Noom Review: BEWARE Before You Download The App!

By: Jenny Lynn | Date: January 12, 2020
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Is Noom just another weight loss app?

How is it different than other weight loss programs out there?

Most importantly, is Noom's app right for you?

Find out in this Noom Review!

BTW, if we haven't met yet. My name's Jenny ?. Thanks for stopping by. I've struggled with my weight from a very young age.

I first realized I was overweight at a second-grade pizza pool party. Everyone else tummies seemed flat except for mine.

So the battle began! 

And I've been at war with my weight for years. At war in my head, at war in my heart, and at war with what my hands keep trying to shovel into my face.

You get it. You're probably shouting, "SAME"! Like you've tried every pill, plan, weight loss program, and/or procedure on the Internet.

So is Noom's weight loss app finally the answer you've been waiting for? Will it help you win the weight loss war for good?

It's definitely one of the top two on my list!

Whether you choose Noom's app or my other favorite app just comes down to personality.

If you're more introverted like me and into a private coaching experience, Noom's probably the best weight loss app.

If you're more extroverted, then I think you'll like LadyBoss' app better.

However, I will say that even though I'm introverted, I still like LadyBoss' a pinch better because it pushed me to get out of my comfort zone.

It really comes down to your personal preference because they both offer similar features.

It's just that one is more private accountability driven (Noom), and the other is more public accountability driven (LadyBoss).

For some reason, I've found that the group/public accountability model seems to motivate me more than one-on-one private coaching.

That's that bottom line.

Go for it. Take massive action, and don't look back. Results are 10% knowledge and 90% behavior.

You got this!

Why Enroll In A Weight Loss Program?

Why Enroll In A Weight Loss Program

long ago, a report released by the health organization revealed that the number of people struggling with excessive weight is alarming. In the US alone, the condition affects both the young and the adults. When it comes to weight and management, experts usually use the body mass index to determine if one is fit or not. If your BMI surpasses the official figure, which is 19-25, then you are deemed to be overweight.

There are many risks associated with having excess weight. Talk of diabetes, forexample. In the recent past, these weight-related conditions have taken many lives. The fantastic thing is that the relevant government bodies, in collaboration with the relevant authorities, have made it their duty to educate people on the importance of keeping fit.

Before you even enroll in a weight-loss program, the first thing you need to know is the reason behind your excessive weight. You need to know what’s causing excessive weight or belly fat. Often, fitness coaches insist that people’s lifestyles are behind excessive weight. Well, that’s self-explanatory.

Today, individuals are busy out there trying to make ends meet at the cost of their bodies. They rarely find time to watch over themselves. In such a setting, the kids appear in the picture as they also end up feeding on unhealthy diets and never have an active lifestyle.

If you have tried losing weight, you understand how difficult it’s to shed even a single pound. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. You have probably seen success stories of individuals who have dropped incredible amounts of weight within a short time-frame, and you are left wondering how that is even possible.

Well, all that is needed is a perfect strategy. If you did a shallow digging over the internet, you would realize that most platforms are always talking about sweating your way into the gym as the only sure way to lose weight. By following the right procedures, you can cut and incredible weight and shape within no time.

But, one thing to remember is that gym sessions don’t reveal results unless combined with a proper diet. Also, another thing to note is that not everyone is a gym person. Most individuals have busy schedules to the point that they can’t even find 30 minutes to hit the gym floor.

The fantastic thing is that there are other weight-loss plans. For instance, those morning runs and walks can help a lot when it comes to keeping fit. Also, you can’t ignore the power of things such as yoga and meditation. Also, watching what you eat plays a crucial role in defining what you are on the outside.

Thanks to the advancements in tech, today, we have smartphones. Who would have that there would come a time when you would have a mobile application, and that guides you on what you consume.

Of course, no one saw that coming.

But, here we are with countless mobile applications that help you organize your meal plans based on what you wish to achieve weight wise. Noom weight loss app is one of the few select mobile applications that have been making waves in the weight-loss platform.

You would ask why, and here is a review of everything that you ought to know regarding Noom.

What Is Noom?

What Is Noom

As said early in our Noom Review, the process of losing weight is one thing that can be challenging. Most affected persons, if not all, find it hard to shed even a single pound. Now and then, you will come across endless mobile applications promising to help people with weight loss.

The truth is that most of these apps contain written theories, which are difficult to translate into practice. As professionals always say, these apps should be more of a friend, or you can tell a fitness coach to walk along with you during the transition.

