Sweat App Review: Are You Ready To Get Sweaty?

By: Jenny Lynn | Date: July 11, 2020
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sweat app review

Different fitness apps have been gaining a lot of popularity throughout the years since the invention of smartphones. Fitness companies have been making their programs within reach so people can use them easily whenever they go. I will introduce you to a fitness app; this article is all about the Sweat App Review.

People have been using fitness apps to help them throughout their workouts, especially if they can’t go to the gym and can’t have their trainer. In my Sweat App review, we will find out why it is one of the sought after fitness apps that you need to try.

We will learn everything about Sweat App, including its features and let's dissect how awesome this app is to help you lose weight and have a better lifestyle.

What Is Sweat App?

what is sweat app

Sweat App has been developed and was introduced to the public by Kayla Itsines and her partner Tobi Pearce. They are one of the biggest influencers in fitness and the creator of Bikini Body Guides (BBG). They already made a program and now have dipped their fingers into technology and wanted to spread their influence through making the Sweat App.

Sweat App is a fitness and nutrition app that helps you get into shape and eat healthy food. It contains features that will teach you correct exercises for the body parts you need to improve and even give you tips and advice for the proper nutrition you need.

Why Use Sweat App?

If you are a follower of Kayla from the beginning, you might have access to the program workouts and meal plans; then, I’m sure you’re having second thoughts if you want to purchase the Sweat App.

However, it might be the Sweat App building block, but it isn’t the same thing. The app doesn’t repeat all the content from the original program that they published years back. They tweaked and expanded the programs, and it includes new workouts that can span from a 12-week program to 75 weeks.

You might be a new or old follower of BBG. The Sweat App will help you in so many ways, especially in becoming fit and healthy.

Features Of Sweat App

The Workouts

the workouts

The Sweat App includes a 12-week program designed by five incredible trainers that focuses on different kinds of workouts and physical fitness. It could also be used in a lot of things like strength-building, weight loss, and maintenance.

The app offers a lot of programs that will fit your lives. If you like to do some workout in the gym, they have amazing routines that you can follow. If you prefer to have some meditation, they offer yoga, and if you want to lose the baby weight, they also have the perfect program for you.

All of their programs incorporate LISS cardio to help with strengthening your workout.

Here are the SWEAT programs:

  • Bikini Body Guides
  • Bikini Body Guides Stronger
  • Body and Mind Yoga with Sjana Elise
  • Self post-pregnancy with Kelsey Wells

Every program is customizable, and you can start from the beginning or even jump to different weeks.

The Food

the nutrition

Sweat App not only provides workouts, but it also gives you meal plans for three basic meals and snacks. They offer easy recipes that are nutritious and delicious. Every recipe has pictures so you can visualize what you are going to make.

The recipes are suitable for any eaters. They have vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, ovo-vegetarian and lacto-vegetarian. If you feel you don’t like some ingredients to the recipes, you can modify recipes and even only make meals that you enjoy.

The Experience

the experience

Aside from its workout and nutrition programs, the Sweat App comes with quality features that make your life easier and convenient.

  • The Trainer Audio will help when it comes to motivations while doing your workout. It would be very convenient to do your exercises without checking your phone after every set. It can also be played simultaneously with music from Apple or Spotify and automatically lower the music’s volume whenever the trainers talk.
  • The Diet Tracker will help you log your meals and generate your shopping lists to have the right ingredients that you need for your meal plans.
  • The Progress Tracker will help you take photos even side by side view of your before and after workout to see the results and get motivated to do more work. They have a tracker to help you set your goals and log in metrics for your workouts. It can track your heart rate and calories because of its Apple HealthKit integration. Through this integration, you can use your Apple Watch.

Can I Afford The Sweat App?

The Sweat App costs $19.99 a month and $19.94 for a year of subscription. You may get discounts depending on the season, so if you want to get it at a lower cost, you should always check if products are on sale. They also offer a lot of products like merchandise, gears, and ebooks, all related to fitness and health.

Sweat App is just in the same range as other fitness apps. It is an affordable price and would also be a good investment if you want to stay fit and healthy. You could try the app for seven days for free!

Final Thoughts

final thoughts

Since everyone is glued to their phones, people likely want to maximize the use of their smartphones. Fitness app like the Sweat App because it gives you everything you need when losing weight and overall being healthy.

If you’ve been reading throughout my Sweat App review, you might realize that this app is a legitimate fitness app because it has been created by genuine trainers and has already made itself known even before the eras of apps.

Sweat App will give you a ton of programs and the best quality of workouts that will surely help you lose weight and maintain it and, of course all the other perks that come along with it. I love its meal plans and its progress tracker the most.

I would definitely recommend Sweat App and encourage you to get sweaty!

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