SkinnyMint Teatox Review: Is This The Right Detox For You?

By: Jenny Lynn | Date: June 24, 2020
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skinnymint teatox review

Like many other detox tea, you’ve probably seen a lot of detox ads in your social media feeds. It is everywhere! One of the detox tea that I will be introducing to you is part of that rave. This article is going to be about my Skinnymint Teatox review, I’m sure you are all curious about what’s going to be in it.

I will tell you everything that you need to know about Skinnymint, if this is worth the rave and if it is highly effective when it comes to detoxifying. We will break down the ingredients of Skinnymint Teatox, know the marketing claims, its side effects, and what do the users say about this products.

Knowing all of these will help you if Skinnymint Teatox is the right detox for you and  worth the money.

What is SkinnyMint Teatox?

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SkinnyMint is a brand specializing in detox tea that helps you lose weight and burn fat. They claim that they are the pioneer brand that started the tea weight loss trend. They formed the two-step detox program for 28 days.

The production and packaging of SkinnyMint Teatox is based in Germany. They make sure that their products are carefully selected for them to have the best results.

SkinnyMint Teatox offers a 28-day detox that consists of two types of tea that you can drink day and night. The first one is the “Morning Boost” to drink in the morning to help you with energy, and the second one is the “Night Cleanse” for nighttime to out the toxins from your body and can help with bloating and constipation.

According to their website, “The Morning Boost is designed to give you a boost throughout the day and start the morning right. It contains Green Tea, Yerba Mate and Guarana with a naturally sweet fruity taste. It can replace your daily morning coffee/black tea.“

While “The Night Cleanse is designed to purify the body which could lead to reduced bloating naturally. It contains all-natural ingredients to promote the restoration process. It is the perfect bedtime ritual, take one every alternate night.”

Both of their teas use a different combination of natural ingredients that will make it more effective.

Why Use SkinnyMint Teatox?

It is undeniable that losing weight s a struggle for everyone. Detox is a way to help you flush out toxins and could help you lose weight.

SkinnyMint made detox into teatoxing because of the use of its tea to help boost one’s metabolism, flush out toxins, rescue bloating, and burn fat. Drinking their teatox alongside your usual meals during morning and evening will be the best way to detox.

What Are The Ingredients In SkinnyMint Teatox?

skinnymint teatox ingredients

SkinnyMint Teatox has different ingredients in their morning boost and night cleanse tea. Each tea is unique and has different combinations to help with detoxing.

Morning Boost contains green tea, yerba mate, nettle leaves, dandelion, and guarana seed. While the Night Cleanse has Senna leaf, Ginger root, Orange leaf, Lemongrass leaf, Peppermint leaf, licorice root, hawthorn berry, and psyllium seed.

What Can You Expect?

If you are already a tea drinker, you might already know what to expect when it comes to drinking SkinnyMint. Morning Blend has a fruity green tea taste that you’ll enjoy, while the Night Cleanse tea is a somewhat gingery flavor that makes you relax and has a soothing effect.

If it is your first time drinking tea and not being a fan of it, you can add different things like mint, citrus fruits, or honey. You also have the option to drink it hot or cold and even prepare it in advance and put it in the fridge to seal the freshness.

Does SkinnyMint Work?

SkinnyMint Teatox’s program will help the user to lose weight, and this is why they have a two-step program that has two tea blends for day time and night time.

With all their all-natural ingredients that’s specially blended and well thought of the tea is specially blended to create a food synergy that means the harmonious and complementary combination of the ingredients.

If you use SkinnyMint, you don’t have to worry about being in a strict diet. They encourage people to eat healthy regular meals and have regular exercise. With the help of SkinnyMint Tea it will help you increased your metabolism in helping you lose weight.

How To Use SkinnyMint?

how to use skinnymint

If you are a regular tea drinker, I’m sure you get to experience different kinds of teas packaging. They can be in packets and just plain dried leaves. For SkinnyMint tea, to make it convenient for everyone.

SkinnyMint’s website has been detailed and provides a lot of information about their products so you can understand it. It will give you the option to see if their ingredients and research it for yourself before buying their teas.

The Morning Boost is usually taken in the morning, due to its caffeine content that might prevent you from sleeping throughout the day. But you can still drink it anytime before 5pm. For the tea bag, it is not a one time use only as you can use it up to four times or more depending on how bland it is.

The Night Cleanse is recommended to be used every other night that will serve as a laxative. However, it wasn’t specified if the tea bag can be used like the Morning Boost.

Benefits of SkinnyMint Teatox

  • All-natural ingredients

  • May help you lose weight

  • Two-step easy program

  • Can easily buy products online

  • Has a big cult

SkinnyMint Teatox Claims That You Should Know

skinnymint teatox claims

There are a lot of claims that SkinnyMint has told its users. Let’s see what those are.

