Qualia Night Review: A Better Night’s Sleep?

By: Jenny Lynn | Date: December 31, 2020
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Qualia Night Review

Do you have trouble sleeping? Sleeping is an essential part of life but sad to say, roughly one-third of Americans have trouble sleeping. A lot tend to rely on a prescription to help them sleep. Today's product is all about a supplement that can help you get a night of better sleep. Another Neurohacker Collective product, this is going to be my Qualia Night review.

It’s frustrating to a person if one doesn’t get enough sleep. Sleeping is an essential part of life because we get our energy for the next day. Without enough sleep, we will feel tired and don’t have the energy to attend to our activities the next day.

In my Qualia Night review, we will find out how the supplement will help us a better sleep. We will dig deeper into the ingredients and get to know the benefits and worth of your money.

What Is Qualia Night?

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Qualia Night is a Neurohacker Collective product that aims to help you to sleep better. It can optimize the body’s recovery power at night, enhances sleep performance, supports sleep focus, and gives you mental clarity. Also, it can promote healthy immune function as well as healthy aging.

Qualia Night’s formulas are clinically studied ingredients that will help your body relax and help you get a rejuvenating sleep. Its patent-pending formula can help you get quality and restorative sleep to help you perform your best every day.

Why Use Qualia Night?

There are many supplements out there that will help you sleep, but what makes Qualia Night different? Aside from enhancing sleep performance, the supplement can help the body’s regenerate, heal, and recover. The formula can support deep sleep, brain’s cognition, and even support the body’s immunity.

Qualia Night's formula can enhance BDNF levels, promote GABA production, support the gut microbiome, and even balance your cortisol levels. These are possible because of their different ingredients like nootropics, polyphenols, herbal adaptogens, antioxidants, and many more.

As you know, high-quality sleep is vital because it can affect your body in so many ways, and a lack of adequate sleep can slow down your body and brain function.

Features Of Qualia Night


Helps Improves Sleep Quality

Qualia Night will help your body relax, which will make you fall asleep easier. It is also non-sedating and would even help you sleep more soundly and wake up the next morning feeling refreshed.

The supplement provides the body with a boost so that the body can provide GABA production naturally. It is critical for falling asleep and helps the body in entering the REM cycle. If you know melatonin, the sleep hormone, it serves the same function.

Helps Improves Performance

Qualia Night isn’t only good for your sleep, but it can also help your body perform better. Your body will get the right sleep it needs and get you to rest. Through this, your body will regenerate, that will make you heal faster.

The formula can help you with stress because of the boost in GABA that can help with sleep and relaxation. Also, it supports the production of BDNF (brain neurotrophic factor), can balance cortisol levels that aids in the recovery of the body’s stress.

Waking up after taking Qualia Night, your body will feel restored and recovered.

Helps Improves Focus

If your body is deprived of sleep, your cognitive functions aren’t useful as when you are well rested. Even the eight hours of sleep can’t help you counteract the effects. The phases of sleep are vital because they help your body restore and give you energy for the next day.

Qualia Night will give you the proper sleep so you can go through all the different stages of sleep. If you complete the stages, you will be able to focus more the next day.

Help Boosts Immunity

Sleep deprivation causes a lot of things to our body, including hormones that make you feel hungry because it needs to give you more energy while you are awake. In this case, you tend to eat unhealthy food you to get the source of energy.

Qualia Night will help you balance your body’s cortisol levels to help your immune system and not put stress into your body.

Ingredients Of Qualia Night

Qualia Night is a non-sedative supplement that is 100% vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO.

Its formula has 14 Brain Energy & Recovery Ingredients, 12 Relaxation Ingredients, 10 Antioxidant Sources, 8 Sleep Homeostasis Ingredients, 7 Gut-Brain support Ingredients, 6 Nootropics, 4 Adaptogen Extracts, 4 Neuro-Lipids, 4 Melatonin Support Ingredients

4 Superfood Extracts and 3 Ayurvedic Rasayanas.

Here is some information about some of Qualia Night’s ingredients to get to know the ingredients better.


Ashwagandha is an adaptogen that is a traditional remedy used for relaxation. It can also assist with stress and can help with anxiety triggers that will help you be calmer.

Gotu Kola

Gotu Kala is another traditional remedy that aids in sleep and helps you calm your mind.

Holy Basil

Holy Basil is used for centuries that helps calm the mind and can sharpen your focus. Its effects also help improve one’s mood and can boost your body’s immunity.

Reishi Mushroom

Reishi mushroom can help the quality of sleep. Also, it supports the regeneration of tissues and can also boost the body’s immunity.

Schisandra Chinesis

Schisandra Chinesis is an adaptogen that herbal practitioners used for relaxation. It can help improved mental performance and can help prepare the mind to sleep.

Ziziphus jujuba Seed Extract

Ziziphus jujuba seeds can help with stress and calm the mind. It is usually used for relaxation and can support sleep and is still used in China as traditional medicine.

