt to intense forms of training. In addition, this program provides equity since it can be used by males and females regardless of their age bracket or their fitness level. The exercises comprise two portions that is the strength-training portion and a cardio portion.

The strength-training portion

This program is normally based on compounded movements which include: presses, squats and rows which incorporates several muscle groups to form a coherent, singular exercise. The strength-training portion is the most commonly used method in the MP45 fitness program.

This is because it allows fast transformation of the body and takes a shorter period of time. It comprises of two types of exercises that is compound exercises and isolated exercises. Compound exercises are considered the best for of exercises since they are more involving hence, they require the most amount of work and increase production of testosterone, human growth hormone, and fat-burning hormones.

Isolated exercises are incorporated to help keep the exercises constantly evolving, new and fresh. This is essential in keeping you and your body from plateauing throughout the program. Supersets and giant sets are prominent in the program as well, furthering the intensity of MP45.

The cardio portion

This is a new form of cardiovascular training that involves some high intensity interval training (HIIT) where according to research, taking part in sprint-based exercises helps in burning about nine times fat and calories that some traditional steady state cardio.

Slow cardio’s do not provide good and real results for example jogging at a slow pace cannot be considered more affective than walking since if often results in little or close to no increase in aerobic capacity, fat burning potential, anaerobic capacity, v02 max, fat oxidation and basal metabolic rate. The use of these exercises increases the fat and calories percentage lost in a more efficient and effective period of time.

The MP45 program is more affective when both the strength training and the cardio training methodologies are used in conjunction which makes the program more likable and better that many other programs.

The nutrition plan

MP45 comes with an extremely detailed but easy to follow nutrition program in conjunction with the work out plans. It involves meals rich in lean proteins, complex carbs and health fats which are eaten in small amounts but frequently that is after every two to three hours.

They also provide a grocery list of some of the healthiest and best ingredients for example eggs, fish, grilled chicken, fruits, cottage cheese and vegetables. “cheat meals” are also included in the program which sometimes help in ramping up the body metabolism so that the body will continually burn fat and calories throughout the body.

The nutrition plan is not meant to deprive you of your favorite things to eat but is meant to help you in getting in track which leads to a healthier eating routine and leading a healthier life style. In addition, a digital guide on nutrition for the program to use as a reference and to be read before the beginning of the MP45 program is provided and describes the meal and snack plan for each day.

Also, a very detailed and comprehensive document that explains the whys behind the nutrition aspect of the program is provided to those wishing to begin the program.

MP45 For Women

Women fitness under the MP45 program comprises of seven phases


This is usually the first week of the program where the trainer usually begins using some simple workouts which are mainly machine assisted. This phase gets the body ready for the upcoming forty-five days exercise program and acts as the proper foundation.

The progressive approach helps with ease during the program so that you and your body do not feel over whelmed especially for those who have not worked out recently before joining the program. Before some advanced exercises are introduced, a mix of weight lifting and cardio exercises are undertaken so that the body can feel more motivated and energized for better continuation into the program.

Phases 2 & 3 – BUILD THE BASE

The second and third phases usually comprise undertaking of traditional cardio exercises workouts that help in stimulating the aerobic system which help in burning of calories and body fats.

To build a strong muscular foundation, weight lifting workouts that are mainly focused on correcting muscular imbalances are undertaken. With the exercises, the body increases in fat and energy alongside burning excess fat and calories.


This phase is mainly focused on developing toned muscles and developing lean and at the same time maximizing loss of body fats through a combination of weight lifting workouts and sprint based cardio workouts. During this phase, a visible sliming of the body in places that were previously covered by a layer of unnecessary body fats in presented.

Phases 6 & 7 – THE FINAL PHASE

This is usually the final stage and the last two weeks in the MP45 program. Now that you have reached this phase, you have trained your mind and body to handle the most intense and advanced exercise sessions in the program. The final phases will focus on burning fat.

