Synedrex Review: A Diet Supplement Like No Other?

By: Jenny Lynn | Date: October 19, 2020
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synedrex review

Diet pills are always on demand, especially for people who want an easy way to lose weight. I have another product that claims to be the “most powerful thermogenic agent” among the rest. The article will be about the Synedrex review.

We will find out that Synedrex is a powerful diet pill that will help increase your energy levels and metabolic rate to lose weight. The ingredients of Synedrex are said to be a powerful component of why Synedrex can help you lose weight. It is why we are going to discuss each one of them.

Aside from knowing the ingredients, we will find out how Synedrex works and what are the benefits of taking this diet pill. We will know what the side effects are and if it's really worth your money.

Now, let’s get into the finer details of my Synedrex review.

What Is Synedrex?

Synedrex is a thermogenic supplement that can help burn fat, reduce your weight, and boost your metabolism.

The manufacturer of Synedrex is Metabolic Nutrition that is based in Florida. They have been operational for 30 years and have been selling many nutritional supplements like vitamins, diet supplements, and supplements for muscle mass.

 The company's mission is to help people look their best and healthily improve their lifestyle. They make sure that their products, such as Synedrex will change the consumers' lives, and so far, most of their products have many good reviews for the past years.

Why Use Synedrex?

If one of your struggles is to prevent overeating, then Synedrex might be of help to you.

Synedrex is designed to control your hunger and cravings, and it will curb your overall eating. It has a feature that can increase your body temperature and increase your metabolism to help you burn fat quickly.

Synedrex can help boost your energy levels and give you sharp mental clarity that will help you throughout the day, especially when you are doing many workouts.

What Are Synedrex Claims?

Synedrex has some claims about why you need to take the supplements and include them into your lifestyle. Here are some claims of the product.

Weight Loss

Synedrex ingredients have been scientifically designed and engineered that ensure that it can help with weight loss. It contains energy levels that won’t give you energy slumps but instead contains powerful stimulants.

Taking Synedrex will give you energy and suppress your appetite that will be able to accelerate weight loss. Also, it will provide you with mental clarity and improve your mood throughout the day.

Well Researched Ingredients

Synedrex claims that the ingredients used in the product have been scientifically researched and proven effective. However, they don’t have specific scientific research about the product, and their blogs only contain blog-style articles about weight loss.

Thyrene Works Well With Synedrex

Metabolic Nutrition claims that if you take Thyrene simultaneously as Synedrex it will not only help with weight loss. Thyrene will improve the thyroid’s function, which will help in boosting the metabolism.

How Does Synedrex Work?

Synedrex is a thermogenic enhancer and thermogenics are known to increase the body’s temperature, increasing calorie burns that eventually lead to losing weight.

Thermogenic can also increase energy levels and can suppress appetite. It will be able for users to control their calorie intake and increase their energy to maximize the burning of calories and help you lose weight.

What Are The Ingredients in Synedrex?

synedrex ingredients

The company that manufactures Synedrex claims that they have been successful with Synedrex because of its unique formulation. Here are the ingredients of Synedrex.

Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine Anhydrous is dried caffeine that is in powder form. Caffeine is best known as a stimulant and wakes up your brain to keep you awake and gives you energy throughout the day. Synedrex has about 350 mg of caffeine per capsule in its formulation.

Eria Jarensis Extract

Eria Jarensis is also known as N-Phenethyl Dimethylamine or N-Dimethylphenethylamine. It came from the Eria Jarensis orchid and is used as a stimulant. The extract is becoming popular because it became a replacement for banned substances like DMAA, AMP-Citrate, and ephedrine.

Grains Of Paradise (Paradoxine)

Grains Of Paradise, also known as Paradoxine comes from Aframomum melegueta plant. Studies of the plant's fruits and seeds can help with weight loss, but most of the research has just been done with rats. It needs to be replicated in studies in humans.