“Designed for real results in 28 days”

SkinnyMint marketing claimed that with the use of their teatox, you’ll get real results. As of today, there is no detailed scientific research that will back up this claim. You will also wonder how they come up with the number and set up the program for 28 days.

“Reduces bloat and boosts energy“

SkinnyMint didn’t specify what kind of bloatedness it is supposed to reduce as the term itself can be used in many definitions. It could mean fat, water retention, or glycogen storage. They are careful not to post that it is for weight loss claims because of legalities. However, for a consumer, it could perceive as losing weight because of how they market it.

For the boost energy, the only way it is clear is that caffeine is why it can boost the user’s strength and not because of other ingredients.

And by using this teatox, it will result in bloat (fat/weight) loss.

“All natural cleansing formula”

SkinnyMint also claims that the product is an all-natural cleansing formula. It could be perceived to the people that it is safe, effective, and no synthetic drugs added. Simply organic. Not all natural is healthy because there are dangerous substances out there that could be in that definition. Ingredients in SkinnyMint that is for cleansing is usually are the laxatives. So, there is a big chance that it could be it. A lot of medical experts have debunked the idea of detox products because, as for them, it can’t be bought like a beverage.

SkinnyMint Side Effects And Risks

SkinnyMint and similar products like do not cause harm, but it can cause some possible side effects.

Can Cause Dehydration

Ingredients from SkinnyMint have a laxative effect that could cause diarrhea, and if you always have it, it could lead to dehydration. You need to drink tea moderately so it won’t happen.

Low Blood Pressure

Drinking tea on top of taking medications for fluid loss, and if you have a cardiovascular disease will further drop your blood pressure. You might experience dizziness and fainting during this time and you need to consult your doctor if you have conditions and other health concerns that could be affected.

Reduce the effectiveness of birth control

It is a high chance that you could reduce the effectiveness of birth control pills that you are taking, especially if you take it within 4 to 5 hours of receiving the tea.

Nutrient Deficiencies and Electrolyte imbalances

Skinnymint has a diuretic effect because of its many ingredients that could lead to dehydration. Dehydration caused by diarrhea will contribute to the imbalance of your electrolyte and nutrient deficiencies in your body, especially when you are working out and dieting.

Can reduce bowel movements

Skinnymint is not recommended for long-term use as it could result in your body being used to its laxative properties. It can cause lazy git, irritable bowel syndrome, and intestinal paralysis. It will also make you entirely dependent on the tea for your bowel movements.

Promotes Weight Loss

Skinnymint is like a quick fix when it comes to losing weight by using tea to increase the excretion of water thru your urine and feces. It could be obsessive for some people, especially to those who experienced its effectiveness.

What's the Science of Skinnymint?

SkinnyMint Teatox is said to be scientifically designed, but they can’t provide any evidence that they did some studies with regards to its ingredients and how it affects the users.

It would be suggested that since they can’t produce scientific claims for their product, you can do your research and see for yourself.

Also, take note that SkinnyMint claims about the benefits of their product are not FDA approved.

SkinnyMint Warnings

If you are planning to give SkinnyMint Teatox a try, they have cautioned pregnant women and to those who are breastfeeding to avoid their product. It is because the blends of their teas are too strong for them and can cause abrasive reactions that could affect their body.

It is recommended to have parental consent if the user is 15 years old and below before they can buy and use the teas.

In using SkinnyMint Teatox, it is a must to check each ingredient and make sure that users are not allergic to each one. Using the tea without prior checking can out the user their health at risk. Also, you can’t use SkinnyMint Teatox for a long time, and is recommended that you wait for at least six weeks before starting to use it again.

How much does SkinnyMint Teatox cost?

The SkinnyMint 28 Day Ultimate Teatox cost $54.90. You can also purchase their 14 Day Ultimate Teatox that cost $23.90. They also offer an individual sale of the Morning Boost cost $29.90, and Night Cleanse that cost $19.90.

You can purchase SkinnyMint products in Amazon, but the price may differ.

What Users Are Saying

what users are saying skinnymint teatox

Here are some reviews from users of SkinnyMint Teatox that will help you decide if you want to go with and or not. It is a combination of good and bad reviews, so definitely no biases.

There is a lot of fantastic user feedback that you can see read on SkinnyMint’s website. Here are some testimonials from Amazon.

“I am not one for diet fads and am in no way a promoter of something I don’t like. I was sceptacle of trying something like this, but decided to at least try the month and see if it worked or not. And it really, really does!! I hate that this sounds like a stereotypical “this thing is so great” ad, but, y’all, I’m serious it works! From day 1, it gave me so much natural energy, and really put in the motivation to get me to the gym and start eating healthier! I’m definitely ordering for the next month, and getting the weight loss gummy bears, too! Try it, try it, try it!”