With that said and done, it means that it’s upon you to put in more work to accomplish what you want with your body shape and weight.

Thankfully, the Noom Weight loss plan is trying hard to change that perception regarding weight loss plans. With the introduction of this fantastic mobile app, people are now slowly changing their belief about weight loss.

They now believe that it’s achievable and even quick when such a mobile application is introduced.

A simple search over the internet, you will learn that most platforms refer to this mobile application as the last weight-loss program you will ever require.

According to the app’s website, having the app installed on your platform is like having a fitness guru, nutritionist, and health professional in the palm of your hand.

The fact you install the app on your smartphone means that you will always have it all along. This availability has, in return, resulted in more success.

However, Noom application has managed to take a step further, separating itself from the other apps in the market. As said earlier, most mobile apps focus on non-proven theories. But, when it comes to this fantastic app, the primary focus is on behavioral changes.

With the application, you will get to know what meals are good to eat. The mobile app rates the foods on a scale using the colors green, yellow, and red to rate the meals.

As opposed to most applications, this mobile application works by not instilling fear around certain foods. Instead, it takes an educational plan helping its users understand how they can come up with rich meal plans.

What I find annoying about most diet applications that they will dictate you to avoid individual meals over others without giving clear explanations. Well, with Noom, you will have an idea of why a specific meal is recommended over the other. When it comes to losing weight, especially, information is vital.

Thankfully, with this application, you will be encouraged to read tidbits regarding healthy practices. You can go ahead and work on the quiz given after reading the healthy tips.

For starters, the application may sound like a hell of a task, especially when it comes to the quizzes. Who has that time to read and take the quizzes? Of course, no one has extra time dealing with such, especially when the quizzes are unhelpful.

Most people are much occupied to the point that they rarely find time to even go through their mail. But, you can never ignore how effective the reading can end up. The info you gather here could be the key to a successful and sustained weight loss journey.

So, you must be willing to make some sacrifices, and that means allowing some reading time.

What Is Included In The App’s Education Elements?

Noom Education

By now, you understand that the educational elements included in this mobile application are essential. Now, the question remains, what’s contained in the app’s reading guide. The truth is that the mobile app contains almost everything that you ought to know when starting your weight loss program.

If you are also interested in tricks to boost your physical activities, the application has every info you need along the way. When talking about weight loss programs, communication is the secret to everything. Well, on this program, that isn’t a problem as you are in a position to get all the support and feedback you require, especially from the other individuals in the program.

There are over 45 million users on mobile application. You can initiate a conversation with individuals in a group and hold real-time discussions. You may never know the power of these real-time conversations until you find yourself in a platform that offers the opportunity. The fact that you can engage with individuals that share the same goals as you increase the chances of achieving.

You can easily find individuals in the group who share the same weight loss challenges as you. Some of these fellows may have gained a thing or two and is willing to share with you how they made that possible. Also, sharing your real-time journey helps much when it comes to motivation; most of the members in the groups will always encourage you to do better. They will always encourage you never to give up, and that’s the secret to a successful transition.

If you thought the educational elements were everything, then you are yet to experience the health and wellness coaches provided on the platform. I mean, who does that? The application provides users with health and fitness coaches. They don’t just bring any coach. Instead, they ensure that the hired coaches are certified by the relevant authorities. But, you must understand that the certification doesn’t mean that the coaches are trained pros like dieticians or trainers.

How About Rewards?

Rewards and success go in handy. They act as motivation as the individual rewarded usually feel appreciated for the excellent work. Well, the application understands the power of rewards. It’s for this reason that they reward their users and who change their behaviors. This small deed, among loads of info given on the app, makes the app useful when it comes to long-term success.

How To Get Started With Noom Weight Loss App

Noom Weight Loss App Coach

When it comes to weight loss journey, most of the programs you find online focus on giving weight-loss guidelines and info that one may require. However, they fail to understand that info isn’t everything that one requires. You need a pro to walk you through this challenging journey. You need people who share the same goals as you. It’s at this juncture that the application’s groups come in handy.

Earlier in our Noom Review we said Noom focuses on behavioral approaches when it comes to weight loss. The founders believe that behavioral strategies are the trick to helping your body achieve healthier habits.

So, how does one get started with the mobile application? As many people would say, getting started with this mobile application is a walk in the park. It doesn’t have to be difficult, as many individuals may make it sound.

