Phen Caps Review: The Ultimate Weight Loss Pill?

By: Jenny Lynn | Date: January 18, 2021
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Phen Caps Review

Weight loss pills have become in demand. It is why a lot of companies are producing it left, and right; the numbers keep on multiplying. I have another weight loss pill on hand, and we will find out if it is the real deal. I am talking about Phen Caps, and this is going to be my Phen Caps review.

Phen Caps are claiming that it is the “ultimate weight loss pills” because many users are happy about the effects. So, we are going to find out if it really works. What are the ingredients in the formula, its benefits, and also its side effects. We will dig deeper how it will help you lose weight and have the body you want.

At the end of my Phen Caps review, you will be able to find out if the weight loss supplement is telling the truth about its claims and it will be suitable for you to achieve your weight loss goals.

What Are Phen Caps?

Phen Caps is a weight loss supplement that will help you lose weight quickly. It can suppress your appetite by controlling your food cravings and eventually will help improve your gastrointestinal system. The weight loss supplement is developed by Careworld and has been on sale ever since 2013. The company is based in Miami, but there is not much information about the company.

Phen Caps claims that it can help you lose weight quickly by curving your hunger and giving you the energy you need. It is also because it is an alternative to Phentermine. Phentermine is a popular weight-loss medication, but you can only get it if you have a prescription.

Why Use Phen Caps?

According to its website, Phen Caps is a weight loss supplement with a complete and comprehensive approach because it can address weight loss in many ways and get optimum results because of its ingredients.

Phen Caps will be able to help you suppress your appetite and cravings and can also increase calorie burning. It will also help reduce stress and even control stress-related weight gain and boost your body’s energy levels.

Phen Caps is also an alternative to Phentermine, which is a prescription drug. Phentermine is a controlled substance that you need a prescription to get. It is commonly used to treat people who have weight-related medical problems. You won’t need any prescription if you want to use Phen Caps.

Features Of Phen Caps


Phen Caps has a lot of claims when it comes to being a weight loss supplement.

Here are the following claims.

  • Exclusive alternative medication for weight loss of Phentermine
  • Can suppress appetite
  • Can boost overall energy
  • Can reduce cravings
  • Can prevent emotional eating
  • Can reduce stress

Ingredients Of Phen Caps

Phen Caps formula includes 10 ingredients: Phenylethylamine, Caffeine, Theobromine, Caralluma, Synephrine, L-Carnitine, Raspberry Ketones, Chinese Hawthorn Extract, and Selenium.

We are going to know each of the ingredients and see what their benefits are.


Phenylethylamine is a natural brain chemical that can increase dopamine, norepinephrine, acetylcholine, and serotonin. It improves the brain’s neurotransmitters activity to perform better throughout the brain and the body.

The chemical can help with depression, and it is also known to treat depression so one can have energy and improve one’s mood.


Caffeine is a usual weight loss ingredient because it can improve metabolism and help accelerate burning fat, and suppress appetite. It can make you feel full even if you eat a little.

However, there are some side effects that you can experience with caffeine life vomiting, insomnia, and upset stomach. It can also cause anxiety, headaches, and irregular heartbeats if consumed in large amounts.


Theobromine can help with weight loss because it suppresses appetite and reduces one’s hunger. It will help in increasing energy for your physical activities and workouts. Also, it can help with your mood and can help with the feeling of alertness.


Caralluma is an ingredient that can help reduce the feeling of hunger that will help in losing weight. However, there are no scientific studies that prove how effective it is for weight loss.


Synephrine is a stimulant and is similar to caffeine. It can help burn fat, suppress appetite and can help with energy levels. It is safe to take with caffeine to help in fat burning.


L-Carnitine can help with weight loss by boosting the body’s metabolism. It can help improve your energy, especially when you are doing workouts.

Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry Ketones can help with weight loss because it can break down fats from cells to make it faster to burn. It can help with metabolism too. However, it can cause some side effects like increased blood pressure, increased heartbeat and jitteriness.