Polygala tenuifolia Root Extract

Polygala tenuifolia is also a Chinese medicine that is used to remedy forgetfulness. It is currently studying if it can help regulate GABA and can help with stress.


Adenosine is an adaptogen that can help improve your sleep and can rebalance one’s mood.


Hawthorn is a known European medicine and is used as a heart tonic. According to studies, it can help support deep and restful sleep and help the body repair itself.


 Saffron is usually used as a cooking ingredient, but it can also help enhance your sleep quality, improve your mood, and relax.

Grapevine Extract

Grapevine Extract has resveratol that helps combat signs of aging and can help improve the quality of sleep and boost wellness feelings.


Olives have polyphenols that can help boost your immunity and helps keep the cardiac system healthy, but in Qualia Night it is used to increase adenosine production.


Blueberries also have polyphenols that can help boost immunity and improve cognitive function.

Sesame seeds

Sesame seeds are good for brain health as it can boost the production of BDNF that can help the brain repair itself.


γ-Oryzanol, according to studies, can help reset circadian rhythms. It helps establish a good sleep rhythm.


Astaxanthin can help support the brain’s cognitive functions. Also, it can aid the brain to heal itself and can also help your gut.


Lycopene is a carotenoid that can help assist the body in conducting repairs and also have protective properties.


L-Tryptophan is an amino acid that produces serotonin. It helps regulates moods and helps in the quality of sleep.


L-Theanine is an amino acid that can help your mind relax and aids in immunity.


Betaine can help normalize the metabolism of homocysteine. It could be damaging to the heart and liver if homocysteine is too high. Betaine can also help in protecting neurons in the brain.


Uridine is an active sleep-promoting agent. It can help regulate the metabolism of cells.

Grapefruit extract

Grapefruit extract can help the cardiovascular system and can help in the metabolism of GABA and adenosine.


Quercetin is a polyphenol that can help in GABA and adenosine metabolism and has neuroprotective properties.


Magnesium can help regulate GABA and melatonin. Also, it can counter stress reactions and can reset circadian rhythms.

 B vitamins

B Vitamins are essential for brain support. However, it burns the fastest during stressful periods. Vitamin B6, in particular, is the most important because it can help keep the neuropathways clear and healthy.

Benefits Of Qualia Night

  • It can support deep regenerative sleep
  • It can give you energy and improve your performance
  • It can enhance your mental clarity and brain health
  • It can help with the body’s immune functions
  • It can help with the body’s stress response

Side Effects Of Qualia Night

There are no side effects if you take Qualia Night because its ingredients in the formula are under-dosed, and there is no risk of side effects.

However, since there are is an extensive list of ingredients in its formula, there might be a side effect if you combined it with other chronic medications. If you have other drugs, it is advisable to consult your doctor before taking Qualia Night.

You shouldn’t take Qualia Life with another sleeping pill because it can make you extraordinarily drowsy and leave you to overdose. After all, they could have similar ingredients.

For precaution, don’t take Qualia Night if you are going for a long drive because its formula has a relaxation effect that might affect your alertness while driving.

Always take the recommended dose and never exceed it because it can lead to overdose that can affect your body.

Pros And Cons


  • It can give you a restful and deeper sleep
  • It won’t make you groggy the next day
  • It will help you fall asleep faster
  • It has a natural formulation
  • GMO-free and good for vegans


  • Some of the ingredients cannot be combined with chronic medications
  • It can decrease alertness
  • Some of the ingredients are under-researched
  • Not known if it has side effects if use longer
  • Not suitable for everyone as effects vary from person to person

How To Use Qualia Night?

how to take

Qualia Night is recommended to be taken a few hours before bedtime. You need to take four tablets daily. Since it will take few hours to achieve maximum effect, you need to observe your body and know the ideal time to take it.

On your first time, it is advisable to take it three or four hours before you sleep, so you can adjust it to your schedule and see what the best option is. It is okay if you don’t take it every day or just allot a day where you need to take it.

Another option is an on-off cycle where you can take it for three days, a day off, then take it for another two days, and off again. You can experiment what best works for your body.

How Much Is Qualia Night?

Qualia Night costs $79 for a one time purchase. It has 80 capsules that is good for a 28-day supply. You would save more if you subscribed as it cost $29 on the first order and $69 on the next purchase.

Neuroacker Collective offers fast-shipping and a 100-day money-back guarantee.

Final Thoughts

final thoughts

Qualia Night is a fantastic product for those who are sleep deprived and looking for a supplement that can help then with sleep deprivation. It has a lot of benefits, aside from helping you fall asleep quickly.

Qualia Night has many right ingredients that will help you fall asleep quickly and help you restore and heal your body from the stress throughout the day. Their formula is excellent that helps you overall. Although it has the best combination of ingredients, some of them are not that well researched. It would help if you took the precaution, especially when you are combining it with other medicines.

Overall, I see nothing wrong with taking Qualia Night, and it would be an excellent supplement for you, especially when you need a perfect snooze after a long and tiring day. I hope this Qualia Night review opened up your mind and gave you all the information you need if this product is worth the money and the right one.