Thanks to the advancements in tech, with the mobile application, everything now has to be done online and using that smartphone or tablet you hold daily. The registration process is quite simple as you follow a systematic guide. As it is with most mobile applications as Noom, you start everything by creating a personal diet profile.

When creating the profile, you will be asked several questions, which help in getting a better idea of how much weight you would like to lose.

Also, the same questions may help point out the health issues you might be having. It’s through the questions asked that the app determines what you have been eating and how long it will cost to achieve your weight goals.

Some of the obvious questions you are likely to be asked while getting started include;

  • Goal weight
  • Age
  • Diets you have tried
  • Whether you are diabetic
  • Activity levels
  • Back issues
  • The risk of certain diseases
  • Your daily schedule
  • What food do you eat?
  • Do you eat out mostly?
  • Your place of residence
  • Have you used antibiotics recently?

Once you answer all the questions as asked, the application uses an algorithm to help come up with a meal plan, tailor-made for you. Isn’t that amazing? Well, that’s just a hunch of the many things that the app has to offer if you decide to enroll.

With the info you give while getting started, the application will tell you the exact number of calories you should consume to reach your weight goals.

The fantastic thing about the mobile app is that it does not only tell you how many calories you should consume, but it goes ahead and dictates the type of meals you should eat to reach your goals. With the set goals, it becomes much easy to succeed using the mobile application.

When it comes to weight loss, having a personal coach is one of the best investments you can ever make. These fitness coaches understand what they do and can walk along with you towards your success. However, we can both agree that having a personal coach doesn’t come cheaply.

They charge a fee, which many people can’t afford. The good thing about Noom is that you get to meet your coach once you complete your profile. You had the opportunity to work one-on-one with the coach over the coming weeks.

With a personal coach at your disposal, you free to begin the weight loss journey. The app offers a daily checklist. You need a reminder for what you should be doing day to day and stay on track while looking forward to making a personal change. The daily checklist includes things such as;

  • Your daily tracking reminder
  • Meal eating reminder
  • Goals setting
  • Daily weigh-in

As said earlier, what you consume plays a significant role in determining your physical appearance. It’s for this reason that most fitness applications incorporate both working out and diets. When it comes to nutrition, you will never be disappointed when using Noom.

The mobile application is ranked among the top as it contains one of the biggest food databases in the world. The app has the exact database that you need to make healthy eating choices.

After creating your profile, you will have access to the food database. The app usually categorizes the meals in three colors. There are green foods, yellow foods, and red foods. As the colors suggest, green foods are the ones that you should consume freely.

The yellow foods comprise of the meals that you should eat with moderation. The red meals in the database consist of those meals that you should eat with moderation.

Having a food database that is categorized as per the colors is more than helpful. With the categories given, it becomes much easier to learn the calorie content of the meals one consumes. It’s recommended that you stick to the meals marked as green. By doing so, your calorie levels will remain low for the day.

If you consume red foods, the content will be much higher. I find the food database much helpful as it makes things easy when it comes to male planning. You will have a clear blueprint to follow. Once you stick to the list, your calorie tracking will be at ease.

Noom’s Nutrition Philosophy

Noom nutrition

As said earlier, Noom is one of the few weight loss apps, and that focus on theories that can be put into practice. As opposed to most apps related to the field, the pieces of info included in the app are based on the idea of calorie density.

As per the app, low-calorie food refers to types of foods that contain fewer calories or the weight of a given meal. The app has a broad food database, which is categorized into three colors; green, yellow, and red. The color label is what indicates the amount of food you should eat. For instance, it would be best if you stick to green foods.

However, the app doesn’t scare you from consuming the foods marked as red. Instead, they encourage users to consume food sparingly. According to the team behind the app, no food is off the table.

Who Is Behind Noom Weight Loss Program?

about noom

By now, you know almost everything regarding the weight loss program. But, one question remains, “who is the guy behind this successful mobile application?” If you are a keen follower of the world of tech, then you have probably come across the name Saeju Jeong. He is a prominent individual in the world tech development.

Well, he made it the limelight after the introduction of Noom, where he serves as the founder, as well as the CEO.