Chinese Hawthorn Extract

Chinese Hawthorn Extract can help with digestion, metabolism, and can support one’s heart and cardiovascular system. Some say it can help burn fat, but there are limited studies about it.


Selenium can support weight by fat reduction, but some study suggests that you can gain weight instead of losing.

How Does Phen Caps Work?

Phen Caps will help in weight loss because of their ability to suppress appetite, leading to losing weight. It will also help in burning fat because of the energy levels you can get from the pill. It can also help with your metabolism and transform your fatty acids into fuel to burn and reduce fats.

Some ingredients have some definite studies that can support weight loss especially the stimulants such as synephrine, theobromine, and caffeine. However, Phen Caps has many ingredients, but most of them aren’t backed by studies when it comes to its effectiveness in weight loss management. The use of the pill should be combined with effective weight loss programs so you can see results.

It would be recommended that in using Phen Caps you should have a proper diet and regular exercise for best results.

Benefits Of Phen Caps

There are a lot of benefits when you take Phen Caps. Its formula has ingredients that help with weight loss.

Phen Caps will help with suppressing appetite and will reduce your cravings and hunger pangs. It will affect your eating habits and improve your mood as you will feel energy and will likely not feel depressed and moody that will be caused by the suppression of your appetite and not be able to eat what you want. YOu feel more motivated and have the energy to workout.

Another benefit is that it can help break down fat and help with your overall metabolism, leading to weight loss.

Side Effects Of Phen Caps

side effects

If there are benefits of Phen Caps there are also side effects that you should be aware of.

Here are some side effects of Phen Caps.

  • Can cause headaches
  • Can cause nausea
  • Can cause stomach pain
  • Can cause diarrhea
  • Can cause rapid heartbeat

Pros And Cons


  • It has simple ingredients
  • It can help reduce food cravings
  • It can help increase energy
  • All-natural ingredients


  • FDA does not approve it
  • It has a high quantity of Phenylethylamine
  • Not strong as the Phentermine

How To Use Phen Caps

A bottle of Phen Caps has 60 capsules that is an adequate supply for a month. It is recommended by the manufacturer that you need to take one capsule twice a day, and it can be taken with a meal or without. You can take a pill either with your meals so you won’t feel hungry for the rest of the day. You shouldn’t take the pill before sleeping because of its stimulant that can interrupt your sleep and won’t help your mood.

Phen Caps pills are in capsule form and have a raspberry taste. They are easy to swallow. You just need to take it with water.

The manufacturer of Phen Caps has some warning that users should know about before taking the pills.

  • Men and women who are not 18 of age cannot use this product
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding moms cannot take the supplement
  • Consult your physician if you are taking other medications before using Phen Caps
  • Stop immediately if you experience harsh reactions from taking the pills and consult your doctor

How Much Are Phen Caps

Phen Caps costs $59.95 per bottle. If you plan to buy more supplies, it would be better to purchase three bottles for $149.95 or 6 bottles for $249.95. It includes free shipping, and you have a money-back guarantee. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you feel you don’t like the product. You will get a refund for the unopened bottles and 1 for an open one, but it excludes shipping and handling charges.

You can purchase Phen Caps directly from their website or get it from online retail stores like Amazon.

Final Thoughts

final thoughts

We are now at the end of my Phen Caps review, and I’m sure you already have an idea if you want to take it as part of your weight loss management.

Many people like Phen Caps because they feel that it is an effective pill to help with burning fat. It has simple ingredients in its formula, which some have scientific studies. However, most of them don't have any, especially when it comes to weight loss.

Yes, it has many benefits, and I like that it can suppress your appetite and boost energy that you need to work out. The pill itself isn’t FDA approved, which is the problem with most weight loss pills. So, always be careful with taking it.

Phen Cap’s manufacturer has been transparent about taking the pills and best recommended that you have a proper diet and workout program because the pill alone won’t be as effective.

Phen Cap is an excellent alternative to Phentermine, which you can’t purchase easily. But you should always consult your doctor about this because taking it might have some side effects. I am at odds if I recommend it because of its side effects but other than that, you could always try it out if it will work for you. They have a money-back guarantee, so you can always give it back.