“This is my 3rd time ordering the tea tox because it does wonders for my body. It does just what I need to push my body to lose weight while I’m exercising and eating right (with a few cheat days). Everyone’s body is different and reacts differently, but I remember my first time drinking the tea half way through my friend and I (both doing it) weren’t noticing results. The very last week (maybe even few days) we noticed great changes and were very pleased with the product and its results. So my advice to anyone who doesn’t see changes in the first weeks is to keep going because mine didn’t happen immediately either!”


There are some also bad reviews about SkinnyMint tea that you should know about.

“I used this with no dieting and no exercise to see what it would do aon its own. I did not see weight loss through this. It definitely isn't for a diet. What I noticed is when you drink the night cleanse tea it is meant to be a laxative. It says so on the bag as well. It's not a harsh laxative. But I also noticed that for me it didn't really work until I had my morning tea the next day. It tells you on the bag to use lemon juice and honey to make it taste better. That's how I drink my tea anyway so it wasn't much of a change there. But I can't say much on inches or pounds lost. Essentially your inner bowel is snapped like a wave. At the lower potions of the wave things can collect. It blocks the lining of the intestines and can cause issues like stomach aches or even worse. With this ensuring you have regular movement and then some it definitely gets the stuff that at the bottom of the waves worked through and out of you. So one star for them knowing how to flavor it. A second star for it doing what it says on the bag of having a laxative affect. A third star for making me feel more energized in the morning however I am a morning person anyway. No star for inches lost. No star water weight gone.”

-Hali A. Stickler

“I have been drinking product for 2 weeks along with working out and eating healthy and I see no results of weight loss at all!! I feel a little bit more energy without getting the jitters, most diet product give me the jitters but this one did,not so I liked little energy it gave me but nothing else about this product!! Don’t waste ur money on it!”


“This product does not work like it says. My diet is clean and decided to try out this tea to see if it would me out more with my system and giving me a flat tummy and all it did was constipate me. I now have stomach pains. I do not recommend. I recommend dieting on your own and naturally without this product. I want my money back.”

-Miranda Quinones

Alternatives To SkinnyMint Teatox

There are a lot of similar products to SkinnyMint Teatox. This li

BooTea Teatox

BooTea Teatox, like SkinnyMint Teatox has a 28 Day and 14 Day program. Its product is made of natural ingredients that will help you be energized, motivated, and beat the bloat feeling you have. The tea is used during daytime and bedtime.

Skinny Teatox

Skinny Teatox is an all-natural tea that will help you cleanse and detoxify your body, causing you to lose weight, burn calories, increase your energy level, and keep your appetite in check. The product costs $35 for their 14-Day program and $38 for the 28-Day program. They also offer a starter kit that costs $55.

Teami Skinny

Teami Skinny is an all-natural ingredient that claims to boost energy levels naturally and reduce bloating. It uses different ingredients in their tea. Instead of a teabag, they used scattered tea leaves that you can reuse. They have a lot of tea blends that you can choose from.

Fit Tea Detox

Fit Tea claims that they are the most powerful detoxifying tea blend that will give you antioxidants, vitamins, and ECGC to improve your health. It is delicious and made up of natural ingredients and is the healthiest drink that you can get your hands on.

Final Thoughts

final thoughts

Writing this SkinnyMint review is quite tricky because, as I was writing it, it seems like the product is just more of a marketing scheme for women to buy the product to help them lose weight and feel good about themselves. I am a woman myself, and it is hard to take care of your body because it requires a lot of self-discipline. We are prone to take short cuts, especially if we are so busy with our lives.

Should you buy SkinnyMint Teatox? As a consumer, you have every right to buy whatever you want as it is part of your freedom. SkinnyMint Teatox’s brand is a popular one who wouldn’t want to get it and use it for themselves, especially if it has a significant cult following it right?

I would recommend people to buy it with caution. If you want to be part of the bandwagon, you should know what the consequences of this product might be, and it might not work for you.

If you read this far, you’ve probably read all the warnings and if it is effective. There are a lot of products that is similar to SkinnyMint that is advertising as the healthiest solution to lose fat and detox your body.

I would like to reiterate that drinking SkinnyMint Teatox and using its program for 28 days won’t guarantee that you will lose fat, especially if you don’t have a diet plan and regular exercise. I must say that the laxatives and diuretic in the products will be of help in that department.

Moneywise, SkinnyMint Teatox is on the higher market price and can be expensive. Even if you will just use it for 28 days, it is still a lot of money. It will only be a temporary fix for your weight issues, and you can find other alternatives that are much cheaper and safer.