Within a short time frame, this app by Saeju has grown to become one of the most downloaded apps across the globe, both on IOs and Android. As a mobile diabetes prevention app, Noom was the first virtual health provider to be certified by the CDC. Such achievements can be said to be made possible by the mastermind himself, Saeju. The CEO spearheaded the raising of not less than $100 million from the likes of RRE Ventures, Samsung Ventures, Scrum Ventures, and TransLink Capital, to mention a few. With sufficient funding, Saeju and his team have managed to grow the application into one of the most preferred mobile health coaching. The app focuses on fighting pre-chronic and chronic conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, and obesity.

Apart from the funding and the successful CEO, Noom is known for hiring only the best of the best in the sector. Onboard, you will find world-class medical experts and distinguished researchers such as Youngin Paul Kim, Kitt Farr, and Andreas Michaelides. The three experts work in close collaboration with respectable nutritionists and dieticians who ensure that the food database is updated regularly. The updates are based on proven nutrition facts and the latest meal options.

Who Is This App For?

Who Is This App For

The question about who this mobile application is for sound so general. This is because the app favors everyone. Whether you are, you’re young or old. This app is for you. When it comes to weight loss, most programs focus on men forgetting the women in the equation. Well, for Noom, you don’t have to worry about your gender. Remember, the application starts by asking a few personal questions. Well, the answers you provide are what help come up with a meal plan that should help you achieve your weight loss goals. Additionally, the app gives you the anticipated time-frame, that’s when you are expected to complete your set weight goals and shape.

Apart from the gender and staff, the app is meant for anyone who has the will and power to shed weight. Remember, the weight loss journey asks for discipline and commitment. Therefore, if you aren’t the type that can heed to simple instructions, don’t expect the application to work black magic. Also, you must be willing to part with a few dollars for the registration. However, you must know that every penny you spend is worth it.

According to the app’s site, this app is meant for anyone out there who is almost giving up on the weight loss journey because of the frustrations triggered by the fake apps. The app is the key to that bodyweight that you always desire. Therefore, if you have been out there juggling between different weight loss apps, I can tell you for free that this should be your ultimate solution. You won’t regret the outcome.

Is Noom Safe To Use?

Is Noom Safe To Use

It wouldn't be a Noom review if we didnt talk about some of the negatives. With the many risks associated with excessive weight, most people are willing to do anything, as long as it promises to shed some weight. The dying love for keeping fit has seen most affected people fall prey to fake programs.

Some have even gone to the extent of consuming risky medications, which exposes them to risks afterward. The fantastic thing is that people are now aware of the con programs. Thus, they take their time to research applications or medications before spending their hard-earned money on the items. It’s better to be safe than end up in regrets.

When it comes to safety, you can say that there are no risks involved with using Noom. The program is considered to be the best option for any individual looking for a long-term fix. The mobile equipment works by giving you the skills you need to work on your weight even after you have achieved your target body weight.

The program is much recommended for the individuals who don’t wish to attend the in-person meeting aimed at improving their weight.

Back in 2019, a study was initiated to point out the effectiveness of this amazing weight loss app. According to the report filed, about 78% of the individuals who used the app experienced positive results within a time-frame of nine months.

However, further research is needed to ascertain that the program is indeed the best. But, you can carry on with the program bearing in mind that there are no risks involved. As long as you stick to the guides given, you should be able to witness the anticipated results within the expected period.

How Is Noom Different From Other Weight Loss Programs?

Many people assume that Noom app has gained momentum based on the fact that it’s new in the market. Well, that can’t be a sufficient reason now that the app has been there for almost a decade. The application has managed to maintain the prominence because of the fresh content it gives.

As compared to most fitness programs in the industry, Noom tends to focus much on the education bit while focusing on behavioral changes.

As it’s the case, most programs focus on logging food and exercises. Well, that may work, but can never be effective as when using the approach utilized by Noom. The app equips one with the knowledge and skills needed to change habits in a lasting way.

Besides, the app gives you a coach once you sign up. Imagine, who does that? Some people may argue that including the coach makes the app expensive. But, you can’t ignore the fact that hiring a personal coach is much more costly.

But, with the app, you have all these resources come in handy at a slashed cost. Also, the platform allows interaction with other users, a thing that is never there with the other applications.

The fact that you can engage with the other users, as well as the experts on the app, makes your weight loss journey smooth. The two can act as a source of motivation and guide you professionally when you find yourself cornered.


When it comes shopping for the right weight loss program, one thing that determines your selection is the price tag. How much does it cost to sign up for the Noom weight loss program?