Bitter Orange Extract

Bitter Orange comes from a tree native to the Mediterranean. It is used as a medicinal remedy for centuries, used in cramps, stomach pain, and constipation. The ingredient now has become popular because of its weight loss properties. Even though there is research that supports it, it is still debatable if bitter orange is safe to take. The study states that bitter orange has a similar molecular structure to ephedra, which is a banned substance.

Yohimbine HCI

Yohimbine HCI came from the bark of the Yohimbine tree that is a native to West Africa. Traditionally, Yohimbine HCI is used for erectile dysfunction because it can enhance the blood flow. According to research, weight loss may break down fat deposits if taken before exercise or workouts.


Higenamine, also known as Norcoclaurine is from plants called nandina bamboo, lamarck’s bestraw and chinese aconite. These are commonly used as a fat burner.

Aside from the ingredients mentioned above. Synederex also has the following ingredients:

  • Hordenine
  • Huperzine A
  • Naringin
  • N-Methylphenethylamine
  • L-Dopa
  • Poly-Thyronine

How Effective Is Synedrex In Weight Loss?

how effective

Using Synedrex is not a guarantee that you will lose weight immediately or not at all. People have different body components, and it will not react in the same way. It will depend on the body’s metabolic rate, and it will be why the fat may burn or not.

Many users have said it helped them burn fat and lose weight, but others don't feel the same way. However, the company’s website promotes exercise and a healthy diet so their consumers can follow it while taking Synedrex.

Benefits Of Synedrex

Synedrex, according to its manufacturer, has a lot of benefits when you consistently take it. Here are the benefits:

  • It can help you lose weight and burn fat quickly
  • It can boost energy levels
  • It can suppress cravings and hunger
  • It can help you boost your training and workouts
  • It can speed up metabolism
  • It can fight inflammation
  • The ingredients used are also found in other supplements that are clinically proven

Disadvantages Of Synedrex

If there are benefits in using Synedrex there are also some disadvantages that you should take note of.

  • It is not safe for people under 18 years old
  • It is not safe to be taken by pregnant and nursing women
  • It contains stimulants that might not be good for you
  • The ingredients in the formula can cause allergies and can have serious side effects

How To Use Synedrex?

It is advised that Synedrex should be taken in the morning with your breakfast. It is not advisable to take the capsule 12 hours before bedtime because it could interrupt or interfere with your sleep. When you take a Synedrex capsule, you need to be hydrated and drink water all through the day because you might feel thirsty.

When you start taking Synedrex, you should stop using the supplements every eight to twelve weeks so your body can reset from the product. The company also states that when you take Synedrex, you can also take other products from Metabolic Nutrition, but it shouldn’t be taken with other weight loss supplements.

Lastly, take note that Synedrex isn’t suitable for people under 18 years old and pregnant and breastfeeding women also, if you have some health condition that can be affected by high stimulants.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Yes, there are recorded side effects when you take Synedrex. You might or might not experience this when taking the supplement.

Here are some side effects:

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Sleep issues
  • Increased heart rate
  • Jitters

How Much Is Synedrex?

Synedrex costs $49.99 a bottle that has 60 capsules. You can easily purchase the product directly from their website and other retail websites. However, it is not available on Amazon.

Metabolic Nutrition has an array of products that you can choose from depending on your needs. The company sometimes offers discounts, and you can return the products, and they offer a money-back guarantee for your purchases.

Final Thoughts

final thoughts

We are now at the end of my Synedrex review, and you now know if this product is suitable for you. There is not a clear indication that Synedrex will be effective for everyone because, according to some users, it didn’t have the results that they are expecting. On the other hand, some users like the product because it helped them lose weight and burn fats.

The ingredients used in Synedrex are mostly common for dietary supplements out there in the market. So there is nothing special about its formulation. It is primarily stimulants that will give you a boost of energy to help you throughout the day.

Synedrex has known side effects that you should be aware of if you really want to take the product. It could be harmful to your body as well as the other ingredients in the formulation.

I hope this Synedrex review helped in your decision if this product is worth the try and money.