Procera Protect Review: Are They Fooling You?

By: Jenny Lynn | Date: August 11, 2020
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procera protect review

Brain health is essential because we want to make sure that our brains are healthy, not just physically but mentally. I have another nootropic supplement that will help to detoxify your mind and help protect from free radicals. My Procera Protect review that you need to know everything about the brain supplement.

We will find out in this Procera Protect review if it will help with our brain’s stress, aging, and neurotoxins and help the brain’s immune system. We will take an in-depth look and see how it helps the brain and how it works.

So, let’s get it on and know why Procera Protect  is one of the most popular brain supplements in the market.

What Is Procera Protect?

Procera Protect is advertised as a nutritional supplement and an antioxidant for the brain and will help brain detoxification. It will help protect the brain from free radicals, inflammation, and neurotoxins caused by the environment, lifestyle, stress, and poor diet.

Procera Protect used to be called Ceraplex, but they changed its name. It is produced by Procera Health, a health brand that specializes in supplements for brain health. According to the company, they are a leader when it comes to cognitive health.

Why Use Procera Protect?

why use procera protect

Procera Protect contains a unique blend of natural ingredients that is clinically tested that helps the brain against neurotoxins, inflammation, and aids overall brain health. Its formula is created by Brain Research Labs, a known company that is a proprietor of dietary supplements.

The company claims that its supplements ensure nutrition, relaxation, and stimulation to keep the brain at its optimal level.

Who Can Use Procera Protect?

Aging people will best use Procera Protect (Ceraplex), but younger people can also use it as it is advisable to use it at an early age. It is to prevent age-related brain functions from declining. There is a lot of good customer feedback from older users that take Procera Protect (Ceraplex).

How Does Procera Protect Works?

how does procera protect works

Procera Protect claims that supplements can help free radicals from the brain, and it can give antioxidants that protect the brain from cognitive decline.

The supplement contains six ingredients, and of it is R-Alpha Lipoic Acid that helps to fortify the mitochondria, augment glutathione, and increase energy levels. It also has parts like Curcumin, Quercetin, and Resveratrol from apples, grapes and onions, and herbs. These phytochemicals can help improve immune functions for aging. However, there is no scientific proof that they will help as cognitive enhancers.

Ingredients of Procera Protect

Procera Protect has a lot of right ingredients under its belt. Let’s find out how it works individually.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha Lipoic Acid is an omega 3 fatty acid and known to be an antioxidant. It can protect the mitochondria and help enhance the works of antioxidants. It can increase the levels of glutathione that is also an antioxidant in our brain.


Curcumin is known to protect the brain for radicals like nitric oxide particles. It is from the family of turmeric spice.


Resveratrol is a flavonoid that can be found in grapes that helps with anti-inflammation and fight anti-aging in the brain.


Quercetin is a known plant-based remedy for inflammation and can help boost the brain capillaries.


Cobalamin is a Vitamin B12 that can help with breaking down the homocysteine of the brain. Homocysteine can lead to aging-related decay of the mind. Cobalamin helps fight neurotoxins, can regenerate axons, and helps repair cells. If you have B12 deficiency, it can be linked to brain shrinkage and memory loss.


Cysteine is an amino acid that is responsible for breaking down heavy metal toxins in our brain.

What Are The Claims Of Procera Protect?

Procera Protect stands by its claims that its supplements have premium grade neuroprotectors that can help brain health. It can also supply highly potent antioxidants for the brain and, lastly, has anti-inflammatory benefits.

What Are The Side Effects Of Procera Protect?

side effects of procera protect

Procera Protect claims that it can help the brain’s health. There are side effects that are associated when taking supplements.

Here are the following side effects that users may experience:

  • Flu-like symptoms and disorientation
  • If you have shellfish allergies, you’ll be sensitive in taking the supplements
  • The supplement has a long list of additives and preservatives that can cause other side effects.

How Much Is Procera Protect?

Procera Protect costs $34.95 for a bottle that has 60 capsules. It will last for 30 days. The serving indication is you need to take two capsules a day. Each capsule cost $1.17.

Where To Get Procera Protect?

There are a lot of ways where you can get Procera Protect. You have the option to buy it directly from their website, or you can get it from different retailers such as Amazon.

Final Thoughts

final thoughts

Procera Protect has one of the finest ingredients, and each of these ingredients are backed up by science and research. However, as good as it may seem, Procera Protect itself doesn’t work.

The product doesn’t have the research back up that claims it can be beneficial to your brain and help keep it healthy. Like other brain supplements in the market today, it is one that is a sham and mostly advertises itself as one of the best even though it is not.

Yes, its ingredients have some health benefits, but it doesn’t contribute to the fact that it also has many additives and preservatives that won’t be healthy to take and can serve as a warning that you shouldn’t buy the product in the first place.

For you to have a good and healthy brain, it will be best to practice exercise and proper nutrition. Try to meditate, relax, and stress-free for your brain health.

I hope this Procera Protect (Ceraplex) Review will help you know if it is a real deal.