Sono Bello Review: The Most Effective Way To Lose Weight?

By: Jenny Lynn | Date: August 7, 2020
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sono bello review

Is losing weight a big hurdle for you to overcome? You want to lose weight, but you are not the type who burns yourself out in the gym, working out by yourself, or even if you do, it seems like all your exercises are not working. In my Sono Bello review, you will find out why their services will be a solution to your woes.

We will find out why Sono Bello’s services, like laser liposuction treatment, are an effective way to lose weight and reshape your body and if their methods are proven safe. So, let’s find out more about Sono Bello and what it can do to achieve your weight goals.

What Is Sono Bello?

Sono Bello is a company that was started by Dr. Tom Garrison. It has more than ten years of experience in the medical field specializing in facial and body cosmetic procedures.

They are well known for facial and body cosmetic procedures and have over 60 locations all over the United States. They have a highly qualified team of professional and board-certified plastic surgeons that can help in total body transformation that the customer desires.

Sono Bello has many services that they can offer their customers for them to look good and feel good.

Why Use Sono Bello?

why use sono bello

Sono Bello is said to be the number one cosmetic surgery clinic with high-end services when it comes to cosmetic surgery in the United States. They have different services that they offer and specialize in body shape and sculpting, where they remove fat in as little as one day.

They also have the procedures like TriSculpt-Laser Lipo and Venus Freeze that I will elaborate more later.

Services Offered By Sono Bello

services sono bello

Sono Bello has a lot of services that you can get when you go to their clinics. Most of these services are to help you with body shaping and losing fat through their liposuction techniques.

Here are some Sono Bello procedures:

TriSculpt (Micro-Laser Lipo)

TriSculpt is an advanced liposuction treatment, and it needs local anesthesia for the procedures. In the processes, they use a power-assisted microcannulas to remove fat from your body. After that, they will use laser equipment to smoothen out the liposuction and do some finishing touches.

TriSculpt E/X (Micro-Sculpting)

TriSculpt E/X is used for removing fat from the lower abdomen. Local anesthesia is also used in the procedure so that the doctors can communicate with you while doing the process.

Venus Legacy

The Venus Legacy procedure is a combination of radiofrequency and magnetic pulse technology that will help shape areas on your body. You will see the effect of the procedure after five sessions.

Chest EX

The Chest EX is another type of micro-laser liposuction procedure, but it is for men to help them with chest reduction. It is specifically a procedure to reduce the appearance of man boobs and help lose weight and gain muscle tone in the chest area.

Are The Services Safe And Effective?

Sono Bello offers services that need anesthesia, so many of you might be wondering if it's safe. Yes, it is safe, and you are in the hands of certified doctors and professionals that abide safety protocols when it comes to procedures.

Sono Bello procedure’s effectiveness varies by person. If you want something fast and effective in losing weight, then their liposuction services are beneficial. You’ll get to see faster results.

Benefits of Sono Bello

benefits sono bello

There are many benefits when you decide to get services from Sono Bello, especially their body sculpting and liposuction procedures.

You will get faster results, and you don’t need to diet and exercise to get to the body shape that you desire. It will be a major confidence booster after every procedure because you can see your transformation every session. If you are worried about getting liposuction because of general anesthesia, you don’t need to worry about that with Sona Bello because you just need local anesthesia for procedures. So, no need to worry about the side effects of general anesthesia.

Side Effects Of Sono Bello

Every procedure has side effects, and Sono Bello’s methods have it too. Every process that involves your skin and body being operated on will have mild and short term side effects.

Here are the following side effects that you will experience:

  • Swelling of the skin where the procedure was made
  • Pain where the procedure was made
  • Sensitivity and discomfort

Controversies About Sono Bello

Sona Bello has been involved in lawsuits throughout the years that it are operating. In 2009 they were involved in a lawsuit where a patient died after the procedure they made.

They were not able to settle an agreement because they cannot meet the financial demands of the family of the bereaved. Eventually, it was settled by their insurance company, and in the end, all was settled, and they didn’t release details about the settlement.

Can I Afford Sono Bello?

cost of sono bello

The costs of services of Sono Bello vary from different procedures. It usually starts at $1395 for TriSculpt and $2995 for Fit By Sono Bello.

Sono Bello has discounts and offers special payments. They wouldn’t charge interest in their services if you paid in full within six months and 12 months.

Where Is Sono Bello Located?

Sono Bello has a lot of branches all over the country. So here is the list of states where you can find Sono Bello locations.

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Illinois
  • Kansas
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Missouri
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Nevada
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Virginia
  • Washington
  • Wisconsin

Final Thoughts

final thoughts

If you have a fast and effective way to lose weight and get rid of those undesirable fats, Sona Bello is the perfect solution.

I recommend their liposuction services because it is useful and you can easily see the results. The clinic has a lot of experience under its belt since it's been doing it for years. There might be some bump along the way when it comes to their reputation, but I think it was solved well. I’m sure they learned their lesson and have taken the extra precaution so that it won’t happen again.

However, it is expensive to get their services, and if you are on a budget, then I’m sure it will be hard for you to shell out that kind of money. There are a lot of alternatives that you can try aside from liposuction procedures like this. Eating healthy and exercising regularly won’t get you fast results than Sono Bello’s services, but it is a start.

I hope this Sono Bello review gives you enlightenment about their services and helps you decide to go after it.