Neocell Collagen Review: Is It Worth The Hype?

By: Jenny Lynn | Date: May 10, 2021
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Neocell Collagen Review

Collagen supplements have been popping all over our local shops and drugstores. It might be intimidating what to get with all the endless choices. Good thing, I am here to help you with your woes in choosing the right collagen supplements for you. So, let me introduce to you another collagen supplement; here is my Neocell Collagen review.

If you’ve been reading my previous reviews about collagen supplements, you know how it works and how it will benefit your body, especially if you are at the prime of your age. Neocell is one of the coveted collagen supplements that you need to know.

Here is my Neocell Collagen review; we will get into deep how the collagen supplement works. What are the ingredients, its benefits, and even its side effects. We will get to investigate the nitty-gritty of the product and will find out if this is going to be worth your money.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start my Neocell Collagen review!

What Is Neocell Collagen?

Neocell Collagen is a collagen supplement created by NeoCell. It is a nutrition company that delivers supplements for health and wellness. They have an array of collagen products that have different specifications that can cater to the users' needs. The company claims that they use BioACtive Neocell collagen that makes their supplements better and can promote wellness and beauty.

The Neocell company has been around for years and is considered one of the pioneers of collagen supplements. They’ve been supplying supplements to retailers and whole food stores to give you naturally-based products.

Why Use Neocell Collagen?

Neocell is from a reputable company that sells many collagen supplements. All of their products are natural and will help your skin and joints. The collagen in their products are types 1,2 and 3 responsible for making your joints, skin, nails, hair, and ligaments healthy and well-functioned.

Neocell has many products that you can choose from, and the packaging of their products is environmentally friendly because it is made from post-consumer products. You might wonder why they don’t expand too much because they want to focus on where they are good, and that is collagen products and supplements.

Neocell has won many awards when it comes to wellness and beauty from their collagen supplements and products. No wonder it is considered one of the best collagen supplements in the market today.

How Does Neocell Collagen Works?

Collagen supplements have clinical studies that give positive results to users. Like any dietary supplements, it rarely shows any side effects, so these supplements are worth trying. Even if people experience some side effects, it won’t be permanent as it will go away when your body is already used to it.

Collagen supplements aren't the first source of collagen because we are having it in our diets because we eat fish, bone marrow, and connective tissues from animals. Time has changed, though, because as we live busy lives, we tend to get the proper nutrition from the food we eat, that’s why collagen supplements like Neocell can give us the right amount of collagen we need to keep our skin, nails, joints, and hair as healthy as it can be.

You might wonder why Vitamin C is included in the collagen ingredient because it is vital for collagen production. Neocell has ingredients that will help in the absorption and can utilize the effects of the supplements.

Neocell works diligently, but it isn’t perfect because having the proper nutrients from the food we eat and having a balanced diet is still the way to go. Collagen supplements are just there to supplement the inadequacy but not a full-frontal solution.

Neocell Collagen Ingredients


Neocell’s primary ingredient is collagen, and there are several types of collagen that you can find in Neocell. There is puro collagen, its supporting ingredients like Vitamin C.

Neocell Collagen is made for everyone as it is free of gluten, yeast, wheat, starch, and no artificial flavors. However, the supplement has what they called naturally occurring sulfite residue. The type of collagen used in Neocell is called hydrolyzed collagen because the collagen that we know is not an ideal protein to use by the body because it is an amino acid.

The hydrolyzed collagen used in Neocell will be beneficial to our skin, nails and hair, and even joints.

Here are the types of collagen that you can get from Neocell:

Type 2 Collagen

  • It is used for joint aid and relief
  • Chicken Collagen is a Type 2 because it has chondroitin and glucosamine that helps support joints.

Type 1 and 3

  • It is known as bovine collagen.
  • Beef collagen is commonly used in supplements.
  • Marine collagen uses tilapia fish scales.
  • Fish collagen is sometimes used that contains hydroxyproline, proline, and glycine.

Benefits Of Neocell Collagen


Neocell, like any other collagen, has many benefits.

Here are the benefits that you can get:

It Can Improve Blood Circulation

Using Neocell Collagen will help strengthen your blood vessels. When you have stronger and elastic blood vessels, the spider veins that you have will be reduced. You will also have brighter and clearer skin because of the increase in your blood circulation.

It Can Support The Heart

Neocell Collagen has proline, which is the component of collagen that can help release fatty buildup inside the arteries. It will help relax the blood vessels that will benefit your heart health.

The collagen supplement also has vitamin C that can help with the arteries and even prevent arteriosclerosis.

It Can Help Skin Elasticity

When you use Neocell Collagen, your skin elasticity will improve, and your skin will be more toned. As we age, we all know that our skin ages too and loses its elasticity, and can even result in cellulite.

It Can Improve Joints

One of the signs of aging is the weakening of joints. When you take Neocell collagen, it will help stimulate your tissue and can even promote new growth of your cartilages and joints.

It Can Help Repair Tissue Damage

Arthritis is one of the problems of people young and old. You will get at ease in mobility and movement when you take Neocell because it has Type 2 collagen. Its benefits can strengthen your tendons, ligaments, cartilages, and bones. If you are an athlete, it will significantly benefit you because it can help you recover from sports-related injuries.

It Can Aid Digestion

If you have digestion problems, some studies suggest that collagen will help your digestive health. However, it is not the sole reason why people take collagen, just an additional benefit that people can get in taking the supplements.

Collagen can help with the repair and smoothen the intestinal wall and help balance your stomach's flora. You will be able to feel relief whenever you have irritable bowel syndrome, reflux, and other digestive issues.

It Can Reduce Wrinkles

The main reason why collagen is popular is that its ability to reduce wrinkles and improve your skin. It can retain moisture to the skin to help reduce the roughness and even increase its elasticity and make it toner.

Collagen will also prevent and reduce stretch marks when you take high levels.

It Can Improve Hair and Nails

Hair and nails become brittle as a sign of a decrease in collagen production in our body. When you take collagen-like Neocell, you will be able to make your hair and nails stronger. It will correct your weakened nail beds and will decrease hair fall.

Side Effects Of Neocell

Neocell is considered safe to take. However, since people have different body composition, not everyone can have a smooth ride when taking collagen supplements as you can experience some side effects.

Some people may experience side effects such as skin rash, nausea, bloating, and even digestion issues. Others experience increased blood pressure, and some also had hypercalcemia which is when you have too much calcium in the body that can result in joint pains and fatigue.

How To Take Neocell Collagen?

Neocell collagen is easy to take, and you can see its direction on the packaging. You only need to take six tablets in a day. You can take it twice, like 3 in the morning and another 3 in the afternoon.

If you feel like tablets isn’t for you, you can choose powdered or chewable forms of collagen too.

How Much Is Neocell Collagen?

Neocell collagen costs $19.49 and has 120 tablets per bottle that is good for 20 servings. There are different sizing options of the supplements, so there will be different prices depending on what you want to buy.

The product can be purchased online or in stores, and the prices may vary. The refund of the product will depend on where you bought it because their policies will be different from one another.

Final Thoughts

final thoughts

As you can see on my Neocell collagen review, the collagen supplement is a fantastic product. No wonder it has received good reviews.

I like that the product can help its user to have healthy skin and has many benefits that will benefit your overall health. You also won’t have any problem purchasing the product as it can be bought online and in your local stores. I think the only thing that I don’t like about it since it can be purchase everywhere is that the customer service may not be so excellent and can reflect on the product no matter how good it is.

Neocell collagen is a good product that you can try, especially when you are new to collagen supplements.