You can finally show off the lean muscles and defined body that you worked so hard to develop during the program’s first five weeks. In this phase, you will begin to see an impressive drop in body fat. After these final two weeks, the program will be completed and you will look and feel better than ever before.

MP45 Program For Men

The MP45 program in men comprises four phases that are distributed among the seven weeks and are as follows:


The MP45 program for male beginner starts off with some beginner gym workouts since the program is based off a gradual progressive approach so you won’t feel overwhelmed when you begin the training.

During this phase, some minor adjustments are made to the normal routine which improve the excitement and motivation to lead a healthier life and go to the gym more often than you would on normal days. After this first week, the training will become a little more intense as you advance through the weeks.


Since the body is a bit adjusted to the MP45 routine, some traditional cardio work outs are introduced which increases the body’s aerobic and anaerobic system and helps in burning of body fat.

Weight lifting is also introduced to help in building strong muscular bases since they mainly focus on correcting muscular imbalances. During this stage, there is noticeable increase in energy, strength and loss of body fats.


The central nervous system is highly involved in the lean muscle activation. This phase Focuses on the activation of the central nervous system in order to create a systematic process of packing on of lean muscle mass and at the same time maximizing loss of fat through a combination of body building workouts and sprint-based workouts.

At this point, you can finally see your muscles taking shape in places that were previously covered a stubborn layer of unnecessary body fat.


When reaching this phase, you have progressed your mind and body to handle athletic-based workouts. You are now ready to experience the most intense and advanced exercise sessions in this program.

You will focus on putting fat burning in overdrive by carving out the lean muscle that you worked hard to develop for the first 5 weeks of the program. During this phase, you will begin to see a dramatic drop in body fat; in fact, more so than ever before. After these final two weeks, the program will be complete and you will look and feel better than ever.

MP45 Program For Athletes

The MP45 program in athletes comprises four phases that are distributed among the seven weeks and are as follows:


The beginner athletes are introduced to the MP45 program with beginner athlete workouts since the program is based on a gradual progressive work out methodology which keeps you and your body from feeling over whelmed when you begin the MP45 program.

You will be welcomed by small changes in your routine. Your internal motivation will increase as you grow excited with how you are feeling from the workouts and the meals. After this first week, the athletic training will begin to increase in intensity as you move forward.


In this phase, you will be introduced to traditional cardio workouts to increase your aerobic system. This will begin to shred fat and advance your overall athleticism.

Additionally, you will build up a defined muscular base through strength training workouts designed for correcting muscular imbalances. You will experience a true increase in muscle mass, energy stabilization, fat loss, and athletic ability.


Here, you will be igniting your central nervous system, creating an ability to pack on lean mass muscle while at the same time continuing to maximize fat loss. This is done through combining bodybuilding and sprint-based workouts. Now your muscles will truly begin to shine with powerful definition.


This is it! Get ready to excel. Now that you are here, your body and your mind are prepared to handle the most intense, most powerful athletic-based workouts of the MP45 program. The workouts and meal plans of this phase will push your fat shredding into hyperdrive. You will build upon your tone, lean, muscular, athletic definition from the first 5 weeks of the program. Be prepared for a decrease in body fat to complete your overall empowering athleticism. Your performance will show it.

Advantages of the MP45 program

The main advantage of the MP45 program is that you get 418 pages document containing the diet, training information and the program itself. It also uses High intensity interval training (HIST) and High intensity Stimulating training (HIST) cardio which are the most effective methods of burning body fats and also uses a lot of compound exercises.

The diet plan is also descent. In addition, the user does not require any prior training are support to get started with the program but instead you just need to follow the instructions on the user manual. Also, the use of machines helps in engaging most parts of the body hence giving a complete workout and the user have control over the resistance levels and the speed of their exercise and can switch from one exercise to another easily.

It also allows for both males and female of any age to use it since it is available in different weight capacities. It also provides friction less performance thus eliminating the risk of injury.