The lowest monthly plan charges around $59. Besides, you can opt to register for the annual membership, which costs around $199. The yearly membership is considerable, especially when compared to competitors such as Weight Watchers.

If you are looking forward to shedding about 20 pounds or something close to that, it would be best if you chose the 2-month plan, which costs $99. If you fail to achieve your target, you can then pay another $99 to continue enjoying the program.

Most people may argue that the program is much expensive. Well, when examined from the outward, it is. But, when you take some time to evaluate the many benefits that come with joining the bandwagon, you will find the plans considerable.

You can’t ignore the fact that you will be having a lifestyle coach, dieticians, and a vast food database at the palm of your hand. If you know the cost of hiring these professionals, then you can agree that the price set is worth every penny.

If you happen to work in an organization that offers a wellness and health program, there is a way you can enjoy a slash in price. You can speak with your company’s big heads to consider this application. The platform will be more than glad to give you financial incentives whenever you get the app via your place of work.

Pros Of Using Noom

Easy to use

Getting started with most mobile applications can be a hell of a task. First, you are never sure of where to begin in the first place. Most platforms fail terribly when it comes to establishing a user interface. Well, that’s never the case when it comes to Noom. This mobile application is known for its straightforward interface.

One thing that you will find interesting about the application is that once you sign up, you will find it easy to from one page to another. All this is made possible even with the many elements included in this mobile application.

According to the app developers, the app is easy to use even for individuals who have zero knowledge about the world of tech. therefore, if you find it hard working with different weight loss applications, this should be your only solution.

Everything is online

Thanks to the internet, today, many things are now possible. Noom has embraced everything that the internet has to offer. The app has helped change the perception has to be hard. Also, you no longer have to walk in a special classroom or anything to pursue your weight goals. With the app, the classrooms are brought to the palm of your hands. You only need a connection to the internet to make all these things possible. The fact that everything is accessed online means that you get to exercise or establish goals at your convenience.

Everything is based on research

There is nothing that feels amazing than knowing that you are signed up on a program that is backed up by scientific research and science. Noom is an application that bases its ideas on proven facts and science. The team there invests heavily in health experts and researchers.

The experts spend sleepless nights studying different foods and their impact on one’s weight and health. Besides, there are dieticians onboard and who help with analyzing the meal plans, which they later issue. With the team, it becomes much easy to come up with a working strategy that’s hard to resist.

Tailor-made plans

Another thing that you may like about Noom is the fact that the diet plans aren’t generalized. Most platforms are known to offer workout and meal plans generally. That’s, they never target a specific person. When it comes to Noom, you get a plan that suits you exactly.

After registering on the platform, you will be asked several questions related to your eating. The answers you give help to come up with a fitness program and the period you are expected to achieve your goals.

It’s not a one-time fix

Shedding of excessive weight isn’t a thing that you pursue for that specific period. It’s a thing that you would wish lasted for good. Unfortunately, that’s never the case with most mobile applications.

Most of the applications available in the market offer a solution for a specific time. But, they fail to offer a remedy that can serve you even in the future. What Noom does is that it equips one with knowledge plus the skills needed to take care of the body even in the coming days.

Once you are done with the program, you will be ready to take care of your weight in the future.

Contains a vast food database

Imagine all the food that is there around your locality or even the world at large. With the number, you can tell that coming up with a working meal plan can be a hell of a task. Remember, you have got to come up with meal combinations derived from the food database. The amazing thing about Noom is that it provides users with one of the largest food databases that you can ever find. The foods are marked in either color green, red, and yellow. These are the colors that you use to dictate the number of times you should consume a specific meal. With the database, it’s much easy to create a feeding plan that matches your weight goals.

Has reminders

Often, individuals may end forgetting their diet plans based on busy schedules. Well, when it comes to Noom, there is no room for forgetting as the app has reminders to help you remember when it’s time to eat or exercise, and what you should consume.

Works on most smart devices

When it comes to finding the best weight loss app, it’s best to consider that one program that works on close platforms. You don’t need a device that doesn’t favor your Android device.

The good thing about Noom is that it works on almost all smartphones and tablets. Therefore, you won’t experience any trouble running the app using any of the devices that you may be using.

Has a 2-week free trial period

Free trials are vital as they help a user study an application before going in fully. Well, when it comes to Noom, you will have a 2-week free trial, which is more than enough time to determine if the app is worth your money or not.

