Trifecta Nutrition Review: A Meal Worth Of Going Back For Seconds!

By: Jenny Lynn | Date: July 15, 2020
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trifecta nutrition review

Are you looking for a way to have a healthy meal every day but don't have enough time and energy to make one? Then this Trifecta Nutrition review is what you have been looking for to solve that problem.

We will find out what makes Trifecta Nutrition unique and how it will help you get the right nutrients with their specialized meals, which will help you grow muscle and burn fat, delivered right at your doorstep.

What Is Trifecta Nutrition?

what is trifecta nutrition

Trifecta Nutrition is a food delivery service company that offers ready to eat meals. They cater and offer different themed meals such as paleo, clean eating, vegetarian, vegan, and classic for particular people and health-conscious about food.

Besides that, they also offer an ala carte menu with protein, carbohydrate, and vegetables that people can choose from. Trifecta Nutrition’s foods are certified organic and GMO-free, so consumers won’t have to worry about what kind of food they are putting inside their bodies.

They make sure all of their food is tested in every aspect, such as taste, appearance, and nutrition, worthy of the price.

Why Use Trifecta Nutrition Meal?

If you are a health-conscious individual that emphasizes the importance of a healthy balanced meal, Trifecta Nutrition meals are the perfect product.

We all know that getting a well-balanced meal for our body is an effective way to maintain our weight, especially if you are the type that needs a proper calorie count in every meal without jeopardizing the nutrients that you are getting.

Trifecta Nutrition's meals are organic, dairy-free, and soy and gluten-free. You don’t have to worry if you have specific dietary needs because they always have something for you.

What Is In A Trifecta Nutrition Meal?

Trifecta Nutrition meals have become popular to different people, especially for fitness influencers, athletes, and vegetarians. It is well approved because Trifecta makes sure that their meals are the best. They have their team of chefs that are working under the guidance of experts like dieticians and nutritionists.

What makes Trifecta Nutrition different from others is because they make sure that their consumers don't get tired of their meals. It is why they offer different varieties that will make people come back for more.

Here are the different meal plans that Trifecta Nutrition offers:

Meal Plans


meal plans

The Paleo meal plan is sugar and grain-free, and it makes sure the meats are sustainable with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Clean Eating

The Clean Eating meal plans are filled with whole grains, vegetable, and lean proteins. It is called clean because of its unaltered state, which is served in its most natural state.


The Vegetarian meal plan is a well macro-balanced meal that contains a lot of fruits and vegetables. Their team’s nutritionist and dieticians guarantee it.


The Vegan meals are made sure by Trifecta Nutrition teams to be a fiber-rich and healthy meal that everyone surely enjoys.


The Classic meal plan is made sure to have all the essentials needed for a well-balanced meal like meat or fish, carbs, and vegetables.

All of Trifecta Nutrition's meals are fresh when it arrives on your doorstep. It will be in vacuum-sealed containers and is in an insulated box when delivered packed with dry ice to keep your meals fresh for hours. Please refrigerate it immediately.

Meal plans specifically with vegetarian and vegan meals don't freeze well, so you need to be aware. Freezing of steaks is also not recommended. It is advised to consume the food within the week after receiving it.

Trifecta Nutrition meals are labeled with nutrition information to be well informed about how many calories per meal and what ingredients are in it.

A La Carte Meals

a la carte

Aside from their planned meals that I just discussed above, Trifecta Nutrition also offers a la carte meals. You will be able to choose what’s in your meal and mix and match your food. You also have the option to select your bundles. So how does it works?

  1. Pick your bundle
  2. Portion out your food to build meals
  3. Mix it with veggies, sauces and other side dishes that you like

How To Get Your Hands On A Trifecta Nutrition Meal?

how to get your hands on

Trifecta Nutrition is available all over the country. Once you ordered from their site, you’ll get your package from your door via FedEx once a week. Expect it every Friday.

It is advised to have a week's lead time in ordering a meal to expect it to arrive in a timely fashion. If you want to receive it on a Friday, make sure to place an order the previous Friday.

You don’t need to worry about stocking up on food if you ordered yours with Trifecta Nutrition because there is no minimum order for delivery. You don’t need to fill your carts to get your meal and won’t have the problem of buying things that you don’t like. Also, the best thing about their services is that shipping is free when you order their meals.

How Much Does A Trifecta Nutrition Meal Cost?

Meal Plans

Trifecta Nutrition Meals Plans costs $108.83 a week. It consists of seven meals, and you can choose if you would prefer breakfast, lunch or dinner. And even 3rd entree. You also can get five meals or customized how many meals you would like for the week. There will be an additional payment for any add on order which will be easily seen in their site.

A La Carte Meals

Trifecta Nutrition A La Carte Meals costs $119 a week, and you will be able to build your own a la carte meals and have an option to choose their bundles. You will see different choices and choose different side dishes, vegetables, meat, and fish for your customized meal.

Final Thoughts

final thoughts

I’ve tried some food delivery service companies and I must say Trifecta Nutrition seems like a well oiled machine when it comes to their services. They created amazing meal plans that can cater to anyone. You might be just an ordinary person who wants a well balanced meal or an athlete to keep your diet well maintained.

It makes sure their meals are healthy and you will get the right nutrition that you need. No wonder they are popular and even caters to athletes all over the country. Also, you won’t be able to get tired of their meals because you have the option to mix and match with their A La Carte plans and every meal is made fresh with organic ingredients.

I would recommend Trifecta Nutrition for everyone who wants to get healthy and affordable meals to keep them going. I hope this Trifecta Nutrition review will make you decide how good this food delivery company is and is willing to try their meals.