The MP45 program also increases the ability to lift heavier weights which improves on bone density and increases strength of muscles, tendons and body connective tissues which help in improving the flexibility of the body.

Disadvantages of the MP45 program

The main disadvantage of the MP45 plan is that is pretty expensive price since with $97 and that MAY be a bit high for some. The stipulated time that is the 45 days period is not enough time to get sufficient and significant results.

They do not have a hard copy document for their program and this may not be a disadvantage to some but for security, hard drives are easily affected by viruses and having a hard copy may be very useful during such circumstances.

Although you can still do it at home, it requires so may machines that can only be accessed in the gym. You might get some decent results ad-libbing at home but you won’t get the full effect without the gym.

Lessons learned during the MP45 program

At the end of the MP45 day program, apart from the full 45 days workout and nutritional diet plan obtained, other lessons include:

The knowledge that you do not require hundreds of grams of protein filled foods per day and vegetarian body builders usually have some of the best bodies in the world which is the reason why creatures like sharks consistently eat fatty creatures and still remain so lean but you cannot. Why diet and squats are much more essential than actual abdominal exercises for body building and why calories usually do not matter as much as the food intake.

You learn some of the best exercises for muscle growth and it is very important to know that if you keep going to the gym and still do not gain any strength then that is a waste of time. How eating “cheat meals” that are rich in calorie foods actually helps in gaining strength and energy while lack of calories could actually put on more fat to the body. That must reach failure, but your definition of failure and mine are on completely opposite ends of the spectrum.

Why creating the proper hormonal environment in your body is more important than the hours you spend in the gym? How to implement the Minimum Effective Dose to stimulate the most muscle. How to break out of plateaus by simply using this one tiny trick in the gym. What foods to eat at specific times of the day to burn fat. How to stimulate more muscle fibers during all of your exercises.

How to build functional strength for your sport. What your pre and post workout meals should be. How to cut down your cardio time while burning more fat in the process. How to make your workouts shorter, more effective, and more efficient. The rep and set range you need to use for the most muscle gains. The easiest way to set up your nutrition to burn fat around the clock. How to find your daily calorie needs based upon your own body type.

How many days to train and how many muscle groups to do at once. How, what, and when to eat to gain muscle and lose the pounds. How many workouts a week is best for losing fat and gaining muscle. How to gain strength on your bench press, squat, and deadlift (and other exercises) every single week. How to increase testosterone and natural human growth hormone levels naturally. The two anabolic times of the day to eat for muscle without putting on fat.

The truth about what it takes to build muscle and burn fat at the same time. What types of carbohydrates you should eat and in what amounts to stay lean? How much protein to eat per day to build muscle and not gain fat. What your daily proportion of protein/carbohydrates/fats should be. What your pre-bedtime meal should be to stay anabolic while sleeping. How to incorporate cheat meals to boost fat burning. The most important times to take protein. How to set up your weight lifting and cardio routine to maximize fat loss.

The absolute best protein, carb, and fat sources and how much to eat. And much more! You will become an expert in training and nutrition and you will be able to teach your family, friends, teammates, and colleagues the ropes to get their bodies in shape like you will do over these next 45 days.

Conclusion: MP45 Review

In conclusion, the MP45 program is an effective and easy to use program depending on the level of commitment. Its ease is brought about by the fact that the MP45 application can be downloaded in to the computer or smart phone hence you can easily follow the routines from anywhere with convenience.

The program is equipped with man incredible resources that are innovative and trustworthy. The program being worth ninety seven dollars is a bit expensive but you do get a lot of materials from this program.

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The services from this program can also be accessible at a cheaper price from other facilities but the quality and effectiveness of services acquired is definitely worth the price since it helps you grow athletic muscles faster; keeps you lean and leaves you having adapted to a much healthier life style.

If workout isn’t really your thing, perhaps check out The Snake Diet.

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