Connect with your community

There is nothing that feels amazing than having a connection with the people out there who share the same purpose as you. When it comes to Noom, you get a connection with people out there who are in the process of losing weight.

These users can share their weight loss journey with you, and in return, the stories can act as a motivation to the challenge ahead. Besides, you can use the connection with the community as a learning ground whenever you feel lost during the process.

Remember, there will always be someone out there who may have undergone the same trouble as you.

Disadvantages Of Using Noom


As said earlier, you will have to part with around $60 per month to access what’s inside Noom. However, you can’t ignore the fact that the package comes with plenty of amazing deals.

Imagine with the $59 you pay, and you get access to a personal coach, refined food database, and plenty of new info related to diet.

Everything is online

Everything here is done online. That is one advantage that comes with the advancements in tech. However, you can’t fail to acknowledge the fact that there are still some people who don’t have an access to the internet. With the app, it means that they are left out of the picture.

What Is The Noom Diet?

The Noom Diet is an app that will help people stay healthy, be fit, and even lose weight. The app creators personalize weight loss plans that will help people stay fit and get in shape. It claims that it can have long-lasting effects on its users.

Its features include a traffic light system that can rank different food and can know its calories. If you want to get the app, you just need to purchase a subscription and get to answer questions so the app's algorithm can design a weight loss plan for you.

Aside from that, you get to have a health coach that will help you with your diet and advise you on how to achieve your goals in losing weight.

Why Use The Noom Diet?

The Noom Diet is an innovative way to lose weight, especially if you don’t have enough time to manage your diet and fitness. All you need to do is subscribe to an app, and every information will be provided for you. It will help you efficiently follow the diet that can eventually help you lose weight and get fit.

If you use Noom Diet as part of your fitness management, you will know a lot more about the food you take and what food is beneficial to you. The app is personalized for your needs, and you get to know the other calories of each food you take. The diet also categorizes different food into three groups, which are red, green, and yellow.

There are no food restrictions for this diet, and you just need to limit some food in the color groups and encourage you to eat healthily. It has a lot of downloads and users since it started in 2013.

How Does the Noom Diet Work?

How does it work?

The Noom Diet is based on a behavioral approach that helps you have a healthy habit of eating. They have coaches that will also guide you once you are subscribed to the app. Using the app will help you achieve your goals and keep everything organized for you to be accountable.

Not only will it keep everything organized for you to follow. The app also has built-in tools that can easily track your fitness, blood pressure, and sugar, which is a great help to see your progress about your weight goals.

Once you start using the app you will need to enter your necessary information such as height, weight, age, goal weight, and general information about your health. You will be able to log your meals and snacks that you eat every day.

The app will give you feedback on the way you eat and help you eat better to help you lose weight and eat healthily. You will also get to communicate with your personal coach with the app's messaging feature. The coach will help by motivating and allowing you to overcome any hurdles you will encounter along the way. There is also a virtual support group that you can get access to and will surely relate to.

The Noom Diet offers a 16-week program that will help you make better choices and help you get the body that you are happy and proud of.

Features Of The Noom Diet?

The Noom Diet is a health app that targets Millenials. It is easy to use because you use it with your smartphone and can be taken and used anywhere.

So, let me tell you the features of the Noom Diet app that you should know about.

  • It can give you a personalized calorie breakdown based on your answers to its lifestyle questions.
  • It can help track the food that you eat
  • It will provide you with a one on one health coach that is available during business hours
  • It will give you quizzes and interactive articles that will help you with your fitness journey

Developed By Professionals

The Noom app is developed by professionals like psychologists and health coaches that will help you break unhealthy behavior when it comes to food. It will help you balance it for good and help you get motivated.

Healthy Eating

The Noom app will help you eat healthily because it can track your food and make sure you know the calories you are taking. It will change your eating habits and how you think about food.

Comprehensive Wellness Plan

The Noom app can give you a comprehensive wellness plan and give you a personalized one to balance your food, exercise, and help with your mental health. It will help you change your behavior to achieve your weight loss goals and stay fit.

What Can You Eat in The Noom Diet?

what can you eat

You might be wondering what kind of food does the Noom Diet recommends for its users. They call it “natural weight-loss foods” that will help give you energy throughout the day and give your appetite satisfaction without giving you too many calories.

