Lady Boss Rainbow Detox Review: IS IT RIGHT FOR YOU?

By: Jenny Lynn | Date: September 13, 2019
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Rainbow Detox Diet Review

The latest Lady Boss weight loss diet, The Rainbow Detox Diet! Detox diets are based on the theory that our bodies are continually exposed to toxins such as pesticides, food additives, high-fat foods, and alcohol. Detoxification means eliminating these toxins from the body and replacing them with dense, healthy, and nutrient-rich foods.

Every day our bodies are plagued with toxins of all kinds, and the more toxins' buildup in the body, the more challenging it becomes to lead a healthy and happy life.

Now that you know what detoxification means, the question is what your detox game plan should be. What sources should you follow to choose your detoxification recipes, considering that the Internet is flooded with guides and tutorials from so-called "experts".

Today everyone on the Internet seems to be (and claims to be) a dietitian, a health specialist, an expert, and there is not a site that does not have health-green something and .org in it. But, knowing that by following anyone's guide, you will literally change your daily diet and by following the advice of an unqualified and inexperienced person, you will do more harm than good to your already stressed body.

So, what’s the solution?

The solution is to trust only reputable medical publications, health magazines, and certified professionals' suggestions and one of them being Kaelin Tuell Poulin who is an award-winning fitness professional and the founder of LadyBoss formula [2].

Kaelin Tuell Poulin is also a best-selling author, and she has just released her new e-book on a detox diet to help people like you and me, to detoxify our body, lose weight and to lead a healthy and happy life - 14 Day Rainbow Detox

Other Lady Boss products include:

14 Day Rainbow Detox Review

This e-book is meant for people suffering from health problems such as constipation, skin problems, fatigue, weight gain, insomnia, etc. and who want to get rid of all these issues without consuming any medication.

Rainbow detoxification consists of a 14-day plan that has been carefully prepared by a team of health experts including Kaelin Tuell Poulin, and according to her, these are the exact steps she takes when her body needs detoxification knowing that she hasn't been on her normal healthy diet regime.

What’s Included In 14 Day Rainbow Detox E-Book

This e-book consists of 14 days diet plan and 23 pages of introduction to various aspects of detox diet. Below, I have outlined the basic overview of this e-book to help you better understand what you can expect from it.

  • Welcome
  • Letter from Kaelin
  • Commitment
  • My detox
  • Detox game plan
  • The definition
  • What are toxins
  • Tips to be successful
  • What you can expect
  • The rainbow of health
  • Tips to take it a step higher
  • Tips to help you limit your sugar
  • Give yourself an extra boost
  • Grocery list
  • My detox recipes
  • Red - Day 1
  • Orange - Day 2
  • Yellow - Day 3
  • Green - Day 4
  • Blue - Day 5
  • Purple - Day 6
  • White - Day 7
  • Red - Day 8
  • Orange - Day 9
  • Yellow - Day 10
  • Green - Day 11
  • Blue - Day 12
  • Purple - Day 13
  • White - Day 14
  • References

What You Can Expect from A Detox Diet

During detoxification, it is quite normal to experience side effects, and it is generally noted that the more toxins you have accumulated in your body, the more side effects there are.

According to Kaelin, during the first few days of your detoxification regimen, you will begin to notice some symptoms that may affect your normal thinking process and make you feel less than usual. But, to your relief, it is a completely normal experience.

This sudden change in the way you feel is due to the elimination of toxins which, in layman's terms, means that your body is trying to eliminate contaminants, allergens and all kinds of heavy metals buried deep inside your body.

Some of the most common symptoms you may experience are acne, rash, headache, mental fog, etc.

However, these symptoms mean that your body is responding positively to your detoxification regimen and that if you stick to your plan, all these symptoms will diminish in 5 to 7 days.

Tips to Limit Your Sugar Intake

It is scientifically proven that the consumption of sugar or sweetened drinks and products cause weight gain. Considering this established fact, it is one of the most important sections of this e-book because it helps you understand how much sugar is safe and how much is harmful. In addition, Kaelin also discusses the difference between natural and added sugar and provides essential but easy-to-follow tips to help you limit your sugar intake.

The Rainbow of Health

This section is essentially a comprehensive representation of the dietary plan that you will be required to follow during the 14 days of this course.

This course is called a rainbow diet course because each day is indicated by a distinct color of the rainbow, and you are required to complete two of its cycles. In addition, each day is accompanied by its own Journal composed of three different sections.

  1. Detoxification symptoms (good and bad) - It consists of a few checkboxes to help you describe your feelings, both good and bad. Then there is a small box where you can explain how tired or energetic you feel.
  2. Daily Question - Every Journal has a distinct question related to your rainbow detox diet, food, sugar intake, changes you are experiencing in your everyday life, etc.
  3. A gram of sugar tracking - It consists of three checkboxes marked with good, ok and bad signifying the amount of sugar you took that day.

In addition to the Journal, each day comes with its own recipe and detailed instructions on how to make it.

Give Yourself an Extra Boost

This section contains tips and tricks to help you feel relaxed and energized. In this section, Kaelin discusses six different techniques, including infrared sauna, dry sauna, hot bath with Epsom salt, hydrotherapy, and cryotherapy.

In any detoxification plan, the skin is a primary detoxification organ, and therefore it becomes necessary to revitalize it in order to get rid of symptoms such as skin rashes and acne. And one of the best ways to do that is to keep it hydrated and fresh.

All the techniques Kaelin talks about in this section will help you achieve the same while also helping you to complete your 14-day dietary plan.