The Noom app makes sure to provide you with food that has the following:

  • Macronutrients (protein and carbohydrate)
  • Micronutrients ( Vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants
  • Unsaturated fats

Here are some recommended foods from the Noom app:


  • Grapefruit
  • Cherries
  • Berries
  • Pink Lady apples
  • Nectarines
  • Banana
  • Watermelon


  • Green leafy vegetables
  • Peppers
  • Onions
  • Cucumber
  • Mushrooms

Protein-rich foods

  • Lentils
  • Beans
  • Eggs
  • Fish
  • chicken


  • Spinach
  • Chia seeds
  • Flaxseeds
  • Blueberries
  • Pine nuts
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Quinoa

Noom Reminders For Weight Loss

  • Track all food intake
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Drink green tea
  • Eat breakfast
  • Exercise
  • Avoid processed food and added sugars

How Effective Is The Noom Diet?

The Noom Diet is a self-monitoring weight loss program using an app, and there is a study shows that this kind of program can result in weight loss. However, even if it is a useful tool, it doesn’t mean it has a long term effect because it decreases over time. So, let us find out more about it.

Studies that looked into the Noom Diet analyzed the users' dietary date for about six months. When the users used the app consistently and monitored their weight and nutritional habits, they experienced consistent weight loss.

Are There Any Side Effects?

side effects

The Noom App can monitor the calories of the food you take and tell you the right foods you can eat. However, it is not too detailed as you expected it to be because it doesn’t say anything about each of the food's nutrients. If you aim for a healthy diet, you should know the number of micronutrients like vitamins and minerals.

The National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching is responsible for giving health coaches certificates if they meet the standard and skills needed for health and wellness coaches. The coaches in the Noom App isn’t very particular about this, it is also the reason why physicians and dietitians are reluctant to recommend the diet to people because they might offer inappropriate advice.

People with a complicated medical history shouldn't use the app or similar apps because it may aggravate their situation. It would be best to seek a professional first before moving forward in using the diet.

Pros And Cons

Here are some Pros and Cons of the Noom Diet.


  • Effective in losing weight
  • Gives a personalized weight loss plan
  • Researched backed
  • It keeps you eat healthily
  • No food is off-limits
  • Help you track your food intake


  • Can only track calories of food
  • Can’t give you more relevant information about the food
  • The food categories are not appropriate
  • The coaches are not registered, dietitians
  • The coaching support is superficial

How Much Does The Noom Diet Costs?

The Noom Diet costs $59 a month, or you can purchase it for $129 for a three-month subscription.

There are many complaints when it comes to subscribing for the app because the plan automatically renews and you need to cancel it yourself. If you withdrew it, some people complained that they were still billed.

The Noom app is entirely free to download on your smartphones or tablets, but you need to subscribe and pay if you want to utilize its use.

Final Thoughts

final thoughts

We are now in the final part of my Noom Diet review. I have mixed feelings about this diet because it doesn’t tick all the boxes on my checklist for a good weight loss program.

Let me go with the good ones first. It is very innovative, especially that you can take it whenever you are and can easily use and input the food you eat and recommend what kind of food is healthy and good. Also, it can personalize your diet and gives you tips on how to eat healthily.

The app is also friendly to monitor your weight, and you get to be motivated with the help of personal coaches that are available if you have questions. They also make sure that you follow a game plan. Based on studies, Noom Diet is an effective way to lose weight and even stay fit.

Some things make me question if the Noom diet is an effective way to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Usually, these kinds of apps diminish its power, but it usually varies from person to person. If you are the type that can keep up with your diet for a long time, then maybe this will work out fine for you.

Now, let’s go to the things that I don’t like about the diet. I don’t particularly appreciate that the coaches aren’t certified to give you appropriate advice about your health. It would be better if they are professionals with credibility. I hope the company will eventually be strict about this so they can be more reliable. Also, they need to tweak the type of food they recommended to people because it is more calorie based and they are not giving you a lot of information about the food.

Overall, the Noom Diet isn’t a perfect one, but it is an innovative way for you to keep tabs on your health, and if your goal is losing weight while eating healthy, then this might be a match for you. I wouldn’t recommend this to people with eating disorders because they need a professional dietitian and doctor as their coaches won’t be recommendable.

I hope you gained a lot of knowledge with my Noom Diet review. Always keep in mind that there is no easy way to lose weight. It would be best if you still had a lot of work to get to your goal. No miracle pill nor an app will zap your fats away, and you need to have the right of attitude and